Who S.E. Cupp is and how she comes off to me as a fellow neolibertarian


I love every aspect of her intellect, the rambling below tells why.

I notice S.E. Cupp is legendary in the head

Who is she, though? Well, SE Cupp is basically a pundit who like me is also Non-religious, having a secular morality. Not only this her and I are both agnostic atheist, but whereas the proof she is one is she calls herself ‘open minded to theism’, the proof I am one is I don’t want to confirm any answers on the God question, but I think the presence of a God in reality is severely unlikely.

Okay, so that’s the religion stuff but of course you are here for the political compare and contrast.

Here is who she is… the first half of this.

Frankly, she is an atheistic center-right pundit, she calls herself a ‘Log Cabin Republican’, as to remind us she is one of those level-headed Republicans. So if we look at the LCR’s platform we can learn she is someone who believes, as they do, that more inclusivity means more progress for the advancement of individual liberty. Also, she is a California native who also has citizenship in Massachusetts, specifically Boston.

Now, what’s a ‘neolibertarian’ and what makes her easy to peg as perhaps being one?

Okay, so basically, as far as I can gather, neolibertarians are basically minarchists who make sense on geopolitics by rejecting antiwar activism and by endorsing both a strong military and a Jeffersonian, “Empire of Liberty” foreign policy. Cupp herself qualifies as one, to me, because of the following.

  1. Plugging her views as I know them from LCR and the Voter App, into this quiz, she comes up 80% Pro-Civil Liberty and 100% Pro-Fiscal Liberty, putting her in the libertarian zone of Nolan Chart. I myself come up 90% Pro-Civil Liberty and 90% Pro-Fiscal Liberty.
  2. She wrote this piece for a news magazine where she made the case for a strong military and a liberty-spreading foreign policy. As for me, I agree with her up until she mentions the “obligation” to spread democracy. I would dispute her openly on spreading democracy vs spreading minarchism and/or spreading capitalism on these grounds:
    • Democracy is just whatever kind of tyrant the foreign people want as long as the tyrant allows for multiparty elections
    • Capitalism is the economic doctrine of, and proven key to, self-ownership, and on par with it comes minarchism, the governing system where power is only in the hands of authority for authority to uphold individual liberty for all.

And the difference between spreading democracy versus spreading capitalism is not some tiny nitpick, by the way. It is the leading contrast between neolibertarians like Cupp and I vs actual neoconservatives.

Any other celebrity neolibertarians?

Yes, there are! Their names are [with what they are known for in brackets]:

  1. Larry Elder [talk radio pundit that focuses mainly, but not solely, on race relations and the need for fathers in family homes]
  2. Neal Boortz [talk radio pundit that focuses mainly, but not solely, on scrapping our entire current tax system and resetting from scratch with a 23% sales & imports tax that people making $12,000 or less annually don’t pay]
  3. David Draiman [Disturbed and Device groove metal singer who has political science degrees and is on record with views that align with fiscal conservatism and cultural liberalism, with domestic minarchism and an endorsement of Pro Israel bonafides on foreign policy]
  4. Gene Simmons [KISS classic rock guitarist who is on record for his ‘Liberty republican’ approach to voting based on principles]
  5. Tammy Bruce [another female, Pro-LGBT-rights, center-right secularist, one who I know far less about than I know about S.E. Cupp]
  6. Mark Humphrys [a Dublin, Ireland blogger whose official site gets something like a million visits every 8 years, as of like the year I was born which was 1994]
  7. Bruce Willis [an actor who allies to the GOP on economy and foreign policy but never on social issues or even on religion in politics]
  8. Arnold Schwarzenegger [another actor who ran for California governor, has similar views to Willis, and was well respected until the end of his governance]

Okay, I think I will stop here. And also, S.E. Cupp looks a lot like a goddess, but that’s not important. Thanks for the read, my readers!

~KSP Perkins


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