My Idea of Painting Easterlings; a Games Workshop related post.


Easterlings, the Men of Rhûn. Fictional humans from Lord of the Rings, these are.

Games Workshop’s LOTR Game and my favorite army in this game.

Okay, who are the Easterlings? And what is Games Workshop? Basically GW is a company that does tabletop miniatures for Turn Based Strategy board games. Specifically, TBS board games that are centered around one of three mythologies called Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, and Lord of the Rings. Basically I am someone who engages in the third of these as a player of one of the Forces of Darkness, a human force called the Easterlings.

To give you backdrop on who these humans are

Paraphrasing the Chris Smith LOTR book ‘Weapons and Warfare‘, and throwing in corrections of Smith’s narrative accordingly to Tolkien lore, the Easterlings are human beings who refused to join the Elves in migrating to a mystical land called Beleriand in the Far West during the First Age. Rather, these humans remained in the land named Rhûn and Rhômen in respectively Elvish and Valarin [in Middle-earth Valarin is the language of the Demigods and Angels, called the ‘Valar’ and ‘Maiar’ respectively]. Here in this land they established an empire run by Kings via grand cities which are packed with splendid temples. These humans were a proud people, with a purely militaristic caste system that set laws in place to keep the hierarchy from the bottom-up like this. Sapper, Infantryman, Horseman, Charioteer, Captain, War-priest, King.

After the First Age ended and the Second Age began, the Men of Rhômen came into contact with the Men of Nûmenôr, and thus mutually beneficial trade began. However, the corrupt king Ar-Pharazon started having many thousands of Easterling civilians enslaved for sacrifice to the Valar. The Valar very viciously objected to this by sinking Nûmenôr and the Easterlings were much more vicious in objecting. For when Sauron, the Dark Lord, came to the Easterlings and offered to allow them to massacre all the friends of Gondor they can find but first they have to pledge to servitude to him, the pledged instantly.

After the destruction of Sauron and Mordor, Aragorn the new king of Gondor decided to pardon the Easterlings provided they respect the Fourth Age ‘days of peace’. Some Easterling cities refused to, but those were subdued by the respectful Easterling cities with leadership by Aragorn and the 4th Age’s first Rohan King, Eomer.

Okay, I am going to cut off the back drop there.

How I am painting mine

I like my techniques to be much smarter than one layer for each area, but also simpler than the six-layer-per-area means Games Workshop markets as epic win. Basically my means is a three-layer process involving only three categories of Citadel Paint.

  1. Base
  2. Shade
  3. Dry

And what order I apply them in varies by area.

Armor Areas of the models

Now, based on the same book I pulled my backdrop from above, the Easterlings are covered with a multi-small-part suit of armor. Putting helmet, collar, breastplate, groin-guard, rerebraces, vambraces, cuisses and poleyns together from Bronze.

To simulate the Bronze, I decided on this method.

  1. Screaming Bell
  2. Agarax Earthshade
  3. Golden Griffon

Fabric Areas

Apparently the Easterlings wear their fabrics dyed red, indigo and black. Funny thing about the indigo I recently discovered that it’s a form of blue, not of purple, after buying a purple from each of the Base, Shade & Dry menus. Oops.

Anyhow, here’s for the red.

  1. Mephiston Red
  2. Astorath Red
  3. Carroburg Crimson

And for the indigo.

  1. Naggaroth Night
  2. Lucius Lilac
  3. Druchii Violet

Lastly the black.

  1. Abaddon Black
  2. Dawnstone
  3. Nuln Oil

Blades and Arrow-heads

It’s told in the Weapons and Warfare book that Easterlings’ blades are of Steel. So…

  1. Leadbelcher
  2. Nuln Oil
  3. Necron Compound

Wooden stuff

From the wooden plating on shields, to the shafts of pike, bow and arrow, I’m doing this:

  1. Rhinox Hide
  2. Verminlord Hide
  3. Agarax Earthshade


Now, this is going to be a tricky one! Basically I am relying almost only on Base paints for this one, putting in the eyes after step 2 of the armor bit.

  1. A step-1 color from ‘Fabric Areas’ for face veil
  2. Ratskin Flesh for skin
  3. Ceramite White for eyes’ mantles
    • Warpstone Glow, the only Layer Paint, for outer cores [irises]
    • Abaddon Black for inner cores [pupils]


This I am breaking into two lists. The hide painting list and the hair painting list.

  • Hide color = Wood painting means
  • Hair and Hoof color = Black Fabric painting pattern
  • Eye color = same as human riders


Yep, you read that right. I am going to take Khandish Charioteer models and stick a randomly selected Easterling infantry model into each chariot, in place of each Khandish guy. Rider and Mount will function respectively like Easterling Warrior, Captain or War Priest; and like Khandish chariot. But here’s how I am painting the mounts in the case of Chariots:

  • Horses = see ‘horses’ above
  • Chariot wheels = see ‘wooden stuff’ above
  • The bear-headed part the Easterling goes in = see ‘Fabrics’ above
  • Skull decor = see ‘Armor’ above
  • Chariot T-bar = see ‘Blades’ above


Just this last bit then we can be done talking Citadel Paints. For now.

  1. Agrellan Badland
  2. Agarax Earthshade
  3. Skrag Brown for the rim

Thanks for reading something from me that’s all about muh JRR Tolkien, all people!

~KSP Perkins


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