After a While Not Writing Here in Forever


I have returned!

What’s been keeping me off this blog?

Basically, I have been working on projects like Pro-Defense News and Cheshire Libertarian Town Committee. And outside of politics I have been working on my unique Medieval-like Fantasy mythology, which I have decided to make the main storyline of a fictionalization of American Foreign Policy history. But also I have been working on my Battle for Middle-earth mod which I have decided to name for my own middle name, “The Stoddard Mod“, my actual middle name bolded. Not to mention, I had to go to my dentist today.

What can I do with my blog to make it active again?

Like I do with Pro-Defense News, and with any major milestones that come up for CLTC, I will be posting them to my Minds feed, and boosting them too.

That way I can make sure I am being active in all of my authoring arenas online.

Will I blog about Non-political things here?

Yes, I will be! Which is why this is in the new category “Non-political Topics”. My internet name ‘libertarian defense atheist’ is really just to signify what my political views and religious views can be most accurately labeled as. Non-political topics that I will post about are…

  • Lord of the Rings mythology
  • Battle for Middle-earth 2 modding
  • Dinosaurs & other prehistoric animals
  • Frog & Toad ownership
  • My own cycling travels
  • My own food & culinary knowledge (including recipes)
  • Brandy & Stouts
  • Why I choose Secular Morality

Among others. So let me be frank: I will still talk about the ideas of neolibertarianism, it just so happens I want to expand this to be about all of my knowledge.


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