Concerning Mountain Dew Baja Blast


Was this me a long time ago? Because whoever it was forgets that there is more to a variant of Mountain Dew than just a distinct color……?

Since my Barbecue has been pulled back to May 3 from May 6 for purely weather reasons…

…I am going to go ahead and talk about Baja Blast and say stuff about it. Yes, I am having a BBQ for my 23rd birthday which is on May 6th, and May 3rd is the day. However, I am not sharing the address or other fine details with anyone I have not invited.

So in the mean time allow me to sit back and lecture you about Baja Blast, please.

How I describe the color

Um… I guess I would describe the color as kind of an azure ocean color like in Late Jurassic Europe. Yeah, back then did any of my British and other European readers know? Your continent was just a scattered set of extra tiny islands from 150 million BC all the way till 65 million BC! See here.

Anyway, so basically the azure color of a prehistoric ocean. As noted in the image above, someone tried to replicate that but missed the fact that there is a flavor to it. Speaking of which…

How I describe the flavor

Basically, the flavor as far as I can tell, is a kind of ‘Tropical Lime” flavor. However, I have not done until the day of this post the research into what species of tropical lime.

Okay so the only tropical lime I could find in my research has two names. Kaffir Lime and Makrut Lime.

And if you are going to take this post offensively just because of some idiocy related to the first of these terms that I was not aware of until doing my research today, then GO AWAY. This post is purely about analyzing myself and what I make of one of my favorite kinds of sodas. I do not and will not address complaints about my acknowledgement of a certain term’s mere existence. I only recently learned that there are some arrogant fools out there who think it’s healthy to call some human individuals a specie of tropical lime. I am sickened by such behavior as I find it and bigotry and general to be distasteful stupidity. People who call each other the official name of a food as an insult are not intellectually serious people. In fact, I think such people are intellectually suicidal people.

Okay, sorry for getting off topic, and especially sorry for sounding angry. But that was to make sure people who care only about their feelings retreat from this blog instantly. Also to make sure they never return. But anyway, that’s the best way I can sum up Baja Blast.

Quick Sum Up

A Late Jurassic ocean colored soda that tastes like a specimen of lime that may or my not be a South Asian specimen.

Thanks everyone;

~KSP Perkins


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