Trump’s Focus on Christian Refugees and What this Atheist Thinks of that


Syrian refugees escaping into Western world countries like the United States.

President Trump has announced a plan to make Christians priority number one in his Syrian refugee policy.

Alright, so forty-fifth president of the United States Donald J. Trump has recently announced a plan for his Syrian refugee policy, and he wants to lend total priority to Christian refugees among them. I don’t claim to know why that is but I suspect this may not exactly produce more good than harm. Whether he is trying to make us a Christian country or trying to keep out muslims, I am not going to talk about either of those notions here. Instead I am going to talk about what I predict, and I am going to propose an alternative.

My Prediction for this favoritism policy

I do not see the planned agenda of favoritism toward Christians among the Syrian refugees as leading us into a heartening future. Rather I predict that freedom of religion will very slowly disappear, because there is no freedom of religion in a nation that declares that only one organized religion can freely cross the nation’s borders.

But also as an atheist with my own secular morality, I very basically do have to ask a great many well crafted questions to our first orange president. What about all of the atheist and deist and other secular morality abiding refugees who are fleeing persecution by the Islamic Totalitarians, just like the many Syrian Christian refugees are?

Also what about all the Syria escapees that practice some other Non-muslim faith that’s also not Christianity, like Judaism for example? And lastly what about the muslims who are trying to escape to our nation to get away from Islamic Totalitarianism?

What could be a better solution to the Syrian refugee crisis?

Ellis Island spelled the solution to this current problem in the 1890’s when it was taking in immigrants from Europe, some of whom were the first of my fellow ethnically Irish Perkins to come to America. And the very first Irish American Perkins had to go through a legion of tough medical checks, and a legion of tough criminal checks, and that was all the border control they had to deal with. Then these immigrant ancestors of mine were free to apply for jobs and also for citizenship, which as one can tell by my titular self-descriptor above… my Perkins ancestors from Ireland did!

But anyway, the Syrian refugees should be processed the same way no matter their faith or non-faith. Disease check, Security check, then free to apply for jobs and citizenship. In other words, the never granted amnesty to any of the first Irish Americans of my family, and nowadays these Syrian refugees should have to formally apply for citizenship just like my Ireland immigrant ancestors had to do.

In closing, I must say that all of the escapees need to be processed Ellis Island style, so that we can add workers to our economy and build a free market in labor while filtering out any Islamic Totalitarians among them.

What do you guys think? Do you think we need Ellis Island immigrant policy? Or are you just loving the intellectual honesty here? Either way, please sign onto donating $1.75 per month to this humble journal, thank you all;



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