About Me

Hello! I am basically trying to get away from the whole ‘libertarian defense atheist‘ label, mainly as I aspire to blog about a robust diversity of topics.

But anyway, welcome to this website! Here you have landed on the page about the owner, which is basically… me! And now, I am going to give you the fact file for me. The political facts about me are in two other pages. This page and this page. These are all of the Non-political facts about me.

Real Full Name

Kyle Stoddard Perkins

Real Nickname


Chosen Display Name for Works I publish

KSP Perkins

Town of Birth

Derby, Connecticut

Town of Life

Cheshire, Connecticut

Date of Birth

Sixth day of the month of May, One thousand Nine hundred Ninety Four

Religious Views Label

Non-affiliated Agnostic Atheist

Religious Views Meaning

Basically, I am a secular humanist in terms of what morality I espouse, and in terms of what I believe about Allah, or Yahweh, or Zeus, or about deities in general, I do not want to claim to know the answer to whether they are real people, but I suspect the correct answer is No. Regarding all the deities.

Current Employment (summary)

Regathering my local grocery market’s shopping carts for it outdoors at weekly average of 18 or 19 hours per week. What I make per hour is not for anyone but myself and my department manager to revisit discussion of every 6 months (NOT you, politicians).

Current Employment (name)

Service Clerk for local classy grocery market

Future Employment (perhaps in my 30’s)

Learning and Teaching facts on the ground about dinosaurs and about prehistoric animals in general. In other words, I aspire to be a paleontologist.

Favorite Books

  1. JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings
  2. JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit
  3. JRR Tolkien’s The Silmarillion
  4. Stephen King’s The Green Mile
  5. Stephen King’s The Shaw Shank Redemption
  6. John David Lewis’s Nothing Less Than Victory
  7. Elan Journo’s Winning the Unwinnable War
  8. Victor Davis Hanson’s The Soul of Battle

Favorite Films

  1. Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  2. Irvin Kershner’s Star Wars classic trilogy (even though Irvin only developed the second one of those three SW films)
  3. Stephen Spielburg’s Jurassic Park trilogy (yes, the whole trilogy)
  4. Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained
  5. Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds
  6. Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd
  7. Jasper James’s Chased By Sea Monsters
  8. Jasper James’s Walking with Dinosaurs (the 1999 nonfiction flick, NOT the 2013 fantasy film)
  9. Jasper James’s Walking with Monsters (the 2005 flick about the Paleozoic era)
  10. Jay Roach’s Austin Powers trilogy (again, all three flicks of it)

Favorite “TV” Sagas (in quotes as no-one uses TV anymore per se)

  1. Deadliest Warrior (mainly seasons 2 and 3)
  2. South Park
  3. Family Guy
  4. American Dad
  5. Modern Marvels
  6. How the Earth Was Made
  7. The Universe
  8. The Future Is Wild (ok, this one is more like a movie, but whatever)

Favorite Internet Sagas

  1. The Freedom Report
  2. Ruud Devil’s gaming videos
  3. Angry Joe Show
  4. Film Master Reviews
  5. Epic Film Fail
  6. Angry Video Game Nerd
  7. Nostalgia Critic
  8. Epic Rap Battles of History

Favorite Video Games

  1. Medieval 2 Total War
  2. Civilization 5
  3. Battle for Middle-earth 2 (far more my favorite to play around with mods for)
  4. Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion
  5. Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim
  6. Mine Craft
  7. The entire Halo trilogy (yeah, only the first 3 games)
  8. Grand Theft Auto 4
  9. GTA Vice City

Hobbies of mine (that do Not require batteries)

  1. Drawing concept art
  2. Authoring stories
  3. Developing mythical characters
  4. Learning new facts about my interests
  5. Recording my thoughts in a journal by hand
  6. Riding my mountain bike to parts of Southington
  7. Riding my mountain bike to parts of Wallingford
  8. Grilling outdoors
  9. Remodeling official LEGO figures into custom LEGO figures
  10. Home making my own sodas
  11. Trying out new stouts
  12. Trying out new brandies
  13. Trying out new meats
  14. Speaking playfully & innocently to the ladies I think are gorgeous to make them laugh

Favorite Season

Hot Season (Summer + Spring).

  • Yeah, I only acknowledge two seasons, hot and cold.

Pets I Want

A simple family of true toads (scientifically called ‘bufonids’) in a scratch built basswood house in a fish tank

Pets I Have

Three very superb dogs; two Shetland Sheepdogs, one Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Lucky Number

Four, because of an entire cosmos worth of simple reasons

Nothing else worth mentioning here.

~KSP Perkins



  1. Hi there. I just discovered your blog today and it’s great to meet a fellow neolibertarian. Please let me know if you’d be interested in contacting other like-minded individuals.

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