Star Wars Fan Base gets screwed over by EA Games, Fake News MSM defends perp!


This is the game with the controversy I am now posting about!

EA Games rips off Star Wars fans and it does not get replied to well.

So… I must admit I am not a big Star Wars person before we begin. Rather, I am someone who likes the movies Empire Strikes Back and Force Awakens, and likes the mysterious bounty hunter character of Boba Fett more. However, tonight I cannot resist blogging about some Star Wars related lunacy my brother filled me in on with regards to Reddit.

The Phantom Happening

Apparently it all began with EA Games programming their Battlefront 2 game to not allow players to play as a main character unless they spend more money on the game on top of the base price of the game. In this case, classic trilogy villain Darth Vader was the main character that EA looked to charge extra money for.

Organically, the Star Wars fan base was enraged, and rightly so in my eyes! For if EA Games really wanted to impress, they would release the game fully complete for base price and not make anyone pay extra for any parts of the game! Initially, the plan among fans was to get Disney contacted about it, the logic being that if Disney who in Star Wars video game production is EA Games’ boss, loses revenue over EA Games’ sleazy practices, then EA Games will get into lots of legal trouble with Disney.

Attack of the Fools

Then, all hell broke loose in the form of various assorted dumbasses making death threats against EA Games. Next part of my story is, like it or not, the crux of it.

Revenge of the Conmen

Finally, and very appallingly, the nerd community got so far its worst-delivered lesson in the fact that we have not a freedom of press but rather a press that is way to corrupt to belong anywhere near any Western World country. Specifically what happened next was the mainstream media reported that the entire Star Wars fan base was making these death threats, even though it was only a tiny fringe of idiots making threats. And thus we know EA Games is going to be hailed by Predators masquerading as Journalists for its deeply corrupt practices. So now, the entire nerd community is part of the 92% of Americans who refuse to trust the MSM.

Closing notes

So, I guess I decided I would comment on this topic the best way I know how. Thanks everyone for reading, and I’d truly appreciate you tipping me below!

~Kyle S. Perkins


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