Cults of Personality vs True Libertarians


Bro, can you even liberty?

The Ron Paul and Gary Johnson fanatics who are sometimes called “PaulBots” and “Johnsonites” respectively are NOT libertarian!

Most people among both the left and the right tend to associate libertarian philosophy with the cult of personality of Ron Paul, and sometimes the philosophy of Gary Johnson.

But I am going to take you, reader, on an intellectual journey about how Cult of Persona and libertarian ideology are in fact puritanically antonyms. I am going to use Merriam Webster English dictionary to define the ideological terms you are about to learn, and whenever Merriam Webster refuses to give me a definition I am going to fall back on, using Wikipedia only as a Plan C.

What is a Libertarian?

  • A person who advocates free will and upholds principles of individual freedom especially of thought and action.
  • This means that if you do not uphold principles of individual freedom in thought and in action, and people who obsess on blood oath to Ron Paul or Gary Johnson and demand closed mindedness to any other influencers, then you are not a libertarian.

Principles of Individual Freedom?

Yes, principles of individual freedom include, with regard to thought and action:

  1. The right to express one’s very own individual opinions freely
  2. The right of journalism hubs to report the news without being controlled by any outside authority
  3. The right to choose what religious or secular morality to follow and abide by the rule of without external interference
  4. The right of individual humans to travel from place to place within the atmosphere of the planet, including the right to change one’s workplace and residence
  5. The opportunity to make a choice based on two or more options (i.e. clothing options in summers), without outside interference.
  6. The freedom of a merchant to organize and operate for profit in systemic competition with only enough government oversight to stop fraud, theft & force
  7. The right to trade along with the unrestricted planetary exchange of goods with only enough government oversight to stop fraud, theft and force
  8. The right to economically operate freely by competing with other merchants or other laborers
  9. The right of workers to gain and keep their jobs without having to unionize if they do not wish to unionize
  10. The right for a person to use defensive force, deadly or otherwise, to defend the life of oneself and/or the lives of others
  11. The right to not be killed by another individual for as long as one abstains from fraud, theft and force

Is there a limit to all this in libertarianism?

Why yes there absolutely is, and I call it the Anti-Coercion Law, the idea that

  1. any behavior fitting in any of the three categories called fraud, theft and force is automatically evil but
  2. the individual or nation is free to use force for self-defense or for defense of others

Last Words of this Post

Basically if you do not uphold the, in total, twelve principles named or described above, including for people you do not agree with on foreign policy or climate change or abortion or gay marriage or whatever, then you are not a libertarian by any dictionary meaning in the English language.

Thanks everyone for reading this, I know some might have been thinking this would be longer but I try to keep every post I do 600 words or fewer. Also if you want me to post my reviews of novels, games and other media directly relevant to this blog than please earn your right to see me do that with the $1.75 per month subscription button below.




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