My 2017 Birthday Post of Multi Topic Rambling


I wish I could say I made myself #BakeTheCake this was sliced from! Although, I might just bake my own cake for me voluntarily tonight or whatever.

Happy Birthday to me

Yup, I turned 23 as I woke up today! Or… that’s not how turning a full year older works, is it? My birthday, truth be told, is more like a holiday to me than a passionate interest. However, the passionate interest I make my top priority on holidays is Partying. Yes, that is one of many passionate interests of mine; along with travel, Middle-earth, individual freedom, free enterprise, free expression, prehistoric animals, frog ownership, dog ownership, stouts, whiskey, meat, blue-eyed brunettes, and as depicted and mentioned above parties.

What am I even talking about

Um… I guess I can start with talking about a bunch of paleontology facts with minimal relevance to public policy. Specifically facts that are more related to birthdays than to policies.

Okay, where to begin? Ah, yes! Concerning Pre-birth!

Knowing we inherited our body temperature control and our teeth from these mammal-like reptiles of the Permian (NOT dinosaurs) called Dimetrodon, let’s look at Dimetrodon life cycle. In very particular the very first stage.

Okay, so from what I know thanks to the 2005 prehistoric animals documentary Walking With Monsters, Dimetrodon had a very multi step form of parental care, with regards to its eggs. Basically, Dimetrodon females would lay their eggs and during seven months of guarding eggs, she has to control the fertilized young in the eggs. Well, not the young themselves, but their body temperature. She piles on more sand if the fetuses (dare I say) are too cold, and she’ll remove a handful if they are overheated. Otherwise they will die before the seven months till hatching have all passed.

Could it be that human life starts in fertilization, which finishes up 14 days after unprotected intercourse? To me the answer is yes, and here is my rationale. If we inherited so much through hundreds of millions of years of evolution from these mammal like reptiles, how is this trait of life for oneself starting at fertilization not one of them?

Anything else to ramble about for my birthday?

Yes. In essence, I am trying to talk about a bunch of random birthday related topics. So, now let’s move on to talking booze. There are two kinds of alcoholic drinks I am into as I am 23 as of the day of this post, Stouts and Brandies.

Stouts I love the pure black color of and how they can come in at least three different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, or coffee. Most of my stout intake is via Guinness, which to me tastes like a coffee flavor stout.

Brandies I only recently got into and even then only because of that scene in the Hobbit movie ‘Desolation of Smaug‘ with the Lake Town mayor being a drunk and asking his advisor dude ‘Alfrid’ for a brandy!😅

Okay enough incoherent rambling from me!

So everyone, happy day to you, happy birthday to me, and everyone enjoy the day of May 6th, 2017.

~KSP Perkins


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