Is there anything Good about America?


One of my favorite national flags of real life.

Libertarian Case against the Blame America First band wagon

So! Many people readily go out of their way to paint America as a kind of real-world Satan. Now, I may be a total atheist but I say this metaphor is totally backwards, if anything the correct libertarian and moral metaphor about America in biblical terms I say is to paint America as a real-world Jesus. Why? Because nearly all America lovers, myself included, are very happy to accept that America has very severe flaws at present. And some of us, myself also included, are happy to tell you the US constitution was far from perfect.

However, there are absolutely no America haters that apply our side’s messaging method to their messages. Instead, every single America hater uses the very same overly emotional, eagerly ill-mannered messaging methods I first encountered in my middle school teen days of debunking Anti-atheism rhetoric. So America lovers are a mixed side of folks like me who speak wisely and are factual vs those who are what Cato Institute rightly condemns as ‘Patriotically Correct‘. While America haters consist purely of those who love to think interrupting, shushing, swearing for every 3rd word, and name calling are the tools of politely & classily winning debate. Now that all this is done factually, let me get to the titular topic.

So, what’s good about America?

Allow me to start with what’s actually wrong with America, meaning what is factual criticism of America, in a numbered list of questions.

  1. Why are there so very few politicians these days treating the Bill of Rights as totally unconditional?
  2. How come when a little kid sets up a lemonade stand he or she is at high risk of a super expensive fine?
  3. If giant medical and other corporations make billions per year how does that entitle them to government handouts?
  4. When exactly are we going to end that senseless and purely good-for-nothing war on drugs?
  5. None of the burglars that steal my hard earned money with things like income tax, payroll tax, and others did anything to deserve it so why is the FairTax Act of 2017 not signed into law yet?
  6. How exactly am I the only American that’s arrived at the conclusion that Pro-Comprehensive-Sex-Ed and Pro-Life-on-abortion are mutually dependent on each other?

But please do grant me permission to stop there. Now, allow me to go into actually answering the titular question. Ya know, finally.

Being Asked the title Question one last time

Again, I feel like doing this as a numbered list.

  1. World’s largest economy, even by excluding government activity from the numbers!
  2. World leader in Nobel Prizes in general.
  3. World leader in Nobel Science Prizes.
  4. World leader in Science Documents.
  5. World leader in University Integrity.
  6. NASA, NOAA, DOD and their American free market counterparts share the ‘world leader’ status in Space Exploration.
  7. First free society and minimal state to be recognized as its own country.
  8. Favorite nation on the planet to be an immigrant in.
  9. Leading nation in the defeat of Nazism.
  10. First country in human history to ever quit slavery.
  11. First country in human history to ever sign up for legal equality.
  12. First country in human history to ever choose equal opportunity over equal outcome.
  13. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 20 freest market and freest enterprise economies.
  14. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 10 most permissive societies regarding lifestyle liberty.
  15. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 30 most respectful countries to both individual freedom and minimal state.
  16. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 30 freest trade countries ever.
  17. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 20 most loyal countries to the Rule of Law.
  18. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 20 least corrupt governments per national level.
  19. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 30 hardest national governments to bribe.
  20. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 20 most supportive countries of Property Rights, the favorite human right of most fellow libertarians to emphasize.
  21. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 20 most transparent governments nationally.
  22. Still to this day one of Earth’s top 10 easiest nations to open an all-new small business in.
  23. Ultimate most eager nation of any Western World country to promote private charity.
  24. One of the top ten richest middle classes on the planet.

Welp, thanks everyone for reading!

~KSP Perkins


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