Buy my posts as essays!


“We did not know about this ‘online market’ thing until just now, Mr. Washington!”

Yes, you read that properly. I will now start selling physical copies of the posts I do here.

Have you ever wanted physical copies of my essays? Frankly, I think you will admire my hand writing. However, that’s not the only reason you want to be buying my posts as MLA formatted essays. The main reason you guys want to buy is because MLA essays tend to be more professional, and better formatted, than event the most classily formatted of blogs. I won’t link to any insight about what the format is for these reasons.

  1. I don’t want anyone pretending to be me
  2. I assume almost everyone already knows what MLA format is

Other than this, allow me to explain how this market works.

The Selling Procedure

First I will accept your order for whichever essay, provided I can verify that you are exactly who and where you say you are. Next, I will type the essay if I have not already. As for essays I have not already typed, the following third step will be the second step. I will bring my computer to my local public library to use their printer for the printing, and then I will buy stamps [unless I already have stamps and knowledge of where in my home they are]. Last step will be to put it into an envelope to be mailed to your address.

The Pricing System

Basically I think I am being fair when I price the MLA style essay versions of my posts at one penny of the USD currency per word. Especially given that my wittiest essays are typically in the 300 to 600 word range, meaning the 450 word average. There are some notable exceptions! Like this pricing means my essay about why I am backing Austin Petersen for MO senator despite the fact I live in CT will cost buyers $12.10 per copy, for example. Mostly, though, essays will cost prices like $6.50 for my post about Congress having the power to address North Korea and how Congress are cowards in that regard.

Topics I will sell essays about

  1. Liberty’s politics
  2. JRR Tolkien lore
  3. Prehistoric Animals
  4. Air Fryer cooking
  5. Mtn Dew Flavors
  6. Groove Metal music
  7. Secular Morality
  8. Stouts and Brandy
  9. Frog Ownership
  10. Games Workshop’s LOTR line
  11. Battle for Middle-earth 2 mods
  12. Teasing out my own mythology

So get ready to start buying MLA format essays from me!

~KSP Perkins