Changing my Mind on North Korea. Also, what is my political viewpoint, generally?

North Korea Threat

Screen capped from Council on Foreign Relations. This is some North Korean militarist parade.

So How and why did I change my mind?

Does anyone but me remember when I talked right here about why I see North Korea as a legit threat? Well, I went to listen to Cato Institute’s podcast on this issue, and the guy behind the podcast, some fellow smarty called Christopher Preble, did a good thing. What good thing did Mr. Preble do exactly? Well, I listened to the podcast and the very first thing he did was explain the difference between preempting and preventing.

Next, I checked up with RealClearDefense who showed me this lovely thing and thus I was convinced… Yaron Brook was right to claim war on North Korea to be a bad idea all along! Why did I not listen to him first time commenting on this issue? Also, let’s dig into where I stand on this issue and what I believe about foreign policy in general.

Getting North Korea out of the way: I am functionally identical to Dr. Brook on that issue, so go listen to his podcast linked to above via the word ‘claim’, thanks. So now I am going to talk broader political viewpoint.

Kyle S. Perkins’s own Political Viewpoint

Anyone who interprets me honestly and knows the value of doing so politely no matter how politically different from me… knows all my values are this. Frankly, I am an ultra atheist whose scientific religion – as opposed to organized religion – is the Doctrine of Free Will. To me, every principle that Free Will Doctrine stands for is one of individual liberty, which to me is two things in one.

  1. Absence of arbitrary commands and of despotic leadership
  2. Enjoyment of a cosmos of economic, civil and political self-ownership

The result of this is that every principle I tilt heavily in favor of is all about self ownership. Like this!

  • Free Expression; the right to express one’s opinions freely
  • Religious Liberty; the right to choose what religion to preach and practice under total self-ownership
  • Federalism; the build of government being an association of town halls that make most of the decisions, with minarchist level national capital interference
  • Minarchism; the build of government only having the power to protect individuals from violent crime and property crime
  • Capitalism; the economics of individual ownership of items and services, including individual decision of what to buy and/or sell; with prices being decided by a supply to demand ratio, profits being decided by how well individual serves population, and wages being decided by working individual’s work ethic
  • Due Process; the presuming of all suspects of being innocent until proven guilty by a forensic biology team of scientists
  • Equal Opportunity; the economics of all individuals having equally as much access to jobs at each and every jobs-related ‘start line’
  • Freedom of Choice; the right to choose one’s own lifestyle in terms of diet, fashion, career, contracts, housing style, education and even in health plans

How these principles apply to foreign policy

Frankly, I believe in a foreign policy that seeks a Planet Earth devoid of tyrannical regimes. That said, these are the foreign policy tenets I like and support.

  • Free Trade; the economic agenda of lowering foreign economies’ regulatory burdens to nothing and of cutting every nation’s tariff rates every year
  • Free Migration; the immigration and border policy of presetting travel, tourism and immigration to go unobstructed everywhere
  • Unilateralism; the foreign policy tenet of a nation preaching and practicing self-ownership, mainly over one’s planetary destiny
  • Volunteer militarism; a hybrid principle merging the desire for a strong military and a callous defense policy with the demand for all military involvement to be purely voluntary, meaning no drafts allowed
  • Preemption; the will to put war against a specific tyrannical regime off until there is undeniable evidence they are planning terrorism and/or genocide
    • NOT to be confused with ‘prevention’ which would be to stamp out a tyrannical regime despite having fake or no evidence of that kind of planning
  • Defense of Self & Others; the self-limit that says we should only go to war to directly defend ourselves or our honest friends who honestly love us
  • Empire of Liberty; the assertion that a free society has a duty to spread individual liberty across the world, in a mainly economic way that rarely uses warfare
  • American Exceptionalism; the assertion that while America is plagued with severely offensive flaws it is still the best country on the planet, and all other countries are much worse with far worse flaws
  • Pro-Israel Activism; the desire to keep Israel recognized as the only free society and closest place in the Greater Middle East to a minimal state, including the argument that Israel is the only one who shares North America’s and Europe’s loyalties to the doctrine of Free Will


Frankly, I can explain my principles piece by piece later, I will even do a post for each principle. However, I am going to close this one here. Thank you my readers!

~KSP Perkins


Is there anything Good about America?


One of my favorite national flags of real life.

Libertarian Case against the Blame America First band wagon

So! Many people readily go out of their way to paint America as a kind of real-world Satan. Now, I may be a total atheist but I say this metaphor is totally backwards, if anything the correct libertarian and moral metaphor about America in biblical terms I say is to paint America as a real-world Jesus. Why? Because nearly all America lovers, myself included, are very happy to accept that America has very severe flaws at present. And some of us, myself also included, are happy to tell you the US constitution was far from perfect.

However, there are absolutely no America haters that apply our side’s messaging method to their messages. Instead, every single America hater uses the very same overly emotional, eagerly ill-mannered messaging methods I first encountered in my middle school teen days of debunking Anti-atheism rhetoric. So America lovers are a mixed side of folks like me who speak wisely and are factual vs those who are what Cato Institute rightly condemns as ‘Patriotically Correct‘. While America haters consist purely of those who love to think interrupting, shushing, swearing for every 3rd word, and name calling are the tools of politely & classily winning debate. Now that all this is done factually, let me get to the titular topic.

So, what’s good about America?

Allow me to start with what’s actually wrong with America, meaning what is factual criticism of America, in a numbered list of questions.

  1. Why are there so very few politicians these days treating the Bill of Rights as totally unconditional?
  2. How come when a little kid sets up a lemonade stand he or she is at high risk of a super expensive fine?
  3. If giant medical and other corporations make billions per year how does that entitle them to government handouts?
  4. When exactly are we going to end that senseless and purely good-for-nothing war on drugs?
  5. None of the burglars that steal my hard earned money with things like income tax, payroll tax, and others did anything to deserve it so why is the FairTax Act of 2017 not signed into law yet?
  6. How exactly am I the only American that’s arrived at the conclusion that Pro-Comprehensive-Sex-Ed and Pro-Life-on-abortion are mutually dependent on each other?

But please do grant me permission to stop there. Now, allow me to go into actually answering the titular question. Ya know, finally.

Being Asked the title Question one last time

Again, I feel like doing this as a numbered list.

  1. World’s largest economy, even by excluding government activity from the numbers!
  2. World leader in Nobel Prizes in general.
  3. World leader in Nobel Science Prizes.
  4. World leader in Science Documents.
  5. World leader in University Integrity.
  6. NASA, NOAA, DOD and their American free market counterparts share the ‘world leader’ status in Space Exploration.
  7. First free society and minimal state to be recognized as its own country.
  8. Favorite nation on the planet to be an immigrant in.
  9. Leading nation in the defeat of Nazism.
  10. First country in human history to ever quit slavery.
  11. First country in human history to ever sign up for legal equality.
  12. First country in human history to ever choose equal opportunity over equal outcome.
  13. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 20 freest market and freest enterprise economies.
  14. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 10 most permissive societies regarding lifestyle liberty.
  15. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 30 most respectful countries to both individual freedom and minimal state.
  16. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 30 freest trade countries ever.
  17. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 20 most loyal countries to the Rule of Law.
  18. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 20 least corrupt governments per national level.
  19. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 30 hardest national governments to bribe.
  20. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 20 most supportive countries of Property Rights, the favorite human right of most fellow libertarians to emphasize.
  21. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 20 most transparent governments nationally.
  22. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 10 easiest nations to open an all-new small business in.
  23. Ultimate most eager nation of any Western World country to promote private charity.
  24. One of the top ten richest middle classes on the planet.

Welp, thanks everyone for reading!

~KSP Perkins

That Newest North Korean Nuclear Missile Controversy Though…


Kim Jong Un, pre-teen boy with nuke-headed ocean-crossing missiles. And an army of impulses posing as a brain.

The Kim Dynasty poses a real problem for the American People, especially as of ultra-recently.

He ho hum. Well, I never thought I would have to address this issue in the following big terms. However, I feel I must make a small little hill of disclaimers before I legit dig into this titular topic.

Basically I am someone who is registered to vote as a Libertarian Partier for reasons that are frankly known in LP circles as minarchist reasons. Espousing minarchism as I do means that I believe there are only two services for national government to provide, those are diplomats and military. Plus, on the local level which for me just means big cities and small towns, this means courts, jails, and the emergency services. Otherwise, I want other publicly marketed services to be provided by small businesses and by NGOs of philanthropy.

Now that this is out of the way, I am going to have to come out on a position that I know will dismay many if not most of my fellow LP minarchists.

Where I stand on this issue

To me, I will begin my assertion by lecturing you, readers, about the history of North Korea and its bellicosity against America’s civilian population. Elan Journo, though he’s an objectivist and thus does not identify with Libertarian Party activism, nails a pattern down better than even I ever could! Journo frankly has broken it down starting in a year I think is quite fitting for who was in charge of North Korea in which time. Yeah, go read his article linked there! After you do, here is what I say.

Okay, so here is where I stand on the issue. Frankly I am convinced through and through on the idea that the time to attack North Korea was during the Kim Jong Il reign. This means I would rule the time to attack North Korea as having been sometime between 1994 and 2011. If I was being peer pressured to annoyance levels for an exact year, I would say 2002 was the year to destroy the Kim Dynasty of The North. Basically this is because in that year, based on what Journo published to the internet, North Korea was threatening a second time to murder every American civilian in the world. First time NK was threatening genocide against Americans and trying to build a means of doing so was in 1993. We gave them what should have been their absolute only chance to earn mutual respect between America and both Koreas.

Okay, sounds factual… but why this view?

In essence I take this opinion into heart, mind, and if souls are internal organs than soul; because of an ethic for dealing with bullies, con-men, and others I learned from family. I’ve been raised to name this ethic the Two Strike Rule, as opposed to the Three Strike Rule from baseball it is named and modeled on. Which means, in this topic, Strike One was in 1993 when North Korea was boycotting an anti-nukes treaty in their desire to murder everyone who rejected the dumbass cult of Karl Marx. Then, one year later, North Korea signed a pact to change its mind about this barbarity. But yet again in 1998 there they were blowing up missiles a mile above Japan and merely four years after that, threatening to kill all Japanese and Americans in both nations [Japan and America that is].

Annihilation of North Korean regime should have been our 2002 reply to this 2002 threat of theirs against We The People and against the good people of digital age Japan.


Point being… we should have acted in 2002 instead of letting it get to this point, where Kim Jong Fool is bragging about having synced a nuclear warhead to an ocean crossing missile. But let me throw around Disclaimers about what I am calling for before I go. I am not calling for any kind of Democracy Promotion quagmire as was our solution to the small problem of Taliban-era Afghanistan and the fake problem of Saddam-era Iraq. What I’m truly calling for is swift and complete purging of all North Korean soldiers, politicians, buildings, vehicles, edibles, and anything else that’s not human civilians, within a 2 year or shorter, preferably much shorter, timezone.

And one more thing… we have the great misfortune of having a straw-headed clementine who has no idea what the necessity is of just doing the above to North Korea without saying anything about it beforehand to anyone or in front of anyone. Oh yeah, you know that’s me closing this post with a strategic and tactical slam against Donald Trump’s very high impulsivity level. If you ask me if this is one of those reasons someone else should have been 45th American President, I’ll answer it should have been Austin Petersen. Even Austin has admitted that a militant rollback might be needed against the insanity that is North Korea.

That’s it, I am done! Thanks for reading.

~KSP Perkins