Preventive Clarity on Where I am On Freedom of Religion and other, related concepts.


Reading this is the beginning of understanding where I am

This is just to make something totally clear about me.

Basically, I am so into favoring freedom of religion and equality under law that I even use these two concepts to justify opposing any regulation on the intake of Islam, Christianity, Judaism or any other religion. However, I do also believe that defending freedom of religion and equality under law refers just as well to not allowing any organized religion in particular to force itself onto ideological outsiders.

Why is this post about ‘preventive’ clarity?

Because I am well aware there are plenty of alleged “journalists” out there who will eagerly slander, libel and defame normal people for expressing any opinion that is not from the Communist Manifesto. And believe me, none of the opinions I espouse here come from anywhere near that infernal and insolent ‘manifesto’. And I want this post to be here to debunk them in case they try any of that trash on me.

Resuming Clarity!

Okay, so freedom of religion is of utmost importance to me. Frankly, the meaning of freedom of religion is.

  • Right to choose what organized religion or secular morality to follow and to obey without external influence.

So that means that there is nothing about equally commanding all organized religions and secular moralities that’s damaging to heavily opposing any regulation of any organized religions or secular moralities. To me there is no freedom of religion in a society that targets any specific organized faith for increased scrutiny, whether it’s Christianity, Islam or whatever else. Also, as an adherent to atheistic humanism myself, I am basically inclined to say that there is no freedom of religion in a society that bans people from taking in secular moralities.

What about Freedom of Movement?

In essence I am not someone who has any support for regulating the freedom of movement, which is the right to travel to and from and reside in any land one chooses. However, that does not mean we cannot put into place a simple vetting system that makes an easy path to the right to formally apply for citizenship. In my own individual case, that means a vetting system of four steps.

  1. Disease Check
  2. Security Check
  3. English Class
  4. Civics Class

Other than this, no fifth limits to the free movement of tourists, immigrants, merchants and so forth. And for me, this does mean resoundingly no to border walls. Well, that’s all I got for now in the way of preventive clarities, people!


KSP Perkins


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