Why this Cheshire CT voter endorses Austin Petersen for Federal Senate 2018


Austin Petersen for US Federal Senate in 2018, says yours truly.

First off, who is Austin Petersen for those who don’t know?

Basically he is a former LP voter and last year was their best candidate for office, even according to major libertarian polling. Here is the evidence.

LP Pie Graph

I once used this poll to break this down to many of my fellow Libertarian Partiers.

Frankly Austin is a genuine, honest to all, Non-religious, openly Agnostic Atheist, radical minarchist, and he is running again for a federally high office. However, this time he is running for federal office as a Republican, which to me does not matter. His principles are what I am going to analyze here.

Footnotes before I begin reasoning my individual endorsement

My first discovering of Austin Petersen was in February 2016 on iSideWith, after my attempt at infiltrating the GOP primary and winding it down to just Rand Paul vs Marco Rubio failed. Yes, I actually was briefly a GOP voter August 2015 to February 2016 with every intention to making Trump not an option in the primary. My goal there was to make it impractical to vote for anyone other than Paul’s domestic policies vs Rubio’s foreign policy. Because I found theirs to be the best domestic policies and best foreign policy the GOP had to offer in their 2016 primary for the record. Again, this I will explain why in the very next post after my post about my LP institutions. As for Austin I side with him a little over 90% of the time. Even the LP as a party never scores this high!

My list of Reasons for Endorsing

Commenting on what’s on his Priorities list…

  • He recognizes as I do that healthcare is neither a privilege nor a right, but rather a service, a giving of medicinal labor, not an entitlement.
  • He shares my acceptance of the fact that only private marketers create jobs, and that job creation is not something politicians ever do.
  • He knows full well, like I do, that our tax system is totally broken and that it’s best to open-minded reforms that overall reduce the tax burden. Like he said on the Rubin Report, “I am open to any reforms to this tax system we have, like I can be reasonable, and what we have now for taxation is just excessive”. However, this is where Austin and I deviate almost not at all. While he wants to get rid of the IRS and all taxes in America for a 15% flat tax on all incomes, I want to end the IRS and all taxes in America for a 15% flat tax on all sales, and I also want anyone whose hourly income is $15 or less to be exempt from taxes. Also, while Austin and I both oppose carbon tax, I have a proposal for the carbon emissions thing: make renewable energy sales exempt from sales tax.
  • Austin and I can basically stand together on the $20 trillion national debt. Again, he’s on Rubin Report record as saying “We have gone into the Twilight Zone in our spending!” I suspect he is still running on his penny plan, which cuts overall government spending by 1% every year. By the logic he applies to this, spending is another place where Austin and I almost do not differ. My spending cut proposal would basically be the “Dime Agenda”, which would cut overall spending 10% from every federal dollar not spent on defense. But no, Austin likely will not exempt defense from the penny plan.
  • Prohibitionism. Such a bad idea, Austin and I both know. Plus as Larry Elder, a favorite pundit of mine, pointed out: “The constitution was never amended for the alleged ‘war on cannabis’, so why is no-one arguing it’s actually criminal what the government is passing as drug policy?” Thus, I am very much behind Austin on the issue of forfeiting the war on cannabis, and I agree and Larry agrees with Austin that we must start by declaring the drug ‘epidemic’ as a medical problem to be solved compassionately and not a criminal problem, and not to be solved harshly.
  • What I agree with on Austin in military spending… is that the Pentagon should have been and needs to be audited every single year, at the very lowest frequency level. Basically I notice he is mindful on the world around America, and he is one of the very few Nonintervention types I have seen who avoids confirmation bias. Also, I am with him on opposing nation-building, and defending our population and our true friends who truly love us. However, I found on iSideWith that I side with Austin a little under 70% on foreign policy. For starters, I am more inclined to say as Jason Stapleton does [on the Rubin Report] that there is no right even for the freest society to go to war over interests. As Stapleton said there “What’s interesting is that even the most liberty-minded regime will find foreign elements it will refer to as ‘interests’, at all times.”

Any other ways I differ from AP?

Frankly, that 30% or so in foreign policy is the only notable difference source between AP and KSP. I don’t know how he wants to go about free trade, but I do know him and I both favor free trade. Also I know that I want to go about it by unilaterally lowering foreign markets’ regulatory burdens to nothing. He favors relying on Letters of Marque and Reprisal to shut off terrorist militias like ISIS and the Taliban. But as for me, I think terrorism and genocide are only truly defeated when the regimes who are known to do genocide and/or terrorism are destroyed. I like this Marque Letters idea, sure, but I also think going after their sponsors is far more important. Plus if there is indisputable evidence of a tyranny planning a future attack on human lives, then I think every free society has every right to shut off that tyranny. Lastly, I merge capitalist peace theory, which asserts that free societies are inherently far more peaceful than tyrannies, with Empire of Liberty, a Thomas Jefferson theme about how the way to end barbarism is to make every nation a free society.

Other than this…

I still fully support Austin Petersen. And here are my main reasons, finally.

  1. I know from the military budget agenda he ran on last year I can trust him to make American military stronger in cost-lowering ways like swapping out expensive & semi-deadly F-35s for affordable & very deadly A-10s.
  2. I know from reading about Letters of Marque that I can trust Austin on the benefits of hiring an army of mercenaries.
  3. I know from watching his chat with aspiring Georgian Houseman David Abroms, who I actually take glee in having donated $5 to for the record, that’s on the correct moral side of the Arab-Israeli War and of issues faced by Anti-statist muslims like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Majid Nawaz.
  4. I know from his chats with Penne and Teller and a journalist called Glenn Beck, who I never knew how to feel towards until Austin’s chat with him, that I can trust him to stay adamantly Pro-America without ever resorting to the misanthropic trash we call nationalism.

Best luck ever to you Austin!

~KSP Perkins


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