Me Sending You Via This Blog Post To See Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two


This verbal back & forth actually happens in the movie. Over a new character reading Chris Pratt’s characters mind aloud. Which reminds me, spoilers. Duh.

Why you should go see Guardians of the Galaxy Two

Basically, last night from 8;00 to 10;30 I was watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the Southington local movie theater, to celebrate my 23rd birthday. And frankly I thought it was a marvelous movie. And no, that’s not a pun about the fact that Marvel is the graphic novel company that licensed the creation of this movie and its predecessor which I also love. Instead, this is simply me making the case in 400 words or less for you going and seeing the film for yourself.

What kind of movie is it?

If I had to identify its genre in a sentence, I would say this.

  • From what I have seen of it, Guardians of the Galaxy Two is the second in a series of science fiction comic book licensed action adventure movies with enough sci fi combat and quirky humor to earn every movie in it the PG-13 rating.

Who Plays Who in the movie?

  • Chris Pratt = ‘Star Lord’
  • Zoe Saldana = ‘Gamora’
  • Dave Bautista = ‘Drax’, the guy in the image above
  • Vin Diesel’s voice = ‘Baby Groot’
  • Bradley Cooper’s voice = ‘Rocket’
  • Pom Klementieff = ‘Mantis’, a new character who is the one who revealed Star Lord’s Darkest Secret aloud in front of Drax and Gamora. No, I am not spoiling what exactly the dark secret is.
  • Kurt Russel = ‘Ego’, a new character who first appears rescuing the returning characters from a fleet called ‘The Sovereigns’, but who [spoiler alert] turns out to be the main villain and an apocalyptic entity. No, I am not spoiling any examples of this.

Anything wrong with the movie?

For me, if there is any problem I have, it is something I suspect can only be fixed in a Guards of the Galaxy Three. The new character ‘Stakar Ogrod’, played by Sylvester Stallone. I don’t know anything about him except for his indirect connection to the big stars! Can we see an actual character developed him in a Film Three so that I can stop calling this a negative of the film, please!?

Overall Verdict

Basically, here are the positives now that the negative is out of the way.

  • Well acted
  • Likable characters
  • Memorable villain
  • Effective humor
  • Brilliant plot twist between Acts 2 and 3

If I am to score it out of 100 and round to the nearest integer, I give this movie an 83. And for me, 60 to 100 means good movie, while 0 to 40 means bad movie, and 41 to 59 means mixed movie. Same standard I have for reviewing novels, comics, video games, even TV shows and internet shows to. Thanks for reading!

~KSP Perkins


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