So, About Planned Parenthood…


The Houston Texas Planned Parenthood building. Lemme speak this issue…

What I make of Planned Parenthood.

After reading Wikipedia about Planned Parenthood, I learned something I did not know before going in. Because before going in I was unsure about the validity of the claims by the screeching people on both Left and Right. Also I knew going in I am very sturdily a Center-Wing, Independently thinking individual liberty guy. So I thought to myself, you know, what exactly is Planned Parenthood and what do they do and how do they get funded?

Let’s Talk Services Provided

Basically, as far as I understand it, Planned Parenthood provides ten other kinds of services besides abortion. For me, this means ten different services anyone ought to find it morally acceptable for them to provide. These are…

  1. Contraceptives
  2. Morning After Pills
  3. Clinical Exams
  4. Cervical Screenings
  5. Pregnancy Testing
  6. Pregnancy Counseling
  7. STI Treatment
  8. Comprehensive Sex Ed
  9. Vasectomies
  10. LGBT Services

In short, the above I am totally fine with being provided, in fact I gotta say I respect them over the fact that only 3% of their services are abortions. But from what I understand about the physiology of pregnancy, animal life starts at fertilization and for people like you and me it’s no different. Which is why I’d like to see that 3% eventually go down to 0%, and instead I would like to see Planned Parenthood focus purely on the ten services they provide I named out above. Matter a fact, the more emphasis especially on comprehensive sex ed, the better in my eyes.

Now we can talk about their funding

Thankfully, Planned Parenthood gets two-thirds of its funding from valid funding sources for itself. Private Market nonprofits like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Ford Foundation are colossal donors. Government use of tax dollars to fund it only makes up a third of Planned Parenthood Funding.

Basically what I say about Planned Parenthood is they should not be getting tax dollar funding, and if government funding of them was revoked they would still have about 68% of their $1.3 billion average annual budget. That’s still a good $866 million! Which, again, I say morally Planned Parenthood can use for any of the ten services numbered above. But if they really wanted to fundraise more, especially for comprehensive sex ed, then I say they can and should do so relying solely on those making voluntary individual donations.

Why I think Life starts at fertilization

Basically, I started to doubt the idea I’d been raised on, that life starts at birth, because of a certain part of a prehistory documentary thing I still like watching nowadays. Frankly it was in the flick “Walking With Monsters” about Paleozoic life, and it got to the scene with the Dimetrodon mother laying her eggs. When the film talked about how she had to guard her eggs and control their internal temperature even long before they hatch, I was like “What?”

Next, I reflected on the scene like 5 or 10 minutes before when it talked about we humans inheriting out temp control and our teeth from these Dimetrodon things. And I was like “Does this mean we humans inherited our procreative patterns from them like we did our teeth and temp control? Also, does that mean us NOT laying eggs is the ONLY difference?”. And sure enough, I look into the pregnancy biologies of frogs, toads, dogs, and of course humans; and thus it made sense to me for me to believe that human life does in fact begin at fertilization. Purely Atheistic arrival to this conclusion.

Thanks for reading, folks!

~KSP Perkins


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