Why the Alt Right is Just As Evil as the SJW Left


Loving my country more than any other does not make me a nationalist. I despise any and all nationalisms. And the Alt Right is cancer because of its nationalism.

Here is my individual case AGAINST the Alternative Right

First off, who is the Alt Right? Basically, they are an identity politics bulls–t movement who thrives on fighting Leftism-induced hate… with just other hate. Basically, while the Social Justice Warrior left thrives on bigotry toward everyone who is straight, white, male and/or Christian, the Alt Right thrives on bigotry toward everyone who is not all four of these things. Trust me, this is the second most objective and neutral analysis you will find on the entire internet, only Austin Petersen’s analysis of the Alt Right is better than mine. But that’s just me, I will let you decide which of us two is doing a better job analyzing.

Exhibit A} The Alt Right is copy and paste SJWs when it comes to Fear Mongering

While the Social Justice left fear mongers as an excuse to walk back freedom of expression and freedom of religion, the Alt Right fear mongers as an excuse to walk back freedom of movement and laissez-faire economics. Like, let’s compare my reaction to the refugee crisis Europe is having with Syrian refugees to the Alt Right reaction. My reaction to the Syrian Refugee crisis in Europe at first was to suspect the crisis was sponsored by Saudi Arabia and its fellow fully Sharia based theocracies. But then when I realized I could not prove that, I changed my view on the issue to something like this.

  • The refugees were not vetted properly.

But what has not changed is my principle regarding immigration.

  • We need totally Open immigration with a vetting system that consists only of an English class and a Civics class.

But what about the Alt Right? Yeah, they fear mongered over it to support building walls along national borders, to oppose the individual right to freedom of movement, to support the vile trash that causes a callous disregard for individualism. Of course that trash is nationalism.

Exhibit B} All the Alt Right cares about is money and cults of personality

While there are no Democrats more engaged in confirmation bias and in putting party before principle than the Social Justice left, there’s also no Republicans more engaged in these behaviors than the Alternative Right. Frankly, I am much more of an Independent voter than anything else and even I can tell that the evidence for this is staggering.

For if you look at the controversy about Tomi Lahern’s flip flopping on abortion, that’s really the easiest way to pin this allegation of mine against the Alt Right as truth. She for example was only a few months before this flip flop claiming abortion clinics are murderers. Now, she’s going on lefty TV channels to declare Pro-life Righties hypocrites. Like, I don’t consider myself Lefty or Righty but rather ‘Center-Wing’ and even I can spot this as ultra hypocrisy!

Not only this, but also if you look at the kinds of shirts Roger Stone and Alex Jones and all that pile of anthrax we call InfoWars like to market, that alone is evidence that this Alt Right is a cancer on the political Right. Because, the Alt Right is not about being intellectually curious or intellectually honest.

Exhibit C} Populists vs Real People

They are basically just a species of malware called populists, dumbasses who get ahead by faking a ‘wisdom of the crowds’. Plus there are no Alt Righters who can even spell or speak like real people. Sample one is Tomi Lahern claiming she’s Pro-choice because she’s “A Constitutional{ist}”. There’s an ‘ist’ at the end of that label, you f–king moron by the name of Tomi Lahern. And also Alex Jones once went on a rant about ‘Glorious Skydom and the CIA Program’, meaning he is more of a comedy show than an actual person, to me. But once I clam down from my laughter at this empty headed animal, I’m like, “Skydom… that’s not a word”. These Alt Right people are clearly those who actively pursued D’s and F’s in senior year of high school. Meanwhile; Irish, atheist Center-Wing libertarian Independent voter me was all about Honor Roll all year my senior year!

You are not a conservative Republican, and certainly not a libertarian Independent like me; just for hating on progressive Democrats, or picking fights with the terrorist group Antifa, or for fear-mongering against the total freedom of movement! No, no and no! You need an intellectual underpinning in order to qualify into either one of the first two of the 2-word phrases, you need to boycott this cult of personality trash!

Closing Thoughts

These Alt Righters brag about having not read books, which I find disturbing. This is because I read all the printed nonfiction novels I can that are relevant to a free society’s need for a strong military and an alert foreign policy. But also, I actually go out of my way to fact check every claim relevant to science, religion or politics I see or hear using Wikipedia, just as I have done since my early teens when I was debunking creationism and debunking Abstinence Only propaganda. Thanks for reading;

~KSP Perkins


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