Why Diplomacy With Iran Will Only Make Them Worse To The American People


Azadi Tower, a monument in Iran, built in 1972.

America was dead on arrival for even considering diplomacy.

Okay, so I stumbled upon this piece of venomous appeasement addict trash. And I really must say, the article, even though I agree that imposing democracy is a provenly mistaken idea, is calling for an even worse answer to Iran. However, I am going to start off by getting the people reading this who don’t know about Iran’s bellicosity to Americans up to speed. Firstly, I am going to break down the history of Islamic Nationalism, starting with little difference there is between it and the German, Italian and Japanese nationalisms of World War Two.

Islamic Nationalists vs European Nationalists

Basically, the only difference between Islamic nationalism vs the nationalisms we fought against during WW2 is that while European and Japanese nationalisms are all racisms, Islamic nationalism is a school of thought among religious fanatics. Other than that, we basically see all the same behaviors inherent to all of nationalism. Reading up on the Laws of War for the sake of breaking them malevolently, running society to be a pile of absolute despotism, fear-mongering for the sake of reducing individual liberty, war-mongering for the sake of demolishing free enterprise, so forth.

How did America defeat European and Japanese Nationalisms in WW2?

Historically, America and other free societies like post-WW1 Britain, for example, have defeated the evils of nationalisms. But how? Frankly, diplomacy and negotiation was never the key to defeating these nationalist movements, all of which wanted to enslave the entire world to despotism. Instead, the solution for a free society to the problem of foreign dictatorships aspiring to force one kind of nationalism or another onto the world, was always war. Not a war of regime change, not a war of conquest, not a war for paternalism, not a war for democracy promotion, certainly not a Cold-War-style war of containment. Rather, a war of annihilation. Allow me to cite examples from history.

When Winston Churchill was the president of Britain, there was a time when he decided he would work bilaterally with America to send a crushing firestorm all over every urban piece of Nazi Germany. In February of 1945, Dresden and all other Nazi occupied big cities and most Nazi occupied small towns, were showered in massive firebombs because, according to Churchill, “The severe, the ruthless bombing of Germany on an ever-increasing scale will not only cripple her war effort… but will create conditions intolerable to the mass of the German population.”

Same action was taken bilaterally between America and the people who are now the Taiwanese, against Japanese nationalism. We worked with… I think I can just call them Taiwan… on totally destroying all big cities and most small towns under General Hideki Tojo’s control, the same way we worked with Britain on against the Nazis.

Okay, how then must America defeat Iran and why?

Firstly I am going to go into why.

Why? Iran wants to impose a sort of religious fanatic theocracy onto every part of the planet, including America. Hence why the enemy ideology we must call by its best known name: Islamic Nationalism. Basically Islamic Nationalists are a politically motivated subset of muslims who want to use arbitrary militarism and despotic imperialism to turn the entire planet into a religious fanatic ball of authoritarian statism. But Iran is not the only one; there is also Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Qatar. The only difference is this ‘team’, if you can even call them a team, sees Iran as wanting the ‘right’ goals in the name of the ‘wrong’ brand of Islamic Nationalism.

Time for how.

How? We basically need to do to Tehran and every Iranian big city what we did to every big city in Nazi Germany, to do so is within our right of self-defense, given Iran’s history of taking Americans hostage. Unarmed, physically and mentally peaceful American civilians who were only there for tourism, diplomacy and/or trade. However, I will not go into any deeper details than that as I do not want to make anything easy for these enemies to dance around. Any deeper detail I think is best kept secret between the United States military and its fellow free enterprise country militaries, frankly.

Closing Ramble

Okay, so now you know how I feel towards the issue of Iran’s bellicosity toward us. But I need to answer one more potential question before I sign off. “What do we do after victory against the enemy?” Well, my answer is also based directly on what we did to keep nationalisms defeated forever in Germany and Japan and Italy post-WW2. Leave a few thousand US troops behind, after drafting a constitution for each of these currently Islamic Nationalist regimes, after we defeat them. These constitutions need to be based directly on the principles and ideology of minarchism. Lastly, we will need to be overseeing these for about 50 years before they fully become free societies, just as was the case with Germany, Italy and Japan.

Thanks for reading this, my visitors!

~KSP Perkins


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