Pro-Defense News is Dead… And I am Moving My Journalism Venture to Wix


The Libertarian Republic‘s Josh Guckert, who taught me the general journalism skills I will build my news-hub and my fandom-sites on!

Pro-Defense News crashed when I tried to change it a bit

Basically what I tried to do is change the URL and name to “Liberty Mind Channel”, so that I could expand the website into something greater. Specifically something like Real Clear News for Pro-Defense, Pro-America libertarians as vocalized by Keith Farrell at TLR and by Libertarian Defense Caucus. But then the URL change caused the site to crash. And now I can no longer access the WordPress site I built by my hand.

What was my vision having this idea?

I want to build a network that works like Real Clear and reports the news using links found at or through Real Clear. But instead of crafting the narrative like CNN, NBC, PBS, FNC, ABC, CBS, and other mainstream media all do, my journalists and I will be analyzing what happened and then offering individual perspective. The categories are going to be named right after their Real Clear Counterparts, linking to source material as follows. What they cover and from what angle is bulleted.

  1. Liberty Mind Politics
    • Electoral news coverage from a mix of ‘vote Libertarian’ and ‘vote Independently’ perspectives
  2. Liberty Mind Policy
    • Legislative news coverage from a series of constitutionalist and minarchist perspectives
  3. Liberty Mind Markets
  4. Liberty Mind World
    • Foreign Policy news coverage from a series of differing perspectives that all share these traits: cherishing America, supporting Israel, favoring a very alert foreign policy
  5. Liberty Mind Defense
    • Military news coverage from a diverse cast of perspectives that all share support for a very strong military
  6. Liberty Mind Nature
    • Energy, Livestock and other Natural Resource news coverage from a mix of very differing perspectives that can all agree on not wanting their perspective signed into law
  7. Liberty Mind Health
    • Medical news coverage from a series of perspectives that all share support for free market healthcare and opposition to the war on drugs, but differ as to how the former should be instilled and how the latter should be abolished
  8. Liberty Mind Science
    • Science news coverage from a diverse cast of perspectives that can all accept the importance of science and its need for total freedom of expression in order to flourish
  9. Liberty Mind Religion
    • Religious news coverage from a religiously diverse cast of every organized religion and every secular viewpoint, religiously different perspectives that can all agree on supporting unconditional freedom of religion
  10. Liberty Mind Future
    • Technology news coverage from a set of perspectives that all happen to promote free enterprise from within the Digital Economy
  11. Liberty Mind Academics
    • Education news coverage from a set of perspectives that differ on specifics but all share support for freedom of education and for school choice
  12. Liberty Mind Hobbies
    • News about Sport fandoms and about various nerd fandoms where there are no specific principles promoted except for freedom of choice and agreement to disagree.
    • And yes, I do realize I am going to have to provide people sources to go to for the nerd fandoms. Which I am adept at because I am much more of a geek than a jock, honestly.
  13. Liberty Mind History
    • History-related news coverage from many perspectives that may differ on specifics but can all agree that we should not be tearing down our history and that we should actively defend historic records
  14. Liberty Mind Books
    • Literature coverage and novel, comic book, and even movie reviews where each author has his or her own distinct perspective
  15. Liberty Mind Invest
    • Crime and Police news coverage from differing perspectives which can all agree on Due Process, Jury Trial, and the Presumption of Innocence.

In closing…

Again, as noted in the image, I want to thank Josh Guckert the former Editor in Chief of the Libertarian Republic news channel for my journalistic skills that I am now using to make this network and to make official sites for many of my fandoms too! Thanks all my readers!

~KSP Perkins


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