Changing my Mind on North Korea. Also, what is my political viewpoint, generally?

North Korea Threat

Screen capped from Council on Foreign Relations. This is some North Korean militarist parade.

So How and why did I change my mind?

Does anyone but me remember when I talked right here about why I see North Korea as a legit threat? Well, I went to listen to Cato Institute’s podcast on this issue, and the guy behind the podcast, some fellow smarty called Christopher Preble, did a good thing. What good thing did Mr. Preble do exactly? Well, I listened to the podcast and the very first thing he did was explain the difference between preempting and preventing.

Next, I checked up with RealClearDefense who showed me this lovely thing and thus I was convinced… Yaron Brook was right to claim war on North Korea to be a bad idea all along! Why did I not listen to him first time commenting on this issue? Also, let’s dig into where I stand on this issue and what I believe about foreign policy in general.

Getting North Korea out of the way: I am functionally identical to Dr. Brook on that issue, so go listen to his podcast linked to above via the word ‘claim’, thanks. So now I am going to talk broader political viewpoint.

Kyle S. Perkins’s own Political Viewpoint

Anyone who interprets me honestly and knows the value of doing so politely no matter how politically different from me… knows all my values are this. Frankly, I am an ultra atheist whose scientific religion – as opposed to organized religion – is the Doctrine of Free Will. To me, every principle that Free Will Doctrine stands for is one of individual liberty, which to me is two things in one.

  1. Absence of arbitrary commands and of despotic leadership
  2. Enjoyment of a cosmos of economic, civil and political self-ownership

The result of this is that every principle I tilt heavily in favor of is all about self ownership. Like this!

  • Free Expression; the right to express one’s opinions freely
  • Religious Liberty; the right to choose what religion to preach and practice under total self-ownership
  • Federalism; the build of government being an association of town halls that make most of the decisions, with minarchist level national capital interference
  • Minarchism; the build of government only having the power to protect individuals from violent crime and property crime
  • Capitalism; the economics of individual ownership of items and services, including individual decision of what to buy and/or sell; with prices being decided by a supply to demand ratio, profits being decided by how well individual serves population, and wages being decided by working individual’s work ethic
  • Due Process; the presuming of all suspects of being innocent until proven guilty by a forensic biology team of scientists
  • Equal Opportunity; the economics of all individuals having equally as much access to jobs at each and every jobs-related ‘start line’
  • Freedom of Choice; the right to choose one’s own lifestyle in terms of diet, fashion, career, contracts, housing style, education and even in health plans

How these principles apply to foreign policy

Frankly, I believe in a foreign policy that seeks a Planet Earth devoid of tyrannical regimes. That said, these are the foreign policy tenets I like and support.

  • Free Trade; the economic agenda of lowering foreign economies’ regulatory burdens to nothing and of cutting every nation’s tariff rates every year
  • Free Migration; the immigration and border policy of presetting travel, tourism and immigration to go unobstructed everywhere
  • Unilateralism; the foreign policy tenet of a nation preaching and practicing self-ownership, mainly over one’s planetary destiny
  • Volunteer militarism; a hybrid principle merging the desire for a strong military and a callous defense policy with the demand for all military involvement to be purely voluntary, meaning no drafts allowed
  • Preemption; the will to put war against a specific tyrannical regime off until there is undeniable evidence they are planning terrorism and/or genocide
    • NOT to be confused with ‘prevention’ which would be to stamp out a tyrannical regime despite having fake or no evidence of that kind of planning
  • Defense of Self & Others; the self-limit that says we should only go to war to directly defend ourselves or our honest friends who honestly love us
  • Empire of Liberty; the assertion that a free society has a duty to spread individual liberty across the world, in a mainly economic way that rarely uses warfare
  • American Exceptionalism; the assertion that while America is plagued with severely offensive flaws it is still the best country on the planet, and all other countries are much worse with far worse flaws
  • Pro-Israel Activism; the desire to keep Israel recognized as the only free society and closest place in the Greater Middle East to a minimal state, including the argument that Israel is the only one who shares North America’s and Europe’s loyalties to the doctrine of Free Will


Frankly, I can explain my principles piece by piece later, I will even do a post for each principle. However, I am going to close this one here. Thank you my readers!

~KSP Perkins


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