That Newest North Korean Nuclear Missile Controversy Though…


Kim Jong Un, pre-teen boy with nuke-headed ocean-crossing missiles. And an army of impulses posing as a brain.

The Kim Dynasty poses a real problem for the American People, especially as of ultra-recently.

He ho hum. Well, I never thought I would have to address this issue in the following big terms. However, I feel I must make a small little hill of disclaimers before I legit dig into this titular topic.

Basically I am someone who is registered to vote as a Libertarian Partier for reasons that are frankly known in LP circles as minarchist reasons. Espousing minarchism as I do means that I believe there are only two services for national government to provide, those are diplomats and military. Plus, on the local level which for me just means big cities and small towns, this means courts, jails, and the emergency services. Otherwise, I want other publicly marketed services to be provided by small businesses and by NGOs of philanthropy.

Now that this is out of the way, I am going to have to come out on a position that I know will dismay many if not most of my fellow LP minarchists.

Where I stand on this issue

To me, I will begin my assertion by lecturing you, readers, about the history of North Korea and its bellicosity against America’s civilian population. Elan Journo, though he’s an objectivist and thus does not identify with Libertarian Party activism, nails a pattern down better than even I ever could! Journo frankly has broken it down starting in a year I think is quite fitting for who was in charge of North Korea in which time. Yeah, go read his article linked there! After you do, here is what I say.

Okay, so here is where I stand on the issue. Frankly I am convinced through and through on the idea that the time to attack North Korea was during the Kim Jong Il reign. This means I would rule the time to attack North Korea as having been sometime between 1994 and 2011. If I was being peer pressured to annoyance levels for an exact year, I would say 2002 was the year to destroy the Kim Dynasty of The North. Basically this is because in that year, based on what Journo published to the internet, North Korea was threatening a second time to murder every American civilian in the world. First time NK was threatening genocide against Americans and trying to build a means of doing so was in 1993. We gave them what should have been their absolute only chance to earn mutual respect between America and both Koreas.

Okay, sounds factual… but why this view?

In essence I take this opinion into heart, mind, and if souls are internal organs than soul; because of an ethic for dealing with bullies, con-men, and others I learned from family. I’ve been raised to name this ethic the Two Strike Rule, as opposed to the Three Strike Rule from baseball it is named and modeled on. Which means, in this topic, Strike One was in 1993 when North Korea was boycotting an anti-nukes treaty in their desire to murder everyone who rejected the dumbass cult of Karl Marx. Then, one year later, North Korea signed a pact to change its mind about this barbarity. But yet again in 1998 there they were blowing up missiles a mile above Japan and merely four years after that, threatening to kill all Japanese and Americans in both nations [Japan and America that is].

Annihilation of North Korean regime should have been our 2002 reply to this 2002 threat of theirs against We The People and against the good people of digital age Japan.


Point being… we should have acted in 2002 instead of letting it get to this point, where Kim Jong Fool is bragging about having synced a nuclear warhead to an ocean crossing missile. But let me throw around Disclaimers about what I am calling for before I go. I am not calling for any kind of Democracy Promotion quagmire as was our solution to the small problem of Taliban-era Afghanistan and the fake problem of Saddam-era Iraq. What I’m truly calling for is swift and complete purging of all North Korean soldiers, politicians, buildings, vehicles, edibles, and anything else that’s not human civilians, within a 2 year or shorter, preferably much shorter, timezone.

And one more thing… we have the great misfortune of having a straw-headed clementine who has no idea what the necessity is of just doing the above to North Korea without saying anything about it beforehand to anyone or in front of anyone. Oh yeah, you know that’s me closing this post with a strategic and tactical slam against Donald Trump’s very high impulsivity level. If you ask me if this is one of those reasons someone else should have been 45th American President, I’ll answer it should have been Austin Petersen. Even Austin has admitted that a militant rollback might be needed against the insanity that is North Korea.

That’s it, I am done! Thanks for reading.

~KSP Perkins


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