What the Appeal of Boba Fett is and What it Takes to Understand the Appeal


May the 4th be with you! This is my official Star Wars day post this year!

Will my first post on May 4th of every year be about this particular Star Wars character?

Yes, it absolutely will! Why? Because Star Wars day! And also as he is my favorite Star Wars character and of course here I am on my blog to explain exactly why.

Basically, for those who don’t know, Fett is a bounty hunter first encountered ona  live action basis, in Empire Strikes Back. In this movie, he is the guy (SPOILER ALERT) without whom Han Solo would not have been stolen from princess Leia and the Rebel alliances. And that general who tells Solo that he’s a good fighter and he (the general) would hate to lose him (Solo)? This general lost him to Fett toward the end of this flick! But obviously not in the sense of death, no no and no.

Getting biographical details knocked out first

Okay, so from what I can gather, Boba Fett began life as a clone copy and paste of his father, Jango. Now, from what else I can gather, this means Boba Fett and Jango Fett have all the same combat skills, and all the same personality traits too. What personality traits, one may ask? Allow me to list them.

  1. (Strategically) brilliant
  2. (Tactically) calculated
  3. Ruthless (on the mission)
  4. Honorable (by similar warrior-morality to Samurai morality)
  5. Mysterious (to everyone outside of their warrior order)

Wait, what warrior order is that you ask? That leads us to the next phase of our character analysis.

Boba Fett’s faction of affiliation

Generally speaking, Boba Fett does not affiliate with either of the Rebels or the Empire. Or, if you desire currently mainstream Force Awakens context like I often do, he does not affiliate with any of the New Republic, First Order or Republic-backed Resistance.

Instead he affiliates solely with the all-privateer planetary community of militarized humans called the Mandalorians. And very aptly their planet is called Planet Mandalore, and their planetary chancellor is called Supreme Mandalore, followed by his or her name. Basically, as a privateer, Fett does not affiliate with anyone else unless him and his fellow Mandalorians are being paid prices in the millions of New Republic credits and/or First Order credits for a very specific mission. And even then only for that mission.

Didn’t Boba Fett get eaten by the Sarlaac?

For those who do not know, the Sarlaac is a monster that lives in a tunnel in the sands on Tattooine in the movie Return of the Jedi. Okay, now onto the question headlined above.

For you that depends on if you are aware of his gadgets and abilities, which I will talk about right now. He carries this light enough sniper rifle & assault rifle hybrid for him to wield in 1 hand; called a Blastech E-3 Laser Carbine. But he wears other weapons too. And what do I mean by wears weapons? Here’s the list, and as usual I am only making it numbered to give a total number of something in answer to the topical question.

  • Left Vambrace (sometimes red, sometimes yellowed orange or other color)
    1. Flame Projector
    2. Wrist Rocket dispenser
    3. Built in laser pistol
    4. Metal ‘teeth’ for climbing buildings
    5. dagger-like blade
  • Right Vambrace (always red, no matter the left’s color)
    1. Poison Dart spitter like Jango has
    2. Hundred-meter-cable dispenser
    3. Metal ‘teeth’ for climbing buildings
    4. dagger-like blade
    5. Tiny Built in lap-top computer
  • Both Poleyns
    1. Long-range syringe sedative darts
    2. Long-range syringe poison darts
  • Jet Pack
    1. Missile Launcher
  • Other hand held weapons
    1. Two Westar 34 laser pistols
    2. Remote Detonated explosion boxes

Logistically, and in terms of personality traits, and knowing Jango Fett relentlessness equally applies to Boba Fett, the answer to the above question is no. No clone of Jango could possibly have the above weapons, even with the carbine lopped apart and the jet pack bashed out of use, and not do everything necessary for escape.

Learning the Appeal (and then I’ll close)

Basically, the appeal of Boba Fett is the mystery there is to him going by just the movies alone. This mystery opens oneself to curiosity about the character as a whole, and in this case it made me curious as to what Fett did and does off screen.

Other than this, all the appeal of Boba Fett is identical to the appeal of Jango Fett. One of the movie crewmen himself described Boba & Jango as “Equally Mysterious”. Thanks everyone for reading this stuff!

~KSP Perkins


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