Given the dictionary definition of a Globalist… do my views make me one?


Not sure if the above flag can refer to globalism or not. Really not going to confirm anything about it…

First off, what exactly is a globalist?

According to the dictionaries of the English language, globalism is a doctrine of treating the entire planet as a proper sphere of political influence. By this definition, ideologies which are strains foreign interventionism are all globalist in a different sense each. For example, Objectivism and Neolibertarianism are both globalist ideologies in the sense of treating the whole planet as the sphere of influence for free market capitalism. And on the evil side of globalism, Islamic Totalitarians are globalists in the sense of treating the entire planet as the sphere of influence for Islamic Theocracy. But let’s look at who I am individually and determine if I am any kind of globalist, as I just broke down there are both Good globalisms and Evil globalisms too.

Where I stand on American Influence overseas.

Looking at what Americanization does on foreign soil regarding cultures, I love it. I don’t care that McDonald’s is seen as the symbol of Americanization, I care that when American civics influences the laws and norms of foreign countries, those countries wind up being less corrupt and more into liberty. Individual liberty, that is. And I am not the guy who created this sentiment of wanting America to spread individual freedom and economic liberty to the entire globe either.

Back on Christmas Day of 1780, Thomas Jefferson spoke to the American People about Empire of Liberty, the goal of spreading freedom to the world not as a war monger but rather as a role model. Basically, America was founded on everything every advocate of free will calls “Morally Good”. Even today, America is either at the top or near the top of everything that John Locke minded libertarians and Ayn Rand minded objectivists can agree is good.

From human development to economic freedom to moral freedom to democracy index to human freedom index to internet hosts to internet access to scientific sources to innumerable other things to be saved for a future post. America stands near top or at top for each of these things as it is the only free society founded to be systemically and eternally a free society. Yes, Britain did harbor the birth of the virtues of a free society. But Britain was never founded to remain irrevocably a free society, only America was.

So how does this apply to whether the globalist label applies to me?

Basically, I am someone who thinks there are many strains of globalism and that there is only one morally good strain: Capitalist Peace Theory. If you read my tangent about how to end war and famine that is made very clear to basically the entire internet.

Thanks for reading!

~KSP Perkins


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