The Best Libertarian Demography Report On the Entire Internet!


What you pollin’!?

Thank you Reuters and Pew for the numbers I use for this report!

So refreshing to see that I am not alone in what I believe or in who I am! Basically, I am putting up polling data from Reuters Polling and from Pew Research Center for this. And my goal with this poll is to highlight how many people are in the liberty movement and also what the percentages mean when applied to the multi-digit numbers of people.

How many people in the liberty movement at present?

Basically using this widget and this report and this page, it is clear there are currently 81 million libertarians in America, including 42 million registered voters.

What are the beliefs in the liberty movement?

On this page, it’s heavily agreed among libertarians that there are very few services government can competently provide [66 million people inc {including} 34 million voters]. Plus, it’s heavily agreed that the 83% of American commoners who engage in charity are who is to do social safety net & not government [69 million folks inc 36 million voters].

I believe every businessman and every laborer should keep all the fruit of her work, making me one of 67 million folks inc 35 million voters.

We believe that LGBT people should be treated exactly as straight people are treated, or rather 58 million of us do, inc 30 million of those of us who vote.

I also say the best way for the EPA to help the environment is to return to its founding role of basing its rules on science facts and not on marxist theology. 64 million libertarians inc 33 million voters agree with me.

Also, 66 million of us inc 34 million voters, are right there with me in erring on the side of privacy whenever privacy and security conflict with each other.

Any controversies in liberty movement?

Yes, but almost all of them are foreign policy ones. First of these is how I am one of 39 million libertarians inc 20 million voters who believe, as JFK did, in Peace Through Strength, while 27 million inc 14 million voters who prefer Strength Through Peace. These are the same numbers for how many of us believe militarily demolishing the countries who are known to sponsor terrorism is the best way to defeat terrorism.

As for American activity in world affairs, my opinion is the less popular one. I’m one of 35 million inc 18 million voters who believe America is best off being active in global matters. 44 million of my fellow libertarians inc 23 million voters. And then when it comes to Blaming America First, I’m one of 38 million inc 20 million voters who accept it’s immoral to blame America ever. Disturbingly, 37 million inc 19 million of my own are America-haters who blame America for everything bad about the world around it.

Unilateralism vs Multilateralism is roughly as big a controversy in libertarian circles, 39 million inc 20 million voters prefer multilateralism. As for me I am one of the 36 million inc 19 million voters who prefer going unilateral.

Bizarrely to me, 45 million of my own inc 23 million voters value stability over freedom when it comes to the Greater Middle East. I thought we were a movement of individual freedom activists? I’m one of 28 million inc 14 million voters who value freedom over stability.

I may be in the minority on unilateralism but apparently I’m also one of 42 million libertarians inc 22 voters, the majority of libertarian, who oppose United Nations, thankfully!

Who libertarians are in America

47 million American men inc 21 million voters are libertarians, along with 47 million American women, 21 million of whom are voters. Two thirds male looks like it’s no longer true!

Of America’s 60 million millennials, 20 million inc 8 million voters are libertarians. Only 9% of old people are the same way.

50 million whites, 5 million Asians, 7 million blacks, 1 million Natives, and 13 million Hispanics make up the liberty movement.

As I am a New Englander, I think I am being fair by mentioning this. Out of us 15 million, there are 3 million libertarians, including me. As someone considering moving to a Floridian town called Sarasota, I see there’s 24 million libertarians in the Southeast region.

Electorally, libertarians are very largely Independent voters, for 39 million of us libertarians are Independents while 10 million and 6 million are Republicans and Democrats, respectively. Only half a million identify with the Libertarian Party, and 1.5 million go for other third parties besides the LP.

169 million libertarians are poor and, like me, working class while 32 million are Middle class and only 1 million rich people are libertarians. 42 million of us work full time jobs and I am one of the 7 million who are either part-time or, like in my case, casual-hours.

Now, on the only relevant part of the social or personal stuff to me! Religious differences! Why? Because I am the biggest defender of total religious liberty in all of atheism. Anyway, 24 million atheists, deists, and other Non-religious like me; inc 11 million voters; are basically libertarians; inc myself!

End of report

Thanks people for reading this!

~KSP Perkins


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