What kind of Frog or Frogs do I want?


African Common Toad. This blog post is about why I choose this kind of toad.

Why Have I chosen African Common Toad?

Basically, you readers very likely do not know this about me, but when I was quite little I owned an African Common Toad. I named it Gordon for I have absolutely no idea why. And I grew up with it for about four or five years. Half the lifespan of a properly cared for pet amphibian, according to a care sheet I read via Googling.

Okay, now that you guys know this about me, I am going to go into a big ole breakdown of what I am going to build for my toad or toads, how many toads I desire, and other facts.

Housing Plan for the Toads

Okay, so I will get the number out of the way right now. I am getting four toads which I am giving Black Speech names to. These are the names I am granting them.

  1. Mauguth (mow-gooth)
  2. Xarku (zar-koo)
  3. Buzog (boo-zog)
  4. Baraz (bar-raaz)

Anyway… here is my housing plan. These guys will get to share a giant fish tank (something like 3 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot) and it will have a black mulch basing 6 inches thick. To plant onto this mulch, I will build each toad its own house out of wood and paint it and even gloss it.


Mauguth’s house will look like this but hand molded and up to 6 inches cubed.


Xarku’s house will look like this but hand molded and up to 6 inches cubed.


Buzog’s house will look like a physically live, 6 inches cubed version of this Easterling fortress from the RJ mod for Battle for Middle earth 2.


Baraz’s house will look like a 6 inches cubed hand crafted version of this Haradrim fortress from the Ridder Clan mod for Bfme2.

After these are built, which corner of the fish tank which house goes in will depend on the placement of the fish tank. Like if I put it on my desk in my room and have the sides facing north and south like I predict I will, then it’ll be like this.

  • Mauguth’s house in the southwest corner
  • Xarku’s house in the northwest corner
  • Buzog’s house in the northeast corner
  • Baraz’s house in the southeast corner

Once this is done, I will plop in a water dish that will look like a blood bowl from Oblivion… but still be filled with plain and simple filtered water. The only other difference is I will not have the upward/inward curving horns in the water bowl I sculpt for my four toads, either. Perhaps I might make this thing 8 inches in diameter.

Lastly I will collect a pile of sticks, twigs, and leaves from outdoors to provide some scenery to the toads. The only things I will be buying from any pet store are heating materials and lighting materials. Nothing else. So now everyone knows how I will house my toads. More on this future later. Thanks readers!

~KSP Perkins


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