“Trade And Defense” And Not “Trade And Diplomacy”. My letter as one LP voter to the rest of the LP around me.


Yes, it’s important for trade to be the number one emphasis of American and libertarian foreign policy!

But that does not mean trade and diplomacy alone make for the ‘correct’ libertarian and moral foreign policy.

Basically, I have said other things like this trillions of times. We do need free trade and we do need honest friendships and we do need to be skeptical to the idea of alliances. However, none of those needs justify ignoring the fact that any free society [and I genuinely mean any free society] needs a very powerful military in order to stay free. But why the open-minded, thoughtful LP doves who really care what this LP hawk [me] has to say, will ask me?

The case for a Free Society pairing a strong military with an alert foreign policy

Firstly, there is human nature. Now, human nature is a historically big pile of animalistic, kill or be killed instincts, but how? Anthropology will explain better than any political ideology, and far better than any organized religion. Human history is riddled with examples of humans being eager to set up tyranny every time they start a new civilization. I can go all post long naming examples, but I am only singling out a few so that I can make this as brief as can be. Ancient Sparta, Ancient Rome, Inquisition Era Spain, Rashidun Arabia, Ottoman Turkey, King George III’s Britain, Napoleon’s France, Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Tojo’s Japan, Saddam’s Iraq, Soviet Russia. Twelve examples is plenty good for this case. Only in 1776 AD with the American Revolution was a nation born to be, systemically, a free society. And rather than respect the sovereignty of America, the then Dictatorships of British Empire and Turkish Empire repeatedly picked fights with America. It was only after James Madison learned from winning the Second Barbary War how a free society needs a mammoth military to stay free when foreign dictatorships started fearing, most of them, what might happen if they try to annex America. Liberty is the fringe and tyranny is the norm, in human nature.

Secondly, there is what happens to free societies when they try to defeat their assailants with diplomacy alone. When 9/11 happened to America, I can tell you we went after the wrong nations, but we did target the right ideology: Islamic Statism. When other free societies had their equivalent events to 9/11, only the ones who replied rebelliously against the Islamic Statist movement were able to keep their internal degradations to trivial levels. While Spain for example around that time and more recently France of just a few months ago, tried relying purely on diplomacy to deter this religious fanatic movement I have named by ideology twice. The result for Spain was liberty is crashing down much worse in those two nations than it is in… Britain and Australia, to name some Non-US examples.

Thirdly, there is the meaning of the word ‘terrorist‘. Many if not most of my fellow “I am registered to vote as a Libertarian” types seem to ignores this in ways which are frankly sickening to me. Well actually, one way. Basically, and I am talking to you fellow LP voters, you guys need to know something very clear about what a terrorist does. This narrative you have does not apply to real life. Listen, terrorists don’t stay peaceful and liberty-loving until their families are attacked and do violence to obvious soldiers as revenge. That’s not what a terrorist does! A terrorist goes around murdering obviously defenseless civilians, on behalf of some big-government, anti-capitalist, deep-statist, anti-libertarian ideology!

Finally, and my case I will close here, there is the meaning of an honest friend. Basically there is a difference between being contracted to defend someone and defending someone because you are a true friend who truly loves that someone. In essence, there is something golden you can learn from psychology, another science I am citing for this case, about friendship. True friends defend each other passionately against physically violent bullies without feeling compelled by anything but empathy and friendship to do so. However this does not make free societies dependent on each other for national defense. Free societies need to defend themselves with strong militaries and alert foreign policies, but also to be true friends to each other they need to treat each other like family. And a mentally healthy family of free societies is one wherein free societies are very happy to defend each other just out of mutually affectionate kinship.

Anything else out of me?

Nope, that was all. Just wanted to drop this onto that “Third largest part in America” I am registered to vote in. Thanks!

~KSP Perkins


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