So, Uruk-hai are the military of Mordor too, eh?

Photo on 5-22-17 at 6.22 PM

Drawings I did by my hand of Mordor Uruk-hai! Typical Mordor troops as of 2475 of the Third Age.

Something I have discovered that many fellow LOTR fans may have yet to discover!

Yeah…… about these creatures. I am going to kick this off with a lecture on what these Uruk-hai things are anyway. Just so people can read this post and all have the same idea what I am talking about, as opposed to having no idea.

For starters! The Uruk-hai are a genetically militaristic strain of athlete-sized and athlete-bodied Orcs in the Middle-earth mythology by JRR Tolkien. Frankly they were first created by Lord of the Rings title character and main villain Sauron 544 years before the events of the LOTR book/movie trilogy. He did this through gene splicing the blood of highly athletic orcs with blood from highly athletic human men. Or in the movie trilogy’s viewpoint he did this crossing orcs with goblin men. The reason Sauron did this was to make the best soldier orcs he could to tear up the Free Peoples, meaning Middle-earth’s forces of Good.

However, the reason I am posting about this today is because these Uruk-hai creatures are most often painted as only the soldier-orcs of Isengard. And Isengard is a fort owned by a White-clothed wizard named Saruman, whom Sauron corrupted in 3018 of the Third Age. And thus Saruman made his own Uruk-hai military using Sauron’s recipe.

What do Mordor Uruk-hai look like?

Looking at their genomes, Mordor Uruk-hai have a physical appearance that is identical in shapes but different in colors compared with their Isengard kin. Mordor Uruk-hai are 7 feet tall, which is only one foot taller than their Isengard kin. Both strains of Uruk-hai have long, coarse hair, and large yellow eyes with lime green irises and very tiny pupils. Both strains have thick, strong legs built for upright posture. Their backbones are also rigged for upright posture, and have wide, flat noses. Their teeth are more like canine or feline teeth than human teeth. Isengard Uruk-hai have maroon skin with black hair, while their Mordor kin have teal skin with blond hair.

How do Mordor Uruk-hai typically behave?

To sum it up, these beings have absolutely no life beyond battle and destroying the enemies of the Dark Lord Sauron. Therefore their behavior is so militant that they will even eat enemy troops as live meat. Basically their eagerness to get to where they have been told to fight is like this: they’d march until dead.

Speaking of fights, the Uruk-hai have a fighting style where they will apply brute force and pure callousness to whatever grand strategy they are commanded to commit to. Easily, these beings are severely eager to kill anything they can tell right off the bat is enemy property or enemy population.

What weapons and armor do Mordor Uruk-hai use?

Frankly, Mordor Uruk-hai use composite short bows with three curves each, and their arrows are feathered with crow feathers. These arrows can fly 100 yards and these creatures have archery skills that produce a roughly 40 arrows per minute rate of fire. Mordor Uruk-hai also bring 3 foot iron scimitars wherein the first 6 inches upward of are deeply serrated. And the tip-top is both weighted and is split by a V-shape into two tips! Many of these beings choose instead to carry spiked maces, ones with cylinder heads that are spiked in an organized, disciplined way. Also these beings carry 17-foot shafted glaives, spears whose blades are more like scimitar heads than knife heads.

Mordor Uruk-hai armors by City-State

Armor-wise, Mordor Uruk-hai can vary as one can clearly tell from my drawing above! Basically these guys wear different armor depending on which castle they are the garrison of. So this gets its own section.

In Mordor’s capital, Barad-dur, Uruk-hai are armored with dark silver helmets that look a bit like ski masks. But also they wear ankle length ring mail shirts that split from waist to ankle, shirts with knuckle reaching sleeves. As for torso defenses, Barad-dur Uruk-hai wear full plate iron cuirass with the Eye of Sauron logo embossed forward from inside. The only other plate armor these Uruk-hai wear is greaves and sabatons, armor for respectively shin and foot. This they wear with thick red leather gloves, long sleeved baggy black shirts down to knee, and high-cut, long legged baggy red pants.

Cirith Ungol, the ‘spider pass’, has its Uruk-hai lightly armored. They wear iron skull caps and iron vambraces (forearm defense) and greaves. Other than this, they wear black leather sleeveless shirts to the knees with elbow-length sleeved ring mail backing.

Minas Morgul the ‘city of dark magic’ is where the Uruk-hai are armored with cast iron plates which have their edges sharpened. This includes a helmet with Y-shaped face-hole, torso guard, shoulder guards, forearm guards, hand guards, knee length pelvis guards, and shin guards with knee and foot guards built into them. This these Uruk-hai wear on blood colored silks that coat them from neck to foot, from shoulder to fingernail. They are armored like this at Mordor’s Black Gate too.

Lastly, and then I will close up, the Dol Guldur Uruk-hai. Those who are the troops of the city-state Sauron has in the southern third of the forest Mirkwood, which lay many miles north of Mordor. These have nearly identical heavy plate armor to their Isengard kin, the only difference being there are no crests.

Well, thanks for reading this rant!

~KSP Perkins


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