Islamic Nationalism is NOT Compatible with Libertarian Principles


Truth about the ‘coexist’ signs and how naive they all are.

Islamic Nationalism is Not a friend of Libertarianism, anyone who says otherwise at present is dangerously naive.

Opening disclaimer: this is mainly meant to rally the Liberty movement against the Islamic Nationalist threat, but to do this the Liberty movement needs to understand the source material of that brand of religious Nationalism. I fully support the right of muslims to exercise their freedom of religion and to abide by their religion’s rules all they want but this right does not include the right to force any specific organized religion onto other people.

And obviously there’s 12 libertarian principles but I had to pick 3.

What the Koran Teaches About the NAP

What, the Non-Aggression Principle? Yeah, that’s the idea that fraud and theft are inherently wrong and that force may only be used in self-defense or defense of others. Very simple idea, as far as I am concerned, some alternate names out there like the Anti-Coercion Law, for one. But what does the Islamic Faith teach about the initiation of force to achieve social and political goals?

That’s right, the faith teaches its followers, in reference to skeptics of the faith, to ‘kill them wherever you find them‘, and this is right there in the passage called Sura 191 to 193. Bill Maher, the only left-wing comedian in mainstream media who truthfully understands Islam for what it currently is, notes in debate with Ben Affleck (six minutes; thirty seconds into the video I linked to) that Islam is the ‘Only religion that acts like the mafia, in that it’ll —- kill you, if you speak the wrong opinion, draw the wrong picture or write the wrong book!‘ This Koranic teaching does not sit well with the NAP.

What the Koran Teaches of Free Enterprise

In his book The Failure of Political Islam, meaning on page 132, Oliver Roy explains how the recent Islamic Nationalist movement demands economic nationalism, which means a religiously fanatical hybrid of protectionism with mercantilism. Such a hybrid was and is intended by these religious fanatics to create a Mixed market economic system.

In other words, the Koran teaches that a mixed economy, meaning one that’s a middle ground between marxist leninism and free enterprise, is infallible. This Koranic teaching does not sit well with the principle of Free Enterprise.

What the Koran Teaches on LGBT Rights

Basically, the Koranic holy book does not just label LGBTQ orientations an abomination but also calls it a cancerous polyp to be punished with the meanest deaths one can inflict onto another.

I really don’t think I need to tell you this has no room whatsoever, this Koranic teaching, for Marriage Privatization, and I can guarantee that as someone who’s into the idea of Separation of Marriage and State.

What Do Unaltered Opinion Polls Say?

Polling on organized religion, when it comes to wanting Sharia to be the law of the planet, aka espousing Islamic Statism, unveils that whether the majority of a Muslim majority country is with us Libertarians or with the Islamic Statists varies on an individualistic, nation by nation basis.

In Southeast Europe and Central Asia the polling on Sharia being Law of the Planet goes something like this.

  1. Kosovo 80% Opposed to Sharia; 20% Supportive of Sharia; +60 Friend of Libertarianism of the United States
  2. Bosnia 85% Opposed; 15% Supportive; +70 Friend
  3. Albania 88% Opposed; 12% Supportive; +76 Friend
  4. Kyrgyzstan 65% Opposed; 35% Supportive; +30 Friend
  5. Tajikistan 73% Opposed; 27% Supportive; +46 Friend
  6. Turkey 88% Opposed; 12% Supportive; +76 Friend
  7. Kazakhstan 90% Opposed; 10% Supportive; +80 Friend
  8. Azerbaijan 92% Opposed; 8% Supportive; +84 Friend

But in muslim majority nations in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, and North Africa; the sway goes more like this.

  1. Malaysia 86% Supportive; 14% Opposed; +72 Enemy
  2. Indonesia 72% Supportive; 28% Opposed; +44 Enemy
  3. Afghanistan 99% Supportive; 1% Opposed; +98 Enemy
  4. Pakistan 84% Supportive; 16% Opposed; +68 Enemy
  5. Bangladesh 82% Supportive; 18% Opposed; +64 Enemy
  6. Iraq 91% Supportive; 9% Opposed; +82 Enemy
  7. Palestinian 89% Supportive; 11% Opposed; +78 Enemy
  8. Morocco 83% Supportive; 17% Opposed; +66 Enemy
  9. Egypt 74% Supportive; 26% Opposed; +48 Enemy
  10. Jordan 71% Supportive; 29% Opposed; +42 Enemy
  11. Tunisia 56% Supportive; 44% Opposed; +12 Enemy
  12. Lebanon 71% Opposed; 29% Supportive; +42 Friend

And with regards to supporting or opposing Koranic Law on LGBT people, on free markets and on Anti-Coercion Principle; the patterns go roughly similarly to this.

Is American Foreign Policy to Blame for this?

Absolutely not. Yes, it’s stupid of us to go on Wars of Democracy Promotion against secular tyrannies to feign a dependence on foreign oil! But that has nothing to do with why Islamic Nationalist regimes like Saudi Arabia sponsor terrorism against us, Sorry Blowback Theorists but blowback theory is inherently trashy lies.


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