I don’t care how you dress for spring & summer in your free time, here is why


No, this is not my wardrobe. I just picked this off Google Images.

Something I wanted to get off my chest for, like, ever.

If there is any belligerence I am totally and utterly done with, it is people getting belligerent to each other for how one dresses for his or her free time in the springs and summers. I guess I better get the disclaimers on this topic out of the way right here.

Basically, if it is a workplace with a dress code that workplace has a property right, therefore a human right, to impose a dress code onto the on-duty, on-schedule workers during their work-time. Also, if the season is winter or even autumn, then I would advise a friend of mine or a family relative of mine to cover up massively because I worry about them getting frostbite. Always, if I disagree with how someone else dresses in the moment, it will be for a legitimate medical reason about skin health or other bodily health. But this country of mine is not Iran and I am not Hassan Rouhani. That’s just one small way out of many ways to know I do not care how you dress for springs & summers in your free time. Now, let’s dig into why.

My rationale for not caring what you wear to your free time activities come spring & summer

Basically, the only person who I should care about the fashion sense of is me. When someone complains to me about some nearby woman is dressed revealingly in late spring, I am always dismissive of that complainer. Specifically, I may dismiss the complainer very politely and with the purest of classy talk verbally & vocally. But deep down in my brain stem I am thinking “Yeah, whatever, Al Bagdadi, stuff your hatred of women for dressing in ways you never would if you were female into a box and ship it to ISIS land”.

Yeah, deep down inside I am very eager to fight rude & trashy with just more rude & trashy. But I recognize that such behavior has nothing to do with smarts or wisdom, so I don’t. Instead I just say something politely passive. I honestly find it nauseating that people want to engage in this arbitrary, tyrannical outrage toward how other women and/or other men dress. Entirely because we have legit problems around the world and even well within America. We have 80k regulations crippling small business far worse than they cripple giant corporations. We have right here in Connecticut my entire state as a whole going bankrupt from ultra high taxes on par with far greater spending. The key there being the much larger spendings. We have the Iran Deal having empowered Iran to have a better shot at its explicitly stated goal of killing all 325 million Americans.

Yet plenty of people would much rather whine and farm complaints and chain-cry and bitch… about people dressing for the heat in ways they disagree with! It’s obscenity to me. Reminder to me of why I call one of my social issues principles ‘mutual respect between all lifestyles’. Thanks!

~KSP Perkins


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