How to End War And Famine: Make Every Country a Free Market Capitalism Land


Capitalist Peace Theory

What is a Free market? And what is Capitalism? Merriam-Webster dictionary explains.

Some very simple points I want to make quite clear. And yes, I will try to keep each sentence 20 words or shorter in length.

  1. Ethnic Diversity does not lead to war or to famine. Countries with minimal ethnic diversity tend to be the most eager to civil war.
  2. Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and even Religious Affiliation. All of these basically avoid correlating to war and famine.
  3. As much as I respect democratic peace theorists, I don’t see as big a tie between democracy and peace as I see between capitalism and peace.
  4. According to me, based on what I can gather data-wise, only one thing fully correlates to terrorism, genocide and other anti-humanism atrocities. Socialism and Statism in any form at all inherently correlate to a belligerent, barbaric, misanthropy land. Capitalism inherently correlates to a land of peace, commerce, honest friendship and of no alliances needed. This is not an argument but rather an empirical fact.

How to End War aka How to End Famine

Free market countries limit their disputes with each other to just peaceful ones. Often these lead to Agreeing To Disagree. Planned market countries incessantly go to war with each other like war is water to them. And planned market nations obsess on war against free market nations.

Historical Quotes on Capitalist Peace Theory

Immanuel Kant, who I personally don’t know enough about to really pass any intellectually honest judgement onto, said this:

  • The spirit of commerce, sooner or later, takes hold of every nation, and has no room for warfare.
  • In his 1795 essay “Perpetual Peace”

Norman Angell, who individually I only know for this quote, had this to say:

  • Trade interdependence in modern economies makes war non-profitable!
  • In a speech he perhaps delivered in either 1911 and/or 1913.

Regulatory Burden vs Upholding Individual Liberty for all individuals equally

Many will try to argue, I suspect, that an absurdly giant regulatory burden is the only thing…

  • preventing toddlers from starving to death
  • holding abusive CEOs in check
  • keeping human rights the norm of the human species
  • allowing people freedom of choice in healthcare
  • allowing people freedom of choice in education
  • allowing people to choose secular morality in place of organized religion

None of these “people” who argue this get any sympathy from me, NONE. Instead I am going to preemptively debunk them right here and now.

  • Broken Windows Policing
    • Constitutional problem with this kind of policing (in America, anyway). Stop and Frisk for example is toxically anti-4th-amendment.
    • In essence, I would argue that if police would invoke and enforce natural rights to life, to liberty and to pursue happiness there would be no need for a regulatory burden
    • And in turn, I’ll doubly argue that if there was no regulatory burden then police would free to do “broken windows” policing from within what’s allowed in the Bill of Rights.
    • But no, in America anyway, police have to be super glued to 80,000 regulations that have nothing to do with upholding life, liberty and pursuit of happiness equally for all individuals.

Capitalism: demonstrably Better at ‘Treat others as you wish to be treated’ than Any form at all of Socialism

Key to moral freedom and to governmental integrity, for the most part, is what free market capitalism is.

Economic Freedom maps:

Heritage Foundation map left, Fraser Institute map right. But then look at the maps below.

Left is Transparency International map of Corruption Perception Index. Right is World Index of Moral Freedom map. There is a mostly diamond-hard correlation painting capitalism as both key to transparency and key to permissive society.


In case you need a simpler case than even what’s laid out above, here.

  1. The root cause of famine in humanity is Anti-capitalism
  2. The root cause of refugees in humanity is Anti-capitalism
  3. The root cause of poverty in humanity is Anti-capitalism
  4. The root cause of pollution in humanity is Anti-capitalism
  5. The root cause of corruption in humanity is Anti-capitalism
  6. The root cause of war in humanity is Anti-capitalism
  7. The root cause of genocide in humanity is Anti-capitalism
  8. The root cause of terrorism in humanity is Anti-capitalism

Lastly, I am going to now thank you all for reading this,


PS I am lately trying to get away from the ‘LDA’ label, especially as my true nickname all along was and is and will always be ‘Perkino’, to be honest.



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