Congress has Six Bad choices for North Korea… and one Good choice.

North Korea Threat

North Korea reminding everyone of their latent plan to murder every civilian of South Korea, of Japan and of America.

Piece from Observer claims Congress’s options are Trump’s. And leaves out the only good one.

Okay, so the Congress needs to think through line through about what it decides to do about North Korea. Basically, North Korea’s homicidal behavior is the direct product of a pattern America has had of emboldening them by negotiating and compromising with them. You know how the Doves of my movement will tell you just make a trade and tourism deal with the Dictatorship and it will consider changing itself to another free society? Well, that’s bullf–k! If a free society negotiates and compromises with a dictatorship, then the free society just comes off to the dictatorship as a submissive wimp, and the dictatorship is going to try even harder to get the free society to self-destruct!

Case to make against diplomacy with North Korea

Frankly the reason North Korea now has nukes is because of our long history of encouraging their belligerence, as Elan Journo tells better than I can. Furthermore, another better person than me to go to about North Korea is Steve Simpson. Steve reminds us that Sony delaying the release of comedy movie The Interview is not the fault of Sony, but of our federal government. Specifically he calls out the presidency. However, I will say this again, here is how federal government action in any facet of humanity works in American civics. The Congress does its legislative process from Article Five of the US Constitution, then the president either agrees to the bill, or vetoes the bill.

Contrasting with South Korea, we learn that…

Anyway, let’s stay on topic: why diplomacy does not work with North Korea or any other dictatorship, especially not one that sponsors terrorism. Basically a Dictatorship will stop at nothing to constantly wage unprovoked war, sponsor terrorism, commit genocide, and institute slavery. You know why? Because the root cause of war, famine, bigotry, genocide, famine, poverty, terrorism, slavery and other barbarisms is Non-capitalism. Having a totalitarian state, instead of a minimal state, always creates famine, poverty, genocide, terrorism, slavery, and the obstruction of progress toward curing cancer. Meanwhile, if a nation is a minarchist free society, or at least a free society much closer to minarchism than to statism, then that nation thrives on peace, prosperity, innovation, volunteerism, charity, and the speeding of progress to curing cancer. This is not me spatting out inflammatory jibber jabber space dialect with long words, this is me basing an opinion on an empirical fact of humanity.

Take South Korea, for a relevant example of this difference.

  1. Evidence of South Korea sponsoring terrorism? Nope, that’s all North.
  2. Evidence of South Korea owning slaves? Nope, only it’s North-neighbor.
  3. Evidence of South Korea running Auschwitz style camps? NO! It’s all North K!

What should Congress do then?

Firstly, when it comes to regimes who threaten the American People as flagrantly often as North Korea does, Congress has the power to address them, not the Donald. And even then I would like to see Congress take actions against North Korea that require no American deaths. Specifically, economic actions that privatize every market in North Korea, unilaterally, that way we are collapsing their regime without spending American lives. But if that does not work, then we need to militarily destroy them with a goal of crushing their ability and desire to threaten genocide against Americans. And even so after the Kim Dynasty, as I call it, is erased, we need to leave behind 1 of every 10 surviving victors so that North Korea can become another South Korea by 2067. Now, I do not expect to be alive for that, but I do know that after defeating a despotic regime, it takes about 50 years normally for a minarchist regime to supplant it.

Thanks all!

~KSP Perkins


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