Why this former Democrat Voter Now Votes Libertarian Instead

Why KSP Perkins votes Libertarian

Here is a quote that sums up why I vote LP these days. Let me explain in giant detail please.

This post was inspired by a YouTube video starring one of my favorite pundits.

Basically, I have screen capped the above image from a video about John F Kennedy and if he were alive today. It has radio host and 2016 Libertarian National Convention debate moderator Larry Elder as its narrator. The whole point of the video, you can watch it here, is about which of the two major parties would JFK belong in if he were here today. Basically my goal with this post is to explain why I vote LP by comparing and contrasting my political opinions to the political orthodoxies that Democratic Partisans hold to as of 2012-2013, when in short they abandoned me.


Let me be frank, please. My outlook on race is a very simple one that has nothing to do, as far as I can tell, with either of the two mainstream parties. I want all individuals of all races being treated like individual human beings, and I want equality of opportunity. No, this is not equality of outcome, but rather the idea that the playing field should be level for everyone, like have the playing field by one big flat-land.

As of my Senior Year of High School named by time frame above, equality of outcome and valuing someone for one’s race in place of one’s individuality, is Democrat Orthodoxy. That’s why Affirmative Action is so revered by the Democrats is because is it tells people to use their race or color but never their individual work ethic or talents as means of getting richer and smarter in life.

Meanwhile, I never felt anything positive about the idea of playing favorites toward individuals on basis of any factor besides the factor of how much oneself cares about the project that be. And I never will either. Like when I was going to Middle School I devoutly despised the idea of students being favored based on whether they fetishize football and other sports. And not based on how good their grades are or how well they treat people like me who are more often geeks than jocks. Not exactly a legit comparison I think, but the general idea is still the same: playing favorites with people for arbitrary traits that have nothing to do with work ethic or with the golden rule. And I still oppose this general idea for being tribalistic.


Even in my old Democrat voting days, I was still in favor of low taxes and of never taxing anyone who makes less than $20 per hour. Grant you, my thoughts on how to make that happen for America have changed twice in my life. First I was a man of copying and pasting Australian tax bracket list where the rates are 0%, 10%, 23%, 30% and 45% for the poor, working class, lower middle, upper middle, and rich respectively. Then I moved on to wanting a flat tax where everyone making more than $20 per hour pays 20%. Now I have moved on again, but this time to favoring ending all of Taxation in America including the IRS and starting from scratch with a 20% national sales tax that’s only paid by those who’s income is more than $20 per hour.

What about the Democrat Party? Well, they seem to think there are lazy, no-job-having brats who are entitled to a “fair” share of the manual labor I do as of 2014 for a mere $11 per hour and I worked 18 hours per week and it dropped to 16 hours weekly. Which leads me into the next difference between me and the Democrats. I believe in earning a better living through better work ethic and self-improvement, and these Democrats keep raising the minimum wage forcing my employer to cut my hours, then my employer blames it on the students coming home from college. Basically this means that the minimum wage is trash to me. Even when I was a teen, I did used to believe minimum wage jobs to be tools for learning the value of hard work, not for living independently of parents.

Regulations-wise, I believe that the regulatory burden faced by everyone; business, labor and consumers; should be one sentence long: Treat Others Like You Want Them To Treat You. Even in my early teens, I used to be someone who wanted the whole regulatory burden to be the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [30 articles with 1 or 2 sentences each].

But even though the UDHR was authored by a Democrat, today’s Democrats see even the UDHR as alarmingly open to abuses of workers. Instead the Democrats prefer an 87,000+ rules monstrosity where each rule is a multi-paragraph essay at the very shortest. And a novel at longest. Even though this makes endless room for loopholes and for truly corrupt practices, Democrats prefer this anyway.

Foreign Policy

Here is something where I deviate heavily from both the Democrats and the LP. Basically these two seem to agree to a paranoid, conspiracy theorist idiocy against any level of America being BFFs with obvious free societies like Israel, and against any level of America being a harsh moral critic of obvious tyrannies like Saudi Arabia. On top of this the Democrats and LP seem to agree to a naive pacifism that actually believes that only America and Israel can ever do barbarity and that all other nations will forfeit barbarity if we just pledge to, in the words of many fellow LP voters, “Trade and Diplomacy Alone”.

Whereas me, I believe very wisely that our nature keeps us one with tyranny being always the norm and liberty aways the fringe. To me, human nature is just a bunch of animalistic kill or be killed irritabilities and impulses. So far as have learned reading up history, liberty is only the norm where and when people slaughter and ruin any and all tyranny to keep liberty the societal norm. Which is why I oppose downsizing the US military, is because I believe any free society, let’s not care who it is, needs an enormously strong military to stay free. It is also why I favor a very alert foreign policy is because that’s the other half of a free society staying free. It’s by having an alert foreign policy that fixates on Trade and Defense, not Trade and Diplomacy.

And I am in the Libertarian Party instead of the 2-party system because I genuinely believe it will be a lot easier for me to improve the LP in the ways the LP needs to improve itself in order to make the 2-party system very vulnerable to abolishment.

The Bill of Rights

Even though the video I opened linking to calls this category ‘gun rights’, I believe the entire Bill of Rights and defending all ten amendments equally is too important for anyone even me to single out the second. If anything, I should be constantly using the First Amendment as my example as I want a college degree in Computer Science, and as all sciences inherently need unlimited free expression to work at all.

Anyway, here I go. I believe that the Bill of Rights needs to be treated as unconditional and never to be regulated even by the Supreme Court, who has no authority to regulate the Bill of Rights by the way. There is nothing in Article Three of the Constitution, the part that defines the Supreme Court, that gives it the authority to set limits to… the freedom of religion for example. There is also nothing in the constitution that gives any branch of government any authority to allow public schools to shut off freedom of expression or freedom of association. Nor is there any power for any of the 3 branches of government to regulate the rights to lobby, petition, or protest.

However, Democrats do not care about any of this. They clearly hate science as they are the party shutting off freedom of speech and freedom of association and freedom of religion on university campuses. Using the 1st amendment as the most important example to me, Constitutional rights are only conditional if you blindly go with Democrats, or Republicans, on everything.

Sexual Freedom & Gender Equality

Now, here is something I am going to touch on multiple things with regard to. The closest of which to untouched will be abortion, just FYI. Basically I believe women should have all the same constitutional rights and economic freedoms as men. Also, I believe that no-one should ever be played favorites with on grounds of gender for any reason when it comes to civic trials for example. And I want women to be able to live their life as they choose and I want the same freedom of choice for men too.

Meanwhile, Democrat Party authorities are out there crazily pushing female supremacy and marketing it as gender ‘equality’. Well, they don’t want to accept the fact that true gender equality comes from Equal Treatment Under the Law, and from Equality of Opportunity. Just like true racial equality comes from.

As for the freedom factor, I just want a permissive society where women are just as able to marry who they want and wear what they want as men are. And of course as far as pregnancy goes, I adamantly support comprehensive sex ed, I am all for morning-after pills, I can easily appreciate pregnancy counseling and any of the ten services I said here that I respect Planned Parenthood for providing. However, I do not support abortion for reasons also explained there. The reasons I am Pro-Life have to do with having discovered my Science & Atheism argument for the idea that life starts at fertilization.


For short example, if a woman who votes Democrat agrees with me in full or even in majority part on race, economics, the bill of rights, sexual freedom and also on gender equality; then she does not belong in the Democrat Party. She belongs in the same Strong Military favoring, Alert Foreign Policy favoring pocket of the Libertarian Party that I’m native to instead. Thanks for reading this massive one!

~KSP Perkins


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