Many Topics in One Post

Dark Lord of Freedom

This random nonsense picture choice is because I am touching a different interest of mine per headline.

Starting with news in politics

Hey everyone! I have opened up my news analysis hub Pro-Defense News to the world, and I am welcoming various assorted neolibertarian, objectivist, classical liberal and sometimes minarchist and even geolibertarian voices to author over on PDN. But if you wish only to subscribe then it is $10.75 per month but for every 1000 paying readers I get, I pledge that I will very happily take a dollar off the monthly price until I am charging only 75 cents per month.

Oh, and I joined my state level Libertarian Party as encouraged to by Austin Petersen, and I am considering becoming a dues paying member by the end of this year and then do all this for the national level party during the year of 2019.

And now news in Games Workshop and Middle-earth

I have watched this amazing video in order to better understand the Games Workshop hobby legion I play as. The Easterlings in the LOTR Strategy Battle Game. Without the video I would likely have been over-using the Black Dragon upgrade, and indeed I would have been making other tactical errors in my first actual play of this game too.

Meanwhile, my Battle for Middle-earth II modification is going to be worked on bit by bit and I am hoping to be able to upload it onto ModDB by the day of my 24th birthday which will be May 6th of 2018.

Turning to my love of the meats

Even though I am trying to lose 50 pounds before my 23rd birthday, I seem to be losing a lot more slowly than I need in order to have a girlfriend in the summer. But I am still trying to stay carnivorous, too; meaning I may easily have to be very picky about what meats I eat. For this means white meats often, very rarely red meats, taking deli style cold cut meat in total and utter replacement of ground meat of any kind (yes, even chicken and turkey).

What about Mountain Dew?

I only drink Diet Dew now, for reasons mentioned under the “Turning to my love of the meats” headline. But I will allow myself some Baja Blast as an occasional and/or summer treat. I still know all about what the flavors are and how, and can make a post entirely about that if you want.

Brandy or Whiskey, which is it?

Both, actually. But I still enjoy Stouts and Porters, I just happen to have added brandy and whiskey to my personal list of enjoyed alcoholic drinks.

And I think that’s it! Thanks for tuning in and if you could sign up to a $1.75 per month subscription I would show vast gratitude, please;



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