The Policy Agenda of the Libertarian Defense Atheist Page 1 Economic Liberty


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Economic Freedom

Separation of Economy and State

There should be a constitutional right to economic freedom modeled on the first amendment, and I recognize it needs to be a constitutional amendment imposed overnight and that such recognition is unconditional realism. This 28th Amendment should read like this.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of currency, or prohibiting the free banking thereof, or abridging the free enterprise, or of the markets; or the right of the people to freely trade overseas, and to petition the Government to address acts of fraud, theft or force initiated by any private corporations.

Liberty Focused Energy Policy

I wish to see an end to all subsidies for green energy and especially for fossil fuel, and I also support an end to EPA monopoly on producing environmental policies. Let paleontologists like the one I’ll be in my 30’s, ecologists and other environmental scientists be the people who warp energy consumers into favoritism toward green alternatives by one means and one means only: Authoring and selling books and other media in favor of Clean Energy.

Freedom Based Climate Policy

Just like I say on energy policy, government should not be involved in the market for climate change clean-up efforts and Pro-green activism. That is a market that only environmental scientists to engage in, and even so only by doing what scientists do best; independently researching but also authoring and selling books, documentaries and other media about what’s wrong with the atmosphere superheating as it is.

Labor Markets and Job Creation

I desire a 29th Amendment that reads exactly like this:

A work ethic based wage standard, being necessary to reward workers proportionally to how productive they are, shall not be set by any other authority than a department manager; just as well the freedom of contract and right to work shall not be limited by any authority, corporate or governmental.

In other words, I desire constitutionally ingrained economic freedom including in the context of bilateral agreements between department manager and working member of the department.

Charity Instead of Welfare

I would like to see total privatization of the industry called Non profit Charity. Because you are not being charitable if you put a gun to a harder worker’s head and command them to share a portion of their larger earns with a lazier worker. Charity is a product of empathy!

Decentralized Social Security

I desire the right to total control of my own retirement funding. And I wish to be able to fund it in my very own debit card account. That’s just one reason of many I bought a Visa NetSpend card sometime ago.

Freedom of Education

I want parents to be able to send their offspring to whichever schools they want without having to move. My parents had to move with me to Cheshire because both Cheshire and New Haven city governments were, and still are, allowed to take all students from within their respective local societies no matter how poorly they perform, and Cheshire was far less terrible in terms of treatment of people like me who have Asperger’s. Instead public schools should be privatized and forced to be efficient by the laws of supply and demand! This way there is no maltreatment of my own and it becomes about actual education.


I want to see full and total repeal of Obama Care, Medicaid and Medicare and replacement of them with a 30th amendment that mandates freedom of medical choice.

Congress shall make no law respecting a mandate to buy private healthcare, or prohibiting the voluntary purchase of private healthcare; or limiting the freedom of choice regarding insurance, or regarding medicine or hospital, including to pay the Government user fees, instead of taxes, for a public option.


Blame and eliminate the welfare state for the problems people are having these days with the idea of freedom of movement. We need not blame the immigrants for coming here dishonestly because if you were fleeing a Sharia based hell pit then why not cross the fence? No one ever fled to escape from classical liberalism, okay people? However I do know the need to secure all borders, which is why I call for criminal and medical checks, for finishing the fence and for having immigrants take US English and US Civics classes for 4 years before becoming citizens.

Public Finance in a Neolibertarian Regime

What’s a neolibertarian regime? I will explain that in part here and far more in page 3 and maybe also page 2, but in the mean time I will explain it is a post 9/11 offshoot of fiscal libertarianism. And I cannot think of more fiscally libertarian ways to build up public finance than to have government charge user fees, royalties, rental contracts, and concession contracts; for lotteries, public services, and tourism to national monuments; added with sale of raw materials to governments of other OECD members.

Next Time…

I am going to talk about Personal Liberty and then my final page in this trilogy will be Strategic Defense. I will even explain in Page 3 what ‘neolibertarian regime’ means! In the mean time I need people signing onto giving $1.75 monthly donation, so I can continue to make this blog better and also buy a currently on sale domain name to plant the seeds of neolibertarian journalism.


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