The Policy Agenda of the Libertarian Defense Atheist Page 2 Personal Liberty


The Only James Madison pic I will ever use on this blog.

Personal Liberty


Given a choice between the two options of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice, which side I am on depends on whether it is after the fifth month of a pregnancy. If yes, then I am Pro-Life but if no then I am Pro-Choice. I support a woman’s right to choose whether or not to end a pregnancy before the unborn has a viability, and in human pregnancy viability begins in the final days of Month Five. I oppose the idea of allowing an unborn with viability to be forcibly torn out of the womb, meaning I think abortion should only be a crime during months six through nine, and even then the police should only go after the clinic.

LGBTQ Rights & Marriage

I support a full on policy of marriage privatization. I want lesbians, gay people, bisexual people, all transgendered and all queer to be totally free to marry who they romantically get along with. I also want them all free to adopt the first kid from an adoption center that looks at them favorably, even free to identify with all the fictional genders (third genders) they desire, as long as they are not forcing biologists to present those as real genders.

War on Drugs

Only two things about the concept of recreational drugs sicken me and one is the lethality of many of them. The other thing that sickens me is our disastrously failing War on Drugs, which was created by Richard Nixon entirely to feign ‘justification’ for murdering hipsters and for butchering black human beings. Not to mention the drug war costs tax payers like my good self an annual $16 billion, which for me means an entire paycheck gets eaten up by the disaster called the federal war on drugs. We need to end the war on drugs and if the drug epidemic conservatives talk about is real, then address it as a medical problem, absolutely not a criminal problem.

Self-Defense and Defense of Others

I fully support the right of men and women to defend themselves and defend innocent people in general against physical force, including with weapons if they feel that this’s necessary. I do not think that government should be forcing it to take anyone weeks to get a gun or to get any other weapon or to learn unarmed combat. Basically, I believe in a policy that decides that if someone was convicted of an act of fraud, theft or force then and only then should they have trouble getting guns. Truth is that it’s the government’s guns who need to be severely regulated as those are the guns hundreds of thousands of innocents lose their lives to.

Laws Against Force, Fraud & Theft

As is common sense, the only behaviors that qualify as crimes are behaviors in the categories of fraud, theft and force. And by theft I mean every property crime known to American law enforcement, while force here means every violent crime known to American law enforcement. I propose a 31st Amendment regarding these issues.

Given that violent crimes, property crimes and fraudulent crimes are the only crimes that count as crimes, Congress is hereby barred from making laws against any crimes not in these categories, and is also required to harshly punish crimes of these kinds, and police are hereby forbidden from caring why a violent, property, or fraudulent crime was done.

Freedom of Choice in Lifestyle

Okay, honestly I have nothing against people who eat foods I wouldn’t eat, drink beverages I wouldn’t drink, wear clothes I wouldn’t wear, play video games I wouldn’t play etc. Which is why I do not think government should be able to regulate any industries that cater to various lifestyles. For example, I would never wear revealing clothing, even if I was female, but I can totally tolerate women making their own individual clothing choices. And I expect government to tolerate alternative lifestyles as well, while not forcing them onto people who wish to not engage in any of these.

Next Time…

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