The Best Libertarian Demography Report On the Entire Internet!


What you pollin’!?

Thank you Reuters and Pew for the numbers I use for this report!

So refreshing to see that I am not alone in what I believe or in who I am! Basically, I am putting up polling data from Reuters Polling and from Pew Research Center for this. And my goal with this poll is to highlight how many people are in the liberty movement and also what the percentages mean when applied to the multi-digit numbers of people.

How many people in the liberty movement at present?

Basically using this widget and this report and this page, it is clear there are currently 81 million libertarians in America, including 42 million registered voters.

What are the beliefs in the liberty movement?

On this page, it’s heavily agreed among libertarians that there are very few services government can competently provide [66 million people inc {including} 34 million voters]. Plus, it’s heavily agreed that the 83% of American commoners who engage in charity are who is to do social safety net & not government [69 million folks inc 36 million voters].

I believe every businessman and every laborer should keep all the fruit of her work, making me one of 67 million folks inc 35 million voters.

We believe that LGBT people should be treated exactly as straight people are treated, or rather 58 million of us do, inc 30 million of those of us who vote.

I also say the best way for the EPA to help the environment is to return to its founding role of basing its rules on science facts and not on marxist theology. 64 million libertarians inc 33 million voters agree with me.

Also, 66 million of us inc 34 million voters, are right there with me in erring on the side of privacy whenever privacy and security conflict with each other.

Any controversies in liberty movement?

Yes, but almost all of them are foreign policy ones. First of these is how I am one of 39 million libertarians inc 20 million voters who believe, as JFK did, in Peace Through Strength, while 27 million inc 14 million voters who prefer Strength Through Peace. These are the same numbers for how many of us believe militarily demolishing the countries who are known to sponsor terrorism is the best way to defeat terrorism.

As for American activity in world affairs, my opinion is the less popular one. I’m one of 35 million inc 18 million voters who believe America is best off being active in global matters. 44 million of my fellow libertarians inc 23 million voters. And then when it comes to Blaming America First, I’m one of 38 million inc 20 million voters who accept it’s immoral to blame America ever. Disturbingly, 37 million inc 19 million of my own are America-haters who blame America for everything bad about the world around it.

Unilateralism vs Multilateralism is roughly as big a controversy in libertarian circles, 39 million inc 20 million voters prefer multilateralism. As for me I am one of the 36 million inc 19 million voters who prefer going unilateral.

Bizarrely to me, 45 million of my own inc 23 million voters value stability over freedom when it comes to the Greater Middle East. I thought we were a movement of individual freedom activists? I’m one of 28 million inc 14 million voters who value freedom over stability.

I may be in the minority on unilateralism but apparently I’m also one of 42 million libertarians inc 22 voters, the majority of libertarian, who oppose United Nations, thankfully!

Who libertarians are in America

47 million American men inc 21 million voters are libertarians, along with 47 million American women, 21 million of whom are voters. Two thirds male looks like it’s no longer true!

Of America’s 60 million millennials, 20 million inc 8 million voters are libertarians. Only 9% of old people are the same way.

50 million whites, 5 million Asians, 7 million blacks, 1 million Natives, and 13 million Hispanics make up the liberty movement.

As I am a New Englander, I think I am being fair by mentioning this. Out of us 15 million, there are 3 million libertarians, including me. As someone considering moving to a Floridian town called Sarasota, I see there’s 24 million libertarians in the Southeast region.

Electorally, libertarians are very largely Independent voters, for 39 million of us libertarians are Independents while 10 million and 6 million are Republicans and Democrats, respectively. Only half a million identify with the Libertarian Party, and 1.5 million go for other third parties besides the LP.

169 million libertarians are poor and, like me, working class while 32 million are Middle class and only 1 million rich people are libertarians. 42 million of us work full time jobs and I am one of the 7 million who are either part-time or, like in my case, casual-hours.

Now, on the only relevant part of the social or personal stuff to me! Religious differences! Why? Because I am the biggest defender of total religious liberty in all of atheism. Anyway, 24 million atheists, deists, and other Non-religious like me; inc 11 million voters; are basically libertarians; inc myself!

End of report

Thanks people for reading this!

~KSP Perkins

What I might do if I my efforts to grow the LP go nowhere by November 2017


I am at very high risk of needing to sell out the 2-party system. Which one should I try penetrating though?

I am unsure what direction I should go in to advance Liberty in America and around the world.

Okay so I see my efforts to grow the LP are having indisputably no payoff. I have friends including one from work who are all members of my ‘Cheshire Liberty Town Camp’, a Libertarian Party institution that has a grand total of… eight members. No-one is joining, even though I have raised large awareness of it, but this is not the only thing pushing me in the head to quit the Libertarian Party.

Why I want to quit the Libertarian Party.

Basically, it is a list of factors, meaning incentives, in chronological order. Allow me to list them like this.

  1. First on Facebook they censored the intellectually legendary Kevin Bjornson, 2nd in command of a caucus I am into called Libertarian Defense Caucus, from their Facebook wall.
  2. Before, during and after the above wrong; the LP stuck obsessively to the pile of mold I call Antiwar dot trash for foreign policy instead of truly reputable sources like RealClearWorld and RealClearDefense.
  3. Then in the 2016 election when they garnered their chance to destroy the 2-party system and political corruption in general by Austin Petersen… they did all they could to obstruct him, especially in Colorado.
  4. Once it was time for the ending of primary season, they nominated their worst option instead of their obvious best option who was truly Austin.
  5. Lastly, the nuking point for me was when that thing they call their Vice Chair went on Facebook and rigged a status update for everyone to see right on memorial day. A status update of him declaring all US troops to be mindless heartless murderers and having the audacity to compare them to the insolent DEA!

Where my Electoral Future lies…

I am not sure. All I know is I am quitting the Libertarian Party. Ideologically, there are no worries warranted regarding my principles and I. Frankly, until I pass away, I will still…

  1. Support free trade
  2. Support laissez-faire in general
  3. Want the entire American tax code repealed
    • and favor starting over from scratch with the FairTax
  4. Support gay marriage
  5. Equally oppose both abortion and the death penalty
  6. Oppose abstinence only and the War on Drugs
  7. Prefer individual choice over government regulation
  8. Advocate a foreign policy meshing Empire of Liberty with Capitalist Peace Theory
  9. Believe a free society only stays free by having an immensely powerful military
  10. Demand unconditional free expression for the sake of the flourishing of science and of atheism

However, I am going to find a party affiliation. I have massive problems with the idea of me trying to redirect either party to my ends, as follows.

Rights and Wrongs with going Republican


  1. In every 100 Republicans and 100 Democrats, there are 12 liberty Republicans and 6 freedom Democrats.
  2. America’s electoral map is an ocean of red with tiny Caribbean clones of blue.
  3. I have more values in common with the Republicans than with the Democrats, says iSideWith, 47% of Republican values compared to 27% of Democrat
  4. The Republican Liberty Caucus was founded on giving Pro-Military, Pro-Israel, Pro-Empire-of-Liberty libertarians like me a new electoral home.
  5. The GOP has plenty of fringe opinion clubs on social issues that I can gleefully get along well with.


  1. Donald Trump has proven himself to be someone I want nothing in common with, not even party affiliation.
  2. Some of the Republican Liberty Caucus lately is going, very remorsefully, to Non-interventionism, the foreign policy ideology that’s proven in practice to do nothing about the global growth of liberty except allow statism aka tyranny to push this growth backwards, globally.
  3. Perhaps the GOP tribalism might be tougher for me to push aside than is currently my electoral life in the LP.

And with going Democrat


  1. My politics were initially that of a John F. Kennedy style ‘freedom Democrat’, until I fled the Democrats to go be in the LP.
  2. I live in a state, Connecticut, where Democrats fare better normally than Republicans
  3. The Democrats have their own version of the RLC, called the Democrat Freedom Caucus.
  4. I was raised by a couple of strong Democrats but never was more loyal than ‘Independent lean Democrat’.


  1. The party since JFK times has been taken over by cultural marxist, self incriminated, flagrantly bullying swine.
  2. Democrats, after JFK, built a foreign policy record of retreat, defeat, surrender, appeasement, apology, Antiwar candidates, Non-interventionism, and of being respectful to Tyranny-states; all of which ~ again ~ do nothing about world advancement of liberty except for reverse it.
  3. Only 6% of Democrats fit the label ‘freedom Democrat’ and/or ‘JFK Democrat’.


I might just return to where my heart and mind are electorally… being registered to vote as an Unaffiliated Voter. Independents like I am at heart make up 70% of the liberty movement. Thanks all my readers!

~KSP Perkins

Who S.E. Cupp is and how she comes off to me as a fellow neolibertarian


I love every aspect of her intellect, the rambling below tells why.

I notice S.E. Cupp is legendary in the head

Who is she, though? Well, SE Cupp is basically a pundit who like me is also Non-religious, having a secular morality. Not only this her and I are both agnostic atheist, but whereas the proof she is one is she calls herself ‘open minded to theism’, the proof I am one is I don’t want to confirm any answers on the God question, but I think the presence of a God in reality is severely unlikely.

Okay, so that’s the religion stuff but of course you are here for the political compare and contrast.

Here is who she is… the first half of this.

Frankly, she is an atheistic center-right pundit, she calls herself a ‘Log Cabin Republican’, as to remind us she is one of those level-headed Republicans. So if we look at the LCR’s platform we can learn she is someone who believes, as they do, that more inclusivity means more progress for the advancement of individual liberty. Also, she is a California native who also has citizenship in Massachusetts, specifically Boston.

Now, what’s a ‘neolibertarian’ and what makes her easy to peg as perhaps being one?

Okay, so basically, as far as I can gather, neolibertarians are basically minarchists who make sense on geopolitics by rejecting antiwar activism and by endorsing both a strong military and a Jeffersonian, “Empire of Liberty” foreign policy. Cupp herself qualifies as one, to me, because of the following.

  1. Plugging her views as I know them from LCR and the Voter App, into this quiz, she comes up 80% Pro-Civil Liberty and 100% Pro-Fiscal Liberty, putting her in the libertarian zone of Nolan Chart. I myself come up 90% Pro-Civil Liberty and 90% Pro-Fiscal Liberty.
  2. She wrote this piece for a news magazine where she made the case for a strong military and a liberty-spreading foreign policy. As for me, I agree with her up until she mentions the “obligation” to spread democracy. I would dispute her openly on spreading democracy vs spreading minarchism and/or spreading capitalism on these grounds:
    • Democracy is just whatever kind of tyrant the foreign people want as long as the tyrant allows for multiparty elections
    • Capitalism is the economic doctrine of, and proven key to, self-ownership, and on par with it comes minarchism, the governing system where power is only in the hands of authority for authority to uphold individual liberty for all.

And the difference between spreading democracy versus spreading capitalism is not some tiny nitpick, by the way. It is the leading contrast between neolibertarians like Cupp and I vs actual neoconservatives.

Any other celebrity neolibertarians?

Yes, there are! Their names are [with what they are known for in brackets]:

  1. Larry Elder [talk radio pundit that focuses mainly, but not solely, on race relations and the need for fathers in family homes]
  2. Neal Boortz [talk radio pundit that focuses mainly, but not solely, on scrapping our entire current tax system and resetting from scratch with a 23% sales & imports tax that people making $12,000 or less annually don’t pay]
  3. David Draiman [Disturbed and Device groove metal singer who has political science degrees and is on record with views that align with fiscal conservatism and cultural liberalism, with domestic minarchism and an endorsement of Pro Israel bonafides on foreign policy]
  4. Gene Simmons [KISS classic rock guitarist who is on record for his ‘Liberty republican’ approach to voting based on principles]
  5. Tammy Bruce [another female, Pro-LGBT-rights, center-right secularist, one who I know far less about than I know about S.E. Cupp]
  6. Mark Humphrys [a Dublin, Ireland blogger whose official site gets something like a million visits every 8 years, as of like the year I was born which was 1994]
  7. Bruce Willis [an actor who allies to the GOP on economy and foreign policy but never on social issues or even on religion in politics]
  8. Arnold Schwarzenegger [another actor who ran for California governor, has similar views to Willis, and was well respected until the end of his governance]

Okay, I think I will stop here. And also, S.E. Cupp looks a lot like a goddess, but that’s not important. Thanks for the read, my readers!

~KSP Perkins

Congress has Six Bad choices for North Korea… and one Good choice.

North Korea Threat

North Korea reminding everyone of their latent plan to murder every civilian of South Korea, of Japan and of America.

Piece from Observer claims Congress’s options are Trump’s. And leaves out the only good one.

Okay, so the Congress needs to think through line through about what it decides to do about North Korea. Basically, North Korea’s homicidal behavior is the direct product of a pattern America has had of emboldening them by negotiating and compromising with them. You know how the Doves of my movement will tell you just make a trade and tourism deal with the Dictatorship and it will consider changing itself to another free society? Well, that’s bullf–k! If a free society negotiates and compromises with a dictatorship, then the free society just comes off to the dictatorship as a submissive wimp, and the dictatorship is going to try even harder to get the free society to self-destruct!

Case to make against diplomacy with North Korea

Frankly the reason North Korea now has nukes is because of our long history of encouraging their belligerence, as Elan Journo tells better than I can. Furthermore, another better person than me to go to about North Korea is Steve Simpson. Steve reminds us that Sony delaying the release of comedy movie The Interview is not the fault of Sony, but of our federal government. Specifically he calls out the presidency. However, I will say this again, here is how federal government action in any facet of humanity works in American civics. The Congress does its legislative process from Article Five of the US Constitution, then the president either agrees to the bill, or vetoes the bill.

Contrasting with South Korea, we learn that…

Anyway, let’s stay on topic: why diplomacy does not work with North Korea or any other dictatorship, especially not one that sponsors terrorism. Basically a Dictatorship will stop at nothing to constantly wage unprovoked war, sponsor terrorism, commit genocide, and institute slavery. You know why? Because the root cause of war, famine, bigotry, genocide, famine, poverty, terrorism, slavery and other barbarisms is Non-capitalism. Having a totalitarian state, instead of a minimal state, always creates famine, poverty, genocide, terrorism, slavery, and the obstruction of progress toward curing cancer. Meanwhile, if a nation is a minarchist free society, or at least a free society much closer to minarchism than to statism, then that nation thrives on peace, prosperity, innovation, volunteerism, charity, and the speeding of progress to curing cancer. This is not me spatting out inflammatory jibber jabber space dialect with long words, this is me basing an opinion on an empirical fact of humanity.

Take South Korea, for a relevant example of this difference.

  1. Evidence of South Korea sponsoring terrorism? Nope, that’s all North.
  2. Evidence of South Korea owning slaves? Nope, only it’s North-neighbor.
  3. Evidence of South Korea running Auschwitz style camps? NO! It’s all North K!

What should Congress do then?

Firstly, when it comes to regimes who threaten the American People as flagrantly often as North Korea does, Congress has the power to address them, not the Donald. And even then I would like to see Congress take actions against North Korea that require no American deaths. Specifically, economic actions that privatize every market in North Korea, unilaterally, that way we are collapsing their regime without spending American lives. But if that does not work, then we need to militarily destroy them with a goal of crushing their ability and desire to threaten genocide against Americans. And even so after the Kim Dynasty, as I call it, is erased, we need to leave behind 1 of every 10 surviving victors so that North Korea can become another South Korea by 2067. Now, I do not expect to be alive for that, but I do know that after defeating a despotic regime, it takes about 50 years normally for a minarchist regime to supplant it.

Thanks all!

~KSP Perkins

Republicans Remind us Why they’re Just As Unfit as Democrats to do Tax Reform


Two Party System: A tussle of Low-IQ villains vs other Low-IQ villains.

Dumbassery beyond reproach regarding Tax reform. Again. Thanks both two system parties equally!

Um… thanks for that link, RealClearMarket! Apparently, National Review despite having way too many ads on it, still found that the Republican tax reform plan does little if anything to fix the root problem. Halfway through the article NR nails the problem in these words, “At 4 million words long, the tax code is the most complex it’s ever been. If tax compliance were an industry it would have 3 million full time employees!”

What of the document James Madison wrote for the US?

Oh, yes, I mean the Constitution! Yeah, Mr. Madison did not design the constitutional tax code [and spending code] to only be 44 words long for no reason. Instead, the reason he did so was the same reason he crafted it to only apply taxation to sales and to imports. That reason was because he, like all American founders, genuinely believed that every worker should keep the fruit of his or her labor. Which leads me to what exactly I think ought to be done for tax reform, and why.

The Tax Cut Plan I desire.

Basically, I am someone who favors ending all income, payroll, property, capital gain, dividend, estate, gift, royalty and self-employment taxes, all fees and tariffs and fines, and the IRS. Then I think we should have a 15% tax on sales and imports only, and even then one that’s not owed by anyone making an hourly income that’s less than $15.

Benefits to the Economy [if spending is cut by half or more first]

Frankly, this tax plan would lower tax revenue to $1.8 trillion down from $3.5 trillion, and this idea benefitting the economy requires spending to be cut by much more. But after spending is cut to $1 trillion or lower down from $4 trillion, the benefits of this will grow the economy like a balloon! Poor people and such working class people as me will stop being taxed so I for example can afford an extra $31 per week of anything I want.

But that’s not all; because eliminating the payroll tax will allow a speeding train of job creation, and the end of all deductions and loopholes means the mortgage and healthcare deductions will quit reserving housing and healthcare, respectively, for the rich; by getting repealed at the flick of a wrist.

Thus everyone would have plenty more money than is the case left over for food, drinks, healthcare, education, amusement, movies, video games, tabletop miniatures, housing, novels, comic books, and even podcast production matter.

In Closing…

So, when are the feds gonna get it right about what our tax problems need in order to be resolved? Anyway, thanks readers!

~KSP Perkins

My Idea of Painting Easterlings; a Games Workshop related post.


Easterlings, the Men of Rhûn. Fictional humans from Lord of the Rings, these are.

Games Workshop’s LOTR Game and my favorite army in this game.

Okay, who are the Easterlings? And what is Games Workshop? Basically GW is a company that does tabletop miniatures for Turn Based Strategy board games. Specifically, TBS board games that are centered around one of three mythologies called Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, and Lord of the Rings. Basically I am someone who engages in the third of these as a player of one of the Forces of Darkness, a human force called the Easterlings.

To give you backdrop on who these humans are

Paraphrasing the Chris Smith LOTR book ‘Weapons and Warfare‘, and throwing in corrections of Smith’s narrative accordingly to Tolkien lore, the Easterlings are human beings who refused to join the Elves in migrating to a mystical land called Beleriand in the Far West during the First Age. Rather, these humans remained in the land named Rhûn and Rhômen in respectively Elvish and Valarin [in Middle-earth Valarin is the language of the Demigods and Angels, called the ‘Valar’ and ‘Maiar’ respectively]. Here in this land they established an empire run by Kings via grand cities which are packed with splendid temples. These humans were a proud people, with a purely militaristic caste system that set laws in place to keep the hierarchy from the bottom-up like this. Sapper, Infantryman, Horseman, Charioteer, Captain, War-priest, King.

After the First Age ended and the Second Age began, the Men of Rhômen came into contact with the Men of Nûmenôr, and thus mutually beneficial trade began. However, the corrupt king Ar-Pharazon started having many thousands of Easterling civilians enslaved for sacrifice to the Valar. The Valar very viciously objected to this by sinking Nûmenôr and the Easterlings were much more vicious in objecting. For when Sauron, the Dark Lord, came to the Easterlings and offered to allow them to massacre all the friends of Gondor they can find but first they have to pledge to servitude to him, the pledged instantly.

After the destruction of Sauron and Mordor, Aragorn the new king of Gondor decided to pardon the Easterlings provided they respect the Fourth Age ‘days of peace’. Some Easterling cities refused to, but those were subdued by the respectful Easterling cities with leadership by Aragorn and the 4th Age’s first Rohan King, Eomer.

Okay, I am going to cut off the back drop there.

How I am painting mine

I like my techniques to be much smarter than one layer for each area, but also simpler than the six-layer-per-area means Games Workshop markets as epic win. Basically my means is a three-layer process involving only three categories of Citadel Paint.

  1. Base
  2. Shade
  3. Dry

And what order I apply them in varies by area.

Armor Areas of the models

Now, based on the same book I pulled my backdrop from above, the Easterlings are covered with a multi-small-part suit of armor. Putting helmet, collar, breastplate, groin-guard, rerebraces, vambraces, cuisses and poleyns together from Bronze.

To simulate the Bronze, I decided on this method.

  1. Screaming Bell
  2. Agarax Earthshade
  3. Golden Griffon

Fabric Areas

Apparently the Easterlings wear their fabrics dyed red, indigo and black. Funny thing about the indigo I recently discovered that it’s a form of blue, not of purple, after buying a purple from each of the Base, Shade & Dry menus. Oops.

Anyhow, here’s for the red.

  1. Mephiston Red
  2. Astorath Red
  3. Carroburg Crimson

And for the indigo.

  1. Naggaroth Night
  2. Lucius Lilac
  3. Druchii Violet

Lastly the black.

  1. Abaddon Black
  2. Dawnstone
  3. Nuln Oil

Blades and Arrow-heads

It’s told in the Weapons and Warfare book that Easterlings’ blades are of Steel. So…

  1. Leadbelcher
  2. Nuln Oil
  3. Necron Compound

Wooden stuff

From the wooden plating on shields, to the shafts of pike, bow and arrow, I’m doing this:

  1. Rhinox Hide
  2. Verminlord Hide
  3. Agarax Earthshade


Now, this is going to be a tricky one! Basically I am relying almost only on Base paints for this one, putting in the eyes after step 2 of the armor bit.

  1. A step-1 color from ‘Fabric Areas’ for face veil
  2. Ratskin Flesh for skin
  3. Ceramite White for eyes’ mantles
    • Warpstone Glow, the only Layer Paint, for outer cores [irises]
    • Abaddon Black for inner cores [pupils]


This I am breaking into two lists. The hide painting list and the hair painting list.

  • Hide color = Wood painting means
  • Hair and Hoof color = Black Fabric painting pattern
  • Eye color = same as human riders


Yep, you read that right. I am going to take Khandish Charioteer models and stick a randomly selected Easterling infantry model into each chariot, in place of each Khandish guy. Rider and Mount will function respectively like Easterling Warrior, Captain or War Priest; and like Khandish chariot. But here’s how I am painting the mounts in the case of Chariots:

  • Horses = see ‘horses’ above
  • Chariot wheels = see ‘wooden stuff’ above
  • The bear-headed part the Easterling goes in = see ‘Fabrics’ above
  • Skull decor = see ‘Armor’ above
  • Chariot T-bar = see ‘Blades’ above


Just this last bit then we can be done talking Citadel Paints. For now.

  1. Agrellan Badland
  2. Agarax Earthshade
  3. Skrag Brown for the rim

Thanks for reading something from me that’s all about muh JRR Tolkien, all people!

~KSP Perkins

East Asian Regional Leadership belongs to Japan, not to China


Japanese troops marching through what looks like a desert.

China wants to do East Asian regional leadership, something best done by Japan.

So, I read this sadly legit article in the happily legit ‘Real Clear World’, about how China wishes only to be a Regional Leader for East Asia. However, China has made no indication since 1921 that they are in any way, shape or form deserving of this role. What’s going on is China wants to be the regional hegemony of East Asia, the East Asian regional superpower, frankly. Allow me to break down for everyone the differences between China and Japan. That way, I’m showing why every honest friend Japan has needs to shift East Asian regional hegemony status away from China and towards Japan.

Japan’s Fiscal Superiority to China

Fiscally, Japan as a society with a regime has tons of self-control that China does not have. Basically, I need to show you this by mapping how much economic liberty is in either region. Here are screen caps I took of the relevant maps.

Economic Liberty East Asia

Economic liberty in East Asia, taken from Fraser Institute. Closer to total blue means freer market, Closer to total red means more centrally planned market.

Prosperity East Asia

Average per-citizen prosperity in East Asia. Darker means richer average, lighter means poorer.

So basically from the maps I capped from above, I can tell you that the average Japanese citizen is $31,000 per year richer than the average Chinese citizen, respectively $39k annual compared to $8k annual. So basically Japan’s freer enterprise has lead it to richer average wealth per citizen, Japan having the 40th freest market on Earth and China having the 113th freest. And in that Fraser Index of 159, my country America is at 16th freest market with my immigrant ancestors’ homeland, Ireland, being 5th freest market, in case anyone’s wondering about those. And Ireland’s average Jill’s $63,000 annually makes her $6,000 richer on annual average than America’s. Go figure!

Unlike China, Japan prefers to Be Squeaky Clean

Prosperity is not the only warrant to be East Asian regional hegemony that Japan has that China does not. Japan’s drastically freer markets give it a much less corrupt government as well, as revealed to the world by Transparency International, an activist team who opposes Governmental Corruption more than anything else known.

Squeaky Clean Japan

Japan is closer to squeaky clean. China is closer to deeply corrupt.

In other words, Japan does not have the same severity of corruption issues that China does because freer enterprise for population means cleaner integrity for government.

Can Japan be the East Asian Regional Leader?

Yes, indeed it can! But every one of its honest friends, everyone in OECD and not just America for example, needs to help Japan out. For while China is 2nd toughest military on Earth, Japan is 7th toughest, thus every honest friend Japan has needs to assist it in becoming the new strongest military in East Asia. So far as I am concerned, we need to start by lowering China’s government regulation of market to basically nothing. Why? Because it is fully unwise to try to make this happen for Japan by military means. Instead, we need to look for every economic and diplomatic option for taking East Asian regional leading power away from China and giving it to Japan.

Thank you for reading, readers of mine!

~KSP Perkins

Why this Cheshire CT voter endorses Austin Petersen for Federal Senate 2018


Austin Petersen for US Federal Senate in 2018, says yours truly.

First off, who is Austin Petersen for those who don’t know?

Basically he is a former LP voter and last year was their best candidate for office, even according to major libertarian polling. Here is the evidence.

LP Pie Graph

I once used this poll to break this down to many of my fellow Libertarian Partiers.

Frankly Austin is a genuine, honest to all, Non-religious, openly Agnostic Atheist, radical minarchist, and he is running again for a federally high office. However, this time he is running for federal office as a Republican, which to me does not matter. His principles are what I am going to analyze here.

Footnotes before I begin reasoning my individual endorsement

My first discovering of Austin Petersen was in February 2016 on iSideWith, after my attempt at infiltrating the GOP primary and winding it down to just Rand Paul vs Marco Rubio failed. Yes, I actually was briefly a GOP voter August 2015 to February 2016 with every intention to making Trump not an option in the primary. My goal there was to make it impractical to vote for anyone other than Paul’s domestic policies vs Rubio’s foreign policy. Because I found theirs to be the best domestic policies and best foreign policy the GOP had to offer in their 2016 primary for the record. Again, this I will explain why in the very next post after my post about my LP institutions. As for Austin I side with him a little over 90% of the time. Even the LP as a party never scores this high!

My list of Reasons for Endorsing

Commenting on what’s on his Priorities list…

  • He recognizes as I do that healthcare is neither a privilege nor a right, but rather a service, a giving of medicinal labor, not an entitlement.
  • He shares my acceptance of the fact that only private marketers create jobs, and that job creation is not something politicians ever do.
  • He knows full well, like I do, that our tax system is totally broken and that it’s best to open-minded reforms that overall reduce the tax burden. Like he said on the Rubin Report, “I am open to any reforms to this tax system we have, like I can be reasonable, and what we have now for taxation is just excessive”. However, this is where Austin and I deviate almost not at all. While he wants to get rid of the IRS and all taxes in America for a 15% flat tax on all incomes, I want to end the IRS and all taxes in America for a 15% flat tax on all sales, and I also want anyone whose hourly income is $15 or less to be exempt from taxes. Also, while Austin and I both oppose carbon tax, I have a proposal for the carbon emissions thing: make renewable energy sales exempt from sales tax.
  • Austin and I can basically stand together on the $20 trillion national debt. Again, he’s on Rubin Report record as saying “We have gone into the Twilight Zone in our spending!” I suspect he is still running on his penny plan, which cuts overall government spending by 1% every year. By the logic he applies to this, spending is another place where Austin and I almost do not differ. My spending cut proposal would basically be the “Dime Agenda”, which would cut overall spending 10% from every federal dollar not spent on defense. But no, Austin likely will not exempt defense from the penny plan.
  • Prohibitionism. Such a bad idea, Austin and I both know. Plus as Larry Elder, a favorite pundit of mine, pointed out: “The constitution was never amended for the alleged ‘war on cannabis’, so why is no-one arguing it’s actually criminal what the government is passing as drug policy?” Thus, I am very much behind Austin on the issue of forfeiting the war on cannabis, and I agree and Larry agrees with Austin that we must start by declaring the drug ‘epidemic’ as a medical problem to be solved compassionately and not a criminal problem, and not to be solved harshly.
  • What I agree with on Austin in military spending… is that the Pentagon should have been and needs to be audited every single year, at the very lowest frequency level. Basically I notice he is mindful on the world around America, and he is one of the very few Nonintervention types I have seen who avoids confirmation bias. Also, I am with him on opposing nation-building, and defending our population and our true friends who truly love us. However, I found on iSideWith that I side with Austin a little under 70% on foreign policy. For starters, I am more inclined to say as Jason Stapleton does [on the Rubin Report] that there is no right even for the freest society to go to war over interests. As Stapleton said there “What’s interesting is that even the most liberty-minded regime will find foreign elements it will refer to as ‘interests’, at all times.”

Any other ways I differ from AP?

Frankly, that 30% or so in foreign policy is the only notable difference source between AP and KSP. I don’t know how he wants to go about free trade, but I do know him and I both favor free trade. Also I know that I want to go about it by unilaterally lowering foreign markets’ regulatory burdens to nothing. He favors relying on Letters of Marque and Reprisal to shut off terrorist militias like ISIS and the Taliban. But as for me, I think terrorism and genocide are only truly defeated when the regimes who are known to do genocide and/or terrorism are destroyed. I like this Marque Letters idea, sure, but I also think going after their sponsors is far more important. Plus if there is indisputable evidence of a tyranny planning a future attack on human lives, then I think every free society has every right to shut off that tyranny. Lastly, I merge capitalist peace theory, which asserts that free societies are inherently far more peaceful than tyrannies, with Empire of Liberty, a Thomas Jefferson theme about how the way to end barbarism is to make every nation a free society.

Other than this…

I still fully support Austin Petersen. And here are my main reasons, finally.

  1. I know from the military budget agenda he ran on last year I can trust him to make American military stronger in cost-lowering ways like swapping out expensive & semi-deadly F-35s for affordable & very deadly A-10s.
  2. I know from reading about Letters of Marque that I can trust Austin on the benefits of hiring an army of mercenaries.
  3. I know from watching his chat with aspiring Georgian Houseman David Abroms, who I actually take glee in having donated $5 to for the record, that’s on the correct moral side of the Arab-Israeli War and of issues faced by Anti-statist muslims like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Majid Nawaz.
  4. I know from his chats with Penne and Teller and a journalist called Glenn Beck, who I never knew how to feel towards until Austin’s chat with him, that I can trust him to stay adamantly Pro-America without ever resorting to the misanthropic trash we call nationalism.

Best luck ever to you Austin!

~KSP Perkins

Pro-Defense News is Dead… And I am Moving My Journalism Venture to Wix


The Libertarian Republic‘s Josh Guckert, who taught me the general journalism skills I will build my news-hub and my fandom-sites on!

Pro-Defense News crashed when I tried to change it a bit

Basically what I tried to do is change the URL and name to “Liberty Mind Channel”, so that I could expand the website into something greater. Specifically something like Real Clear News for Pro-Defense, Pro-America libertarians as vocalized by Keith Farrell at TLR and by Libertarian Defense Caucus. But then the URL change caused the site to crash. And now I can no longer access the WordPress site I built by my hand.

What was my vision having this idea?

I want to build a network that works like Real Clear and reports the news using links found at or through Real Clear. But instead of crafting the narrative like CNN, NBC, PBS, FNC, ABC, CBS, and other mainstream media all do, my journalists and I will be analyzing what happened and then offering individual perspective. The categories are going to be named right after their Real Clear Counterparts, linking to source material as follows. What they cover and from what angle is bulleted.

  1. Liberty Mind Politics
    • Electoral news coverage from a mix of ‘vote Libertarian’ and ‘vote Independently’ perspectives
  2. Liberty Mind Policy
    • Legislative news coverage from a series of constitutionalist and minarchist perspectives
  3. Liberty Mind Markets
  4. Liberty Mind World
    • Foreign Policy news coverage from a series of differing perspectives that all share these traits: cherishing America, supporting Israel, favoring a very alert foreign policy
  5. Liberty Mind Defense
    • Military news coverage from a diverse cast of perspectives that all share support for a very strong military
  6. Liberty Mind Nature
    • Energy, Livestock and other Natural Resource news coverage from a mix of very differing perspectives that can all agree on not wanting their perspective signed into law
  7. Liberty Mind Health
    • Medical news coverage from a series of perspectives that all share support for free market healthcare and opposition to the war on drugs, but differ as to how the former should be instilled and how the latter should be abolished
  8. Liberty Mind Science
    • Science news coverage from a diverse cast of perspectives that can all accept the importance of science and its need for total freedom of expression in order to flourish
  9. Liberty Mind Religion
    • Religious news coverage from a religiously diverse cast of every organized religion and every secular viewpoint, religiously different perspectives that can all agree on supporting unconditional freedom of religion
  10. Liberty Mind Future
    • Technology news coverage from a set of perspectives that all happen to promote free enterprise from within the Digital Economy
  11. Liberty Mind Academics
    • Education news coverage from a set of perspectives that differ on specifics but all share support for freedom of education and for school choice
  12. Liberty Mind Hobbies
    • News about Sport fandoms and about various nerd fandoms where there are no specific principles promoted except for freedom of choice and agreement to disagree.
    • And yes, I do realize I am going to have to provide people sources to go to for the nerd fandoms. Which I am adept at because I am much more of a geek than a jock, honestly.
  13. Liberty Mind History
    • History-related news coverage from many perspectives that may differ on specifics but can all agree that we should not be tearing down our history and that we should actively defend historic records
  14. Liberty Mind Books
    • Literature coverage and novel, comic book, and even movie reviews where each author has his or her own distinct perspective
  15. Liberty Mind Invest
    • Crime and Police news coverage from differing perspectives which can all agree on Due Process, Jury Trial, and the Presumption of Innocence.

In closing…

Again, as noted in the image, I want to thank Josh Guckert the former Editor in Chief of the Libertarian Republic news channel for my journalistic skills that I am now using to make this network and to make official sites for many of my fandoms too! Thanks all my readers!

~KSP Perkins

Preventive Clarity on Where I am On Freedom of Religion and other, related concepts.


Reading this is the beginning of understanding where I am

This is just to make something totally clear about me.

Basically, I am so into favoring freedom of religion and equality under law that I even use these two concepts to justify opposing any regulation on the intake of Islam, Christianity, Judaism or any other religion. However, I do also believe that defending freedom of religion and equality under law refers just as well to not allowing any organized religion in particular to force itself onto ideological outsiders.

Why is this post about ‘preventive’ clarity?

Because I am well aware there are plenty of alleged “journalists” out there who will eagerly slander, libel and defame normal people for expressing any opinion that is not from the Communist Manifesto. And believe me, none of the opinions I espouse here come from anywhere near that infernal and insolent ‘manifesto’. And I want this post to be here to debunk them in case they try any of that trash on me.

Resuming Clarity!

Okay, so freedom of religion is of utmost importance to me. Frankly, the meaning of freedom of religion is.

  • Right to choose what organized religion or secular morality to follow and to obey without external influence.

So that means that there is nothing about equally commanding all organized religions and secular moralities that’s damaging to heavily opposing any regulation of any organized religions or secular moralities. To me there is no freedom of religion in a society that targets any specific organized faith for increased scrutiny, whether it’s Christianity, Islam or whatever else. Also, as an adherent to atheistic humanism myself, I am basically inclined to say that there is no freedom of religion in a society that bans people from taking in secular moralities.

What about Freedom of Movement?

In essence I am not someone who has any support for regulating the freedom of movement, which is the right to travel to and from and reside in any land one chooses. However, that does not mean we cannot put into place a simple vetting system that makes an easy path to the right to formally apply for citizenship. In my own individual case, that means a vetting system of four steps.

  1. Disease Check
  2. Security Check
  3. English Class
  4. Civics Class

Other than this, no fifth limits to the free movement of tourists, immigrants, merchants and so forth. And for me, this does mean resoundingly no to border walls. Well, that’s all I got for now in the way of preventive clarities, people!


KSP Perkins