What my Vidme will be about and how I will get YouTube users jumping on it


So…. I will be playing bfme mods or will it be more than this?

So I figured I would make a Public Service Announcement….

Well, not really a public service announcement. Instead this is just me filling you all in on what the shows will be on my Vid.me and what kind of organized schedule to expect. However, do not expect me to be random and lazy… at least not anymore. Frankly I am looking to contribute one show per category to my channel, found here.

What the shows are called, and their purposes

Okay, so I have a plan for a lot of shows that I hope to be able to spend all day every Sunday making happen. So here is the Concise version of the list. Precise version will be its own independent page and not a post like this. Anyway, here is the list of shows I plan to make a new video for every Sunday.

  1. Battle for Middle-Derp
    • Basically this is me playing around with the Battle for Middle-earth 2 mods I know as RJ Mod, Edain Mod, Special Extended Edition, HD Edition, and of course the best one ever Age of the Ring. As my Gaming show, this is where and when you see me playing this mod, talking over it, and giving myself challenges that maybe even the people who made these mods might find crafty.
  2. Free Society Defense
    • Like it or not this is my Politics show. I look at articles from a host of a news outlets I have bookmarked in my MacBook Pro’s Chrome folder “You Are Real News”. Frankly what I do here is I pull together a bunch of news outlets, from all over the left-right spectrum, all of which are reported high or very high in their Factual reporting, and I give my own ‘two cents’ on the topic. All on the basis of five principles laid out by Dale Franks long before social media sites was even a phenomenon:
      1. Lifestyle Liberty
      2. Minimal State
      3. Free Markets
      4. Empire of Liberty
      5. Strategic Defense
  3. Militant Evolutionist
    • Zoology and paleontology. Not the two sciences I see many with any appreciation for these days. But fear not for this is the show for just those things and for addressing organized religion’s claims about these and about morality. Again, like all of my shows this too will be every Sunday. Making this my Brainfood show.
  4. Cloth And Cook
    • Due to the fact that Vid.me seems unable to split fashion apart from cooking, I decided to ram the two of them into one kind of show to be put in the Lifestyle category. Not only is this where every attempt by me at Cosplaying characters of Lord of the Rings and Silmarillion will go. It is also where every video I make about some absurd – but delicious – recipe of mine will go too.
  5. So I Wanna Draw
    • I have always had an aptitude for making fan art and concept art. Well, after a history of watching the design galleries from the LOTR special cut DVDs with the commentaries by the artists, I finally based an idea on that. This ‘idea’ is this show, where the visual is just a drawing I did and I explain basically the meaning of the drawing and where I did it, when, and if I was waiting for something when I did it.
  6. What I Learned Today From Movies
    • Actually, this one will be more like a review show of movies and TV shows than anything else. I am going to start with reviewing movies and TV I have seen within the past 17 years of life to the best of my memory just to build this show a following. Then, I will make sure that I am up to date with what I am reviewing. In other words, this is in fact the Movies and TV category show of mine.
  7. Rock And Roll McStoddard
    • Eh, this is not my food show, I already told you which one is food show. Instead this is my Music show, where I talk about my penchant for groove metal and my opinions on the albums and songs and bands of it I have listened too between 2006 – my year of hitting puberty – and now.

And I think that is all the categories I can really contribute too! Thank you all for reading this very brief content creation forecast!

~Kyle S. Perkins


Social Justice Warriors are the new Young Earth Creationists!


“Jesus rode an Allosaurus to Texas” when I was a high school teen is like “All women inherently make less than all men inherently make” today!

After a long time of Social Justice Marxists reminding me of Young Earth Creationists……..

YES! I have arrived at the best conclusion I have ever arrived at ever! Frankly, I am going to be blunt with the entire planet. Although, I must make clarifications before we begin. I have no desire to judge fellow humans on anything but an individual, human-by-human basis. Okay, so here is the conclusion: Social Justice Marxism is the new Young Earth Creationism! Meanwhile, John Locke libertarianism of the 1689 AD British Isles is now the Charles Darwin evolutionism of the 19th Century AD Western Hemisphere! Allow me to draw various easily proven parallels!

The Big Parallels!

Okay, so first we have to break down the most obvious ones and go into less and less notorious behavioral common grounds from there. Firstly, I did some Google image searching about a Young Earth Creationist named “Kent Hovind”.

However, I gotta let you know who the hell that is first! So basically Kent Hovind is this idiot preacher weirdo who I was always happy to laugh at the preachy absurdity of. But what did he do to get my mocking laughter at him during my early high school teen years of life? He basically made absurd claims like Jackson Chameleons would become Triceratopses in a little under a decade if Evolutionary Biology is truth.

Additionally, this clown would also write books demanding long-dead biological scientists to be ruthlessly censored. I have proof:

censorship activism by Hovind

do NOT download this crazy trash! This pic is only here for the Fair Use purpose called Review!

How are these parallels?

Hm…. lovely question! Because the presently happening equivalents to this are omnipresent with the Social Justice Marxists rejecting biology altogether! The executives of Google for example decided to fire this gentleman named James Damore for authoring this document. But he had a very diverse team – both racially and sexually – of coworkers supervising him to ensure he did not jam in anything mirroring Kent Hovind model stupidity, as far as I can gather factually.

But these executives still decided not just to fire him, but also to try to manipulate the National Labor Relations Board to just let them as executives get away with what comes off to me as extortion.

However, if you wanna make me a case for why it is not, then I will happily pay attention to what you have to say to me if you hit the $1.75/month subscription button at the end! That way I will have justification to actually read and address comments in the comment box from everyone, not just intellectual mentors of mine that I want input from.

Enough of that! Now that I have drawn some parallels and explained what the Social Justice Marxists remind me of from my past life of legally a minor, I can take pride in this conclusion I have drawn in a little under 600 words.

Social Justice Marxists are the new Young Earth Creationists!

Thanks for the read!

~KSP Perkins

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