Preventively Answered Questions on my Bfme2 mod, “Empire of the East”


Empire of the East – see ‘Easterlings’ on Tolkien Gateway.

Yep, another update about my mod for the old RTS game Battle for Middle-earth 2.

What up!? Because with me I am someone who happens to be working on a mod for this real-time strategy game that I grew up with since 2006 when I was twelve. However, before I preventively answer questions that I can imagine people asking me, I must teach a brief history with my relations with this game.

Basically, where to begin, I ask myself? Hm, how about this! I first stumbled upon Battle for Middle-earth 2 as a real time strategy game with genuine Lord of the Rings licensing, both movie wise and book wise. Frankly, the advertising made it look to me like it was basically the Tolkien version of a Historical Fiction strategy battle video game that came out the same year with similar gameplay style in mind, “Medieval 2 Total War“. However, when I dug into it Bfme2 as its normal self, no mods, Bfme2 turned out nothing like it. Instead, I got a wishy washy Real Time Impulsivity game, as I call it’s gameplay style. Because firstly, why is it that I need to worry about 10 knights using swords to tear down a farm that’s made of solid iron in 7 seconds? Yeah, this was the number one frustration source for me, the insanely weak everything.

But then I came across many mods, my favorite so far being the Special Extended Edition, the playable version of which ATM is beta 4.5, being the platinum beauty of this time.

Time for the PAQ!

  1. Will this be a re-mod of Special Extended Edition beta 4.5?
    • Only if the SEE team allows me to make ‘Empire of the East’ a re-mod of this kind.
  2. Why the name ‘Empire of the East?’
    • Because my very first social media site joining was in 2008 to the social media site ‘Revora Forums’ under the username ‘Emperor of the East’, nine years later I finally figured out that’s the name to base my mod’s name on!
  3. Will there be a Rise of the Witch-King version of this mod?
    • For those who do not know, Rise of the Witch King is a Bfme2 expansion pack that tweaks a few things about Bfme2 to make it slightly better.
    • In answer to this question, if I am able to get Parallels with Windows 7 Ultimate onto my MacBook Pro before starting my online courses from Manchester Community College, then yes there will be a RotWK version.
  4. What will the factions be for this mod, linked to the Tolkien Gateway pages for the factions they’re based on?
  5. Any other factions besides the ten listed right above?
    • Nope
  6. Is ‘Empire of the East’ borrowing any visual aesthetics from the ‘The Hobbit’ movie trilogy on top of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy?
    • Yes
  7. What if you are not able to do new models or new textures as good as some longer-standing peer of yours at T3A?
    • I will ask the permission of whoever to recycle whatever and even promise to credit the exact modeler or texture-doer or whoever.
  8. When do you think you will release Empire of the East out to the world and where?
    • My 25th birthday which will be May 6th of 2019, and I will upload it to this very blog, under the ‘One Mythos to Rule them All’ folder, and link to it all over ModDB and all over T3A too.
    • As for whether this mod will have its own site within the ModDB site like longer-standing mods do, the answer is simply Yes.

That’s all for now

Thanks for the read!

~KSP Perkins


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