What I might do if I my efforts to grow the LP go nowhere by November 2017


I am at very high risk of needing to sell out the 2-party system. Which one should I try penetrating though?

I am unsure what direction I should go in to advance Liberty in America and around the world.

Okay so I see my efforts to grow the LP are having indisputably no payoff. I have friends including one from work who are all members of my ‘Cheshire Liberty Town Camp’, a Libertarian Party institution that has a grand total of… eight members. No-one is joining, even though I have raised large awareness of it, but this is not the only thing pushing me in the head to quit the Libertarian Party.

Why I want to quit the Libertarian Party.

Basically, it is a list of factors, meaning incentives, in chronological order. Allow me to list them like this.

  1. First on Facebook they censored the intellectually legendary Kevin Bjornson, 2nd in command of a caucus I am into called Libertarian Defense Caucus, from their Facebook wall.
  2. Before, during and after the above wrong; the LP stuck obsessively to the pile of mold I call Antiwar dot trash for foreign policy instead of truly reputable sources like RealClearWorld and RealClearDefense.
  3. Then in the 2016 election when they garnered their chance to destroy the 2-party system and political corruption in general by Austin Petersen… they did all they could to obstruct him, especially in Colorado.
  4. Once it was time for the ending of primary season, they nominated their worst option instead of their obvious best option who was truly Austin.
  5. Lastly, the nuking point for me was when that thing they call their Vice Chair went on Facebook and rigged a status update for everyone to see right on memorial day. A status update of him declaring all US troops to be mindless heartless murderers and having the audacity to compare them to the insolent DEA!

Where my Electoral Future lies…

I am not sure. All I know is I am quitting the Libertarian Party. Ideologically, there are no worries warranted regarding my principles and I. Frankly, until I pass away, I will still…

  1. Support free trade
  2. Support laissez-faire in general
  3. Want the entire American tax code repealed
    • and favor starting over from scratch with the FairTax
  4. Support gay marriage
  5. Equally oppose both abortion and the death penalty
  6. Oppose abstinence only and the War on Drugs
  7. Prefer individual choice over government regulation
  8. Advocate a foreign policy meshing Empire of Liberty with Capitalist Peace Theory
  9. Believe a free society only stays free by having an immensely powerful military
  10. Demand unconditional free expression for the sake of the flourishing of science and of atheism

However, I am going to find a party affiliation. I have massive problems with the idea of me trying to redirect either party to my ends, as follows.

Rights and Wrongs with going Republican


  1. In every 100 Republicans and 100 Democrats, there are 12 liberty Republicans and 6 freedom Democrats.
  2. America’s electoral map is an ocean of red with tiny Caribbean clones of blue.
  3. I have more values in common with the Republicans than with the Democrats, says iSideWith, 47% of Republican values compared to 27% of Democrat
  4. The Republican Liberty Caucus was founded on giving Pro-Military, Pro-Israel, Pro-Empire-of-Liberty libertarians like me a new electoral home.
  5. The GOP has plenty of fringe opinion clubs on social issues that I can gleefully get along well with.


  1. Donald Trump has proven himself to be someone I want nothing in common with, not even party affiliation.
  2. Some of the Republican Liberty Caucus lately is going, very remorsefully, to Non-interventionism, the foreign policy ideology that’s proven in practice to do nothing about the global growth of liberty except allow statism aka tyranny to push this growth backwards, globally.
  3. Perhaps the GOP tribalism might be tougher for me to push aside than is currently my electoral life in the LP.

And with going Democrat


  1. My politics were initially that of a John F. Kennedy style ‘freedom Democrat’, until I fled the Democrats to go be in the LP.
  2. I live in a state, Connecticut, where Democrats fare better normally than Republicans
  3. The Democrats have their own version of the RLC, called the Democrat Freedom Caucus.
  4. I was raised by a couple of strong Democrats but never was more loyal than ‘Independent lean Democrat’.


  1. The party since JFK times has been taken over by cultural marxist, self incriminated, flagrantly bullying swine.
  2. Democrats, after JFK, built a foreign policy record of retreat, defeat, surrender, appeasement, apology, Antiwar candidates, Non-interventionism, and of being respectful to Tyranny-states; all of which ~ again ~ do nothing about world advancement of liberty except for reverse it.
  3. Only 6% of Democrats fit the label ‘freedom Democrat’ and/or ‘JFK Democrat’.


I might just return to where my heart and mind are electorally… being registered to vote as an Unaffiliated Voter. Independents like I am at heart make up 70% of the liberty movement. Thanks all my readers!

~KSP Perkins


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