East Asian Regional Leadership belongs to Japan, not to China


Japanese troops marching through what looks like a desert.

China wants to do East Asian regional leadership, something best done by Japan.

So, I read this sadly legit article in the happily legit ‘Real Clear World’, about how China wishes only to be a Regional Leader for East Asia. However, China has made no indication since 1921 that they are in any way, shape or form deserving of this role. What’s going on is China wants to be the regional hegemony of East Asia, the East Asian regional superpower, frankly. Allow me to break down for everyone the differences between China and Japan. That way, I’m showing why every honest friend Japan has needs to shift East Asian regional hegemony status away from China and towards Japan.

Japan’s Fiscal Superiority to China

Fiscally, Japan as a society with a regime has tons of self-control that China does not have. Basically, I need to show you this by mapping how much economic liberty is in either region. Here are screen caps I took of the relevant maps.

Economic Liberty East Asia

Economic liberty in East Asia, taken from Fraser Institute. Closer to total blue means freer market, Closer to total red means more centrally planned market.

Prosperity East Asia

Average per-citizen prosperity in East Asia. Darker means richer average, lighter means poorer.

So basically from the maps I capped from above, I can tell you that the average Japanese citizen is $31,000 per year richer than the average Chinese citizen, respectively $39k annual compared to $8k annual. So basically Japan’s freer enterprise has lead it to richer average wealth per citizen, Japan having the 40th freest market on Earth and China having the 113th freest. And in that Fraser Index of 159, my country America is at 16th freest market with my immigrant ancestors’ homeland, Ireland, being 5th freest market, in case anyone’s wondering about those. And Ireland’s average Jill’s $63,000 annually makes her $6,000 richer on annual average than America’s. Go figure!

Unlike China, Japan prefers to Be Squeaky Clean

Prosperity is not the only warrant to be East Asian regional hegemony that Japan has that China does not. Japan’s drastically freer markets give it a much less corrupt government as well, as revealed to the world by Transparency International, an activist team who opposes Governmental Corruption more than anything else known.

Squeaky Clean Japan

Japan is closer to squeaky clean. China is closer to deeply corrupt.

In other words, Japan does not have the same severity of corruption issues that China does because freer enterprise for population means cleaner integrity for government.

Can Japan be the East Asian Regional Leader?

Yes, indeed it can! But every one of its honest friends, everyone in OECD and not just America for example, needs to help Japan out. For while China is 2nd toughest military on Earth, Japan is 7th toughest, thus every honest friend Japan has needs to assist it in becoming the new strongest military in East Asia. So far as I am concerned, we need to start by lowering China’s government regulation of market to basically nothing. Why? Because it is fully unwise to try to make this happen for Japan by military means. Instead, we need to look for every economic and diplomatic option for taking East Asian regional leading power away from China and giving it to Japan.

Thank you for reading, readers of mine!

~KSP Perkins


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