If I Run for House of Reps in 2020


One can expect me to be the kind of Ron Swanson of the House of Reps. Except for I’ll be 26.

Firstly, let me get the facts about the House of Reps out of the way.

Basically the House of Representatives, or as I call it House of Reps, is the majority of the Congress (100 Senators, and 435 what I deem ‘Housemen’). What the House of Reps does for America, or is supposed to do, is explained here. In other words, if I do run, all of my ‘rules for rulers’ will be in Article One Section Two of the Constitution. Powers which I could share with like 534 other people, president excluded, are in Article One Section Eight. And I could be one of five people representing Connecticut, in my case I’d be vocalizing the 5th congressional district since my town of Cheshire is part of CT-5.

But this is all assuming I do choose to run for Houseman for CT-5. Which I am extremely unlikely to do because I just don’t like the idea of me running for office.

The strategy I would run on.

Basically, all you need to know for now is I would be hybridizing the 2016 POTUS campaign strategies of Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.

The principles I would run on.

Basically, I’d run on a platform of free markets, civil rights, and Empire of Liberty in foreign policy. Here is what the first ten of my pledges would be. Pledges numbered, benefits bulleted.

  1. To sign the FairTax into law after rewriting its monthly refund aspect to be $8,400 per year for all Americans regardless of age and of income, still billing the feds for it monthly.
    • This will give the feds a Net revenue of $2.8 trillion annually (average American spends $56k annually x 325 million Americans = $5.4 trillion Gross annual, – $2.6 trillion on tax returns = $2.8 trillion)
    • It will also end the income and payroll taxes, endings that are highly desired by every American economist from almost every political ideology!
  2. To amend the constitution to not allow any regulation of business beyond the phrase “Treat your customers and underlings as you yourself wish to be treated.” Also to not allow any regulation of labor beyond the phrase “Treat your customers and your superiors as you wish to be treated.” Lastly to not allow any regulation of consumption beyond “Treat those you buy from as you wish to be treated.”
    • This would repeal regulations which do nothing to benefit either one of civil rights or the digital economy; in the simplest, most anti-loophole and anti-corporatism way possible.
    • This amendment would save small businesses with 1 to 20 workers each roughly $11,000 per worker in annual compliance cost.
  3. To amend the constitution to only allow environmental regulation by classifying pollution and littering as very severe property crimes, and even then only to be addressed by state and local polices.
    • This would reduce the EPA to its founding role: to use environmental sciences to make non-ideological cases for items like renewable energy, reusable grocery bags, & other items like those.
  4. To invoke the first amendment right to freedom of expression to change every public school in America into a charter school, meaning one that is free from any regulations that are not matters of strictly enforced accountability for academic merit, and whose teaching material is set multilaterally by scientists, historians, and parents.
    • This would allow parents some scrutiny over teachers as to invoke the would-be stringent accountability, the other share of scrutiny over teachers going to people who are scholars on the subjects.
    • Also this would make public schools incentivized to try to excel in truly being the best schools in America!
  5. To reclassify the drug epidemic as a medical ill and not a criminal offense in one year, then make the next year about legalizing birth control where medicines are sold, and the third year about legalizing cannabis oil where medicines are sold, and the fourth year about making it a civil right to make cannabis juices for vaping.
    • This would put countless non-violent, golden-rule-abiding innocents out of jail!
    • It would also stamp out drug cartels as mentioned in the NPR article I linked the phrase ‘highly desired’ to above.
  6. To invoke the 1st and 14th amendment rights to freedom of association and equal treatment under law (respectively) to kick the government out of marriage and instead have each marriage be a privately owned nonprofit contract between genuinely romancing adults.
    • This would benefit marriages of every consenting adult nature possible, and would make forced marriages and child marriages the only marriages left to make and enforce laws against!
    • It would also allow police to pay more attention to clamping down on forced and child marriages as they would no longer be distracted by any genuinely romancing adult marriages!
  7. To amend the constitution to only allow Congress to negotiate and compromise with other free societies, and even then only proportional to how free they are according to averages of numeric scores found here and here.
    • This would send a reminder to the world around America of what America’s founding roots are that would raise American integrity overseas to off the chart highs!
    • Also, this’d make every tyranny on Earth either try to regime change themselves or provoke us into rage against them, this way tyrannies are exposed as what they are in front of the entire species!
  8. To reshape the United Nations to only be inclusive to Western cultured Free Societies. And to have abolition in mind for the UN if they fail to comply with this reshaping plan.
    • This would remind the world that America stands for human freedom and human dignity
    • It would also allow for greater American Independence and also to allow independence for other western-cultured free societies besides America, too!
  9. To draft and pass a bill to allow banks to print and compute their own currencies for as long as they play by the golden rule reiterations outlined in pledge 2, above.
    • This would give Americans freedom of choice in currency and allow them to trade dollars for bitcoins and/or competitors to bitcoin.
    • This freedom of choice would also make Americans want to take personal responsibility for learning currency exchange rates, so that they dodge the potential for confusion (which I admit is very real) independently.
  10. To enact something I’d call the ‘Half It Plan’, which would cut two quarters from every federal dollar of foreign aid, of veteran’s pension, and of all non-defense budgets too. Cutting two quarters a year, every year for four years, and then amending the constitution to mandate a balanced budget on year five.
    • This would reverse the breakdown of families caused by Lyndon B. Johnson by his ‘war on poverty’, thus restoring the access of poor kids to their fathers from birth.
    • Also this’d create conditions for a surplus to grow to a level where it would only take 11 years, no more & no less, to pay off our entire national debt.
    • Lastly this’d create liberation of the people from fiscal dependence on government without debarring from them from finding work or from starting businesses of their own.


Sorry for making this so long everyone! But thanks for the read, everyone!

~KSP Perkins


To Twitter: Ban Censorship Instead of Banning Users (A Warn Against Internet Censorship in 800 words or less)


Some finances “expert” claims that censorship is economically beneficial. Taken from the video I am responding to with this WordPress doc.

Howard Linzon Is A Financial Expert Wannabe If He Is Advising Censorship of Accounts!

Who is Howard Linzon and what YouTube video is this an enlarged copy of the official thumbnail for? Well, I am going to dig into that right just now. Howard Linzon is a financial “expert” who co-founded and currently runs an awkwardly named (in my opinion) company called Stocktwits.

And the guy has decided to give feel good politically correct advise instead of actual economic advise, and then claims without evidence that Twitter stocks will rise 20% if his advise is followed. And Linzon’s advise is to terminate Donald Trump’s official Twitter account!? What!?

Where or How did I learn this?

I watched a video from a guy I find often funny and also agree with on science, religion, and the specific political fields of culture and social issues called The Amazing Atheist. I invite you to watch this video but I must warn you some of the word choices are reminiscent of a Mature-rated video game. Watch it here but only if you don’t mind going higher content maturity than Teen, and of course personally I don’t mind it but on social media sites I prefer to limit my own cursing to PG-13 level, voluntarily.

Everything TAA Claims On This Topic Is Proven Fact

Social Blade is a very excellent tool for figuring out how true what anyone says about other people’s social media accounts. And they notice that The Donald has a fan base that rounds to 20 million and an average retweets per tweet that rounds to 19 thousand.

So when TAA claims that Trump can tweet about what he had for breakfast and still come off as amusing, then TAA is absolutely right!

Facts I will go right ahead and Add

The economic punishment for Twitter for blocking accounts instead of monetizing them with the royalties earning consent of their respective owners (definition 8 of royalties in the link provided)… will extend far beyond stock market crash for Twitter.

Every account censored by Twitter will be another step towards 4000 people suffering job loss. And that’s severely bad given the expense of living in today’s 87,000 different poisoned economy because these 4000 will lose $102,000 of annual salary on average.

Threatening to commit violent crimes and threatening to commit property crimes are, or should be, the only illegal activities on Twitter, and even then Twitter should only enforce that by asking the police to search the Tweets and Non-tweet records of the offender. Then its the police’s turn to get a warrant from a judge to investigate the very specific Twitter user who broke one of those two and only necessary rules.

And this is, or needs to be, also the universal law for economy in general and for culture in general because in a civilized free society, human rights are regulated only by cosmic norms that explicitly target one or more violent crimes and/or one or more property crimes.

Not to mention, the police are required to respond to social media threats to commit violent crimes or property crimes exactly as laid out above by the Fourth Amendment.

Closing Disclaimer

No, I do not have any liking of Donald Trump and I have happily backed three different alternatives against the Donald during the 2016 electoral run: first Marco Rubio, then my favorite presidential candidate in US History Austin Petersen, and then I fell back on Evan McMullin when the LP decided to stick to being the party of electoral idiocy and of foreign policy idiocy. But then I ended up shamefully and reluctantly voting for that stoner that the LP “delegates” chose over the masterful Austin Petersen.

Also I have no liking of the Alternate Right and I am politically neither right nor left, I am very much a neolibertarian; which means ‘a classical liberal who supports a strong military and a self-defense and defense of others foreign policy’.

And also I am not afraid to dispute Austin on whether to allow different cultures or to assimilate immigrants into US culture, and I am not afraid to dispute him on broader foreign policy either, especially given him and I are apparently both Anti-Pacifist and Pro-Defense.

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No, Politicians; Repealing Obama Care Will NOT “Make America Sick Again”.


Doctors in the background of a hospital hallway pic.

Republicans and Democrats fight over whether to replace Obama Care with Marxism or Corporatism!

Yesterday, meaning on Friday shortly after 4;30 PM, I was on my way home from work bringing home no-stick spray and some other items. One of these other items was a Time Magazine with the date “January 16, 2017” in its top right corner for whatever reason. What made me buy it was a deeply interesting article called “How Botox Became the Drug That’s Treating Everything.” However, the very first article I ended up flipping into is something about Democrats and Republicans fighting again over Obama Care, what else is new with any political parties of the US?

Democrats Looking For An Upside to Obama Care’s Repeal? Let Me Give Them Some!

There is a shockingly libertarian case made by classically liberal Independent voter Craig Berlin for replacing Obama Care with an Australian or Israeli style UHC system.

The Fiscal Argument

Before anyone shrieks at me about the fails of Canadian and British style UHC, allow me to explain the facts. The cost of government involvement in healthcare per tax payer, or rather per capita, is higher here in the United States at $9403 per tax payer than in any other nation on Earth. The amount of government spending on healthcare in Canada, Australia, Britain and Israel per citizen is $4641, $4357, $3377, and $2599; respectively. And we the American republic are the most peopled of all of the five nations I just mentioned, the most fiscally conservative model of UHC to adopt would be the Israeli model at a could-be spending cut on healthcare spending of 72%!

The Medical Argument

Of course there is the medical argument to make in myself or any other pragmatic libertarian calling for Obama Care to be replaced with copy and paste Israeli healthcare model. While Israelis are the sixth healthiest people in the world, Canadians barely makes the top ten. British and of course such Americans as myself barely make the top 20 healthiest peoples on Earth. Australians fare better medically, than Israelis do, by being the third healthiest people on the planet.

Factual Mentions

Seeing as I am ethnically Irish I might as well bring up how Ireland is doing in healthcare when it comes to covering everyone on a fiscally constrained budget. The Republic of Ireland, where they brew my favorite alcoholic drinks Guinness Beer and Bush Mills Whiskey, has a population that is the 19th healthiest population on Earth.

Fiscally each resident of the Republic of Ireland only costs the government $4239 per person to guarantee medical care to. Replacing Obama Care with copy and paste Ireland’s variant of UHC would cut medical spending 55%.

Well, I think that wraps up what I have to say to Democrats about their paranoid, marxism-motivated dogma about Obama Care, which in reality is nothing but a fiscally reckless pile of corporatism. And no, corporatism is not capitalism; instead corporatism is the replacement of the laws of supply and demand with monopolies and secretive lobbying by outdated industrial age industries to try to slam down digital age industries.

Thank you reading public,


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Socialists Confuse The Distinction Between Libertarian And Anarchist.


“Okay, why exactly are these trolls calling us Anarchists!?”

Libertarians differ from Anarchists by favoring very minimalist amounts of government, regulation and taxes.

But that is not the only way. There are plenty of ways, looking at the histories of anarchism vs libertarianism, that libertarian and anarchist are in fact not synonyms.

Anarcho-Capitalism, for example, is not a form of libertarianism but rather a form of anarchism. And this is the one thing I as a neolibertarian heavily disparage this article, that I otherwise love, on. It’s author even takes what should not be called ‘libertarian socialism’ at all and calls it that anyway. Instead we ought to call that ideology left-wing anarchism, just as Anarcho-Capitalist is right-wing anarchism. But on to the differences!

1. Just Because We Want A Minimalistic Republic does NOT mean we don’t want government.

This is the very first heinously false piece of info that socialism and progressivism are total addicts to spitting out about libertarians. The very first way these two confuse us with anarchists is they claim we don’t want any level of government at all.

Just because we are skeptical of the government’s ability to do anything beyond defending human beings’ lives, liberties and properties does not mean we want to abolish or even privatize the entire government. Rather, we want to stringently limit government to abiding by a clear set of classically liberal, SMALL-D democratic principles. And we libertarians call this kind of documentation of supreme law of the land a ‘Constitution’.

We the Libertarians differ from They the Anarchists in that we actually want a Western-cultured, Freedom-defending Secular Humanist Democracy. One that is required to stay Western, Permissive, Secular, and Democratic by a constitution.

Which is why the only legit ‘ism’ to lay onto is Libertarians is “Constitutionalist”. Not Anarchist, only constitutionalist. See the definition here.

2. Just Because we want people to be so free that initial aggressor force, fraud and theft are the only illegal moves does not mean we don’t want any regulation at all.

Here is heinously false piece of info number two. Libertarians do not want to abolish all regulation of anything. Totally a wrong claim, the factually honest claim is to say we want to limit government power and regulation to just what’s necessary to deter force, fraud and theft. For example, the regulation we want imposed on force goes something like this.

  • In a Digital-Age Western Democracy, force can only be justified when used to defend oneself or others from initial aggressor force.

Furthermore, when fellow libertarians and I say “theft” on this list of things worth banning, we really mean Property Crimes in general.

3. Just Because we want low taxes and to limit government budgets to just deterring fraud, force & theft does not mean we don’t want society to have any other societal functions.

Perhaps the best-known confusion between libertarian and anarchist made by progressivism is this third one right here. The fact that we want taxation to be at low rates and to match or outweigh spending. And the fact that we want spending to only be on programs that are specifically for protecting life, liberty and property from fraud, force and theft. Neither of these translates to hatred of other societal functions.

For example, neolibertarians like me believe that national government should stick stringently to defending life, liberty and pursuit of happiness from force, fraud and theft on a foreign policy level. And also that all domestic protection of these three rights from those three wrongs should be done by state and local governments. Lastly, we agree with the other schools of actual libertarianism on letting all other societal functions be handled by private forces. By this we mean individual humans, small businesses, organized religions, secular morality clubs, political activist clubs, other kinds of mutual thought & action clubs, and of course volunteer charities. Even private schools like that Quinnipiac University thing that is conveniently located one town south of me (I’m in Cheshire CT, QU is in Hamden, CT) are examples of private entities that can provide high quality education.


This is all I can really name, at least all the biggest. Thank you all for reading this my readers,


Does the United States Economy Need An Economic Bill of Rights?



This Amendment was meant to guard freedoms like economic freedoms that are not mentioned in the first 8 amendments.

An Economic Bill of Rights looks like the only way to fix economic regulatory problems.

Ninth Amendment. I have written about the ninth amendment before, and I can write about it again if you want. But as for this post it is meant to be about proposing an Economic Bill of Rights, a set of ten economic liberties that apply universally to every person in US jurisdiction.

My goal with this post and proposal is to demonstrate the economic freedoms that every people should have, starting with the US people.

Amendment One

Government shall make no law banning or regulating any products of clothing, art supply, or other form of self-expression product, nor shall government ban or regulate how workers express themselves off their jobs. In addition, government cannot and will not set limits to what workers and their employers discuss on breaks in break-rooms.

Amendment Two

Every business owner, worker, and other individual shall have the unlimited right to defend their property and their coworkers, themselves and their superiors, from violent intruders. Government absolutely cannot make limits or exceptions to this right.

Amendment Three

No matter the age or income of the individual, he or she inherently has unlimited property rights, including the right to decide which customers to serve, and the right to regard every penny one earns as totally one’s own; no more income taxing.

Amendment Four

Right to Work belongs to everyone that has a job or wants a job, the result is that government is not allowed to require labor union membership nor is government allowed to tell workers what wages they are allowed to want to work for. The other result is workers can aim for whatever intended wages they want as long as they are peaceably competing with each other and accepting their resulting wages as the results of the Four Sciences of Supply And Demand. Similarly, business owners are not to pay their workers according to any more than two factors: One being the Work Ethics of Individual workers, Two being the Four Laws of Supply And Demand.

Amendment Five

People of every income level are not to be denied the right to total individual control of their own retirements. Government needs to handle Social Security on the town level only, not the national level or even state and/or province level. However, government also needs to not impose regulations on how individuals manage their retirement funds, for everyone needs the freedom to decide how to fund their retirement, whether they want donations to their retirements or not.

Amendment Six

Charity has a right to exist very independently of government, and every individual has a right to set up a charity if they would rather build a charity than a business. Government may absolutely not set up how charity owners are allowed to raise money for their respective charities. How charity owners and teammates fund their charities is entirely up to the charities’ teams to have in-team discussions on.

Amendment Seven

Everyone has the right to an education that is either privately owned or locally publicized, which ever aspiring students desire. Freedom of Education, meaning the right to educate one’s own children and/or other people’s children without being regulated by nation-state, belongs to every person of every demographic and every psychographic. Only city-state may set limits to how teachers teach, and even then those limits may only be bans on using physical coercion to discipline misbehaved students.

Amendment Eight

Healthcare is also a basic human right everyone has, meaning the right to choose their own health providers, and the right to provide healthcare for sensible prices according to sciences of supply and demand. Human beings have a right to make their medical decisions without interference by the national government, town governments though may provide a minimalist level of non-coercive assistances like Ambulance drives for advancing this Medicinal Freedom.

Amendment Nine

Freedom of choice here on out applies universally and economically to marriage and contraceptive choices, and to such market competition elements as food brand, beverage brand, toy brand, gaming format, literature, movies, among countless other commodities. Thus it is up to national government to stay out of this freedom of choice while leaving enforcement of this amendment to town governments. Every individual has this right, public and private, rich and poor, so on.

Amendment Ten

When it comes to question of enforcing economic laws against violent crime and against property crime, crimes in these two categories are the only crimes the count as crimes firstly. Secondly, laws against these crimes are to be enforced locally by town police departments and/or town rehabilitation clinics.


I duly hope people can understand what I am trying to promote here with this Bill of Rights idea. Thanks for the read up everyone,


A Libertarian Case For Loving, And Wanting To Improve, America


I absolutely adore my country, that’s why I want to make the free society it is drastically freer. That’s also why I want to do this WordPress diary entry today.

America is a monstrously beautiful country, but I think it could be a lot more beautiful than it is.

The United States of America has severe flaws that need to be addressed pragmatically, I agree. But every libertarian should keep that in mind while still cherishing America as the most lively, most liberating, and most optimistic society on Earth.

Which means it gets me medically ill hearing anyone acting like the United States is such a terrible society. Whether it’s mainstream libertarians like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson or it’s left-wing people of any political philosophy.

[1] America Was Bred By Libertarians

Yes, indeed. The Founding Fathers were libertarians in the context of people who want a free society to exist as a constitutional republic.

One of them, Thomas Jefferson, wrote the US Declaration of Independence to assert that the entire human species has individual freedoms of life, liberty, property and happiness. Another, James Madison, wrote the US Constitution and the US Bill of Rights to be a blueprint for future free societies like 19th century Britain and 1920’s Ireland and 1950’s Israel to model themselves on.

Thomas Paine, another US Founder, wrote the 1776 book “Common Sense”, and in one of the pages spoke of free societies being inherently drastically more interested in peace than tyrannies.

[2] America Sits Very High In Basically Everything Libertarians Desire a Free Society That Sits Very High In.

Now I am going to show you indexes. Every single one of them grades nearly every nation on the planet – including America in all of them – on something that libertarians generally hold dear. Every one of them holds that the US is either near or at the top in almost everything libertarians want for society.

And most of these link to PDF files, so if you’re reading this on a phone or tablet you’ll be downloading stuff by clicking most of the links.

America has the 16th freest economy on Earth, meaning 141 economies are worse than ours, Cato Institute finds. The US trade policies also make for our economy to have the 15th freest trade on Earth according to World Economic Forum.

What about Thomas Jefferson’s vision of democracy and how consistent nations currently are with that vision? Oh, yes! America is 16th on Earth out of the Democracy Ranking of 113.

Property rights are beloved by libertarians, am I right? If so, libertarians should love that the US is 15th out of 129 in the world for Property Rights.

What about cleanliness of government, as opposed to corruption? The fact that America ranks 16 means we have one of the top 20 least corrupt governments on Earth.

Freedom of Speech and the Press? United States scores a 21 out of 100, meaning one of the freest free speech and free press setups on the planet.

Turning back to economy, we are 7th in the world out of 189 studied in how easy it is to do business. America is also the world’s largest economy by a long way.

Americans are also the smartest people according to the Nobel Prizes index. Top of the world in reliable scientific sources (unlike Wikipedia) as well. America is also the country that internets better than anyone else on Earth by a very long way. America also has the world’s largest number of individual billionaires, including charity givers like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

And seeing as most libertarians welcome immigrants with open arms, I’ll stop my case here: America hosts the largest number of global immigrants. Also check the World Index of Moral Freedom to see where the US ranks in freedoms of religion, bioethics, sexuality, and family/gender.


I willfully began my case with the arenas wherein there’s room for improvement, to demonstrate the pragmatism of my case. But then I closed with what America is closest on Earth to perfect at. Thanks for the read,


Frequently Ignored Facts About The US Tea Party Movement

Patient X tried the electric shock treatment when he was bitten by his pet rattlesnake.

The Rattlesnake was the symbol of the Tea Party while it still had rallies, but why?

I was never interested in being in the Tea Party, but I am always interested in Facts Over Feelings.

Having frequently listened to the podcast “The Freedom Report”, specifically “Who Killed The Tea Party?”, I have decided to make this page about all the facts about the TP.

The reason I am doing this is to debunk every single myth every leftist buys into or promotes about the Tea Party. This I’ll do without expressing any interest in being a Tea Partier myself.

Religious Affiliation

Many on the left will tell you there was and is no such thing as a Tea Partier who is not a straight white male Christian evangelical. However, it’s been found back in 2010 that:

  • 15% of the Tea Party were Secular Humanists like me
  • 4% of the Tea Party followed Non-Christian religions like Judaism
  • Just 36% of the Tea Party matched the white Evangelical, Christian-conservative narrative.

By the way this education being mostly directed at the left does not imply support for the political right, readers. Just because I am mostly calling out the left does not make me a rightist, as one must understand that both the left and the right were the original ‘lol-cow’.

Political Viewpoints

The Tea Party was unified quite well on economics and on constitutional liberties as found in the entire Bill of Rights. But half the Tea Party was libertarian and even its origins were libertarian. Numerically, libertarians made up roughly 44% of that movement while conservatives made up exactly 50%.

Agenda-wise, the Tea Party movement never had a single uniform agenda, apart from a few objectives that at least stood out to me:

  1. Restore the primacy of the Bill of Rights
  2. Apply the laws of Supply and Demand to the entire economy
  3. Restore the primacy of the Articles of the Constitution
  4. Sever all ties between corporation and state
  5. Force a balanced budget plan onto Congress

Evidence suggests that Tea Party movement groups had a sort of heavily decentralized character, there were tons of groups. Another fact of life regarding Tea Party groups was they agreed to disagree on social issues while focusing almost exclusively on economic and constitutional issues.

I must also say there did exist Tea Partiers who favored right to abortion (34%) and Tea Partiers who favored legalizing Gay Marriage (26%).

Foreign Policy

Ah yes, this foreign policy nerd of the libertarian and atheist communities is now going to speak of Tea Party foreign policy.

Everything that can be gathered about Tea Party movement foreign policy is talked about by the Walter Russel Mead article “The Tea Party and American Foreign Policy“.

When the Tea Party grew to the giant size it did in 2011, its foreign policy endorsed American Exceptionalism. This is the idea that America inherently differs from all other nations by having been founded on civil liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, republic, democracy and laissez-faire. Tea Partiers combined this fact-based ideal with opposition to world policing and nation building.

Tea Partiers only supported going to war to directly defend American citizens and our individual rights. But whenever a foreign tyranny did attack these, Tea Partiers preferred ‘total warfare’ for the unconditional surrender of the aggressor on the aggressor’s soil instead of the Just War Theorist approach to conducting warfare.

There were two mindsets within this, the ‘Paulian’ mindset and the ‘Palinite’ mindset. Paulians passionately sought to engage the world almost entirely with free trade and friendly diplomacy. Palinites, while on board with the Paulians in preferring trade and diplomacy over war, were very passionate about preventive self defense posture.


I never thought I would promote truthful assessment of the Tea Party of all political factions. Thanks for reading this piece,


The Vitality of Freedom of Expression


Rather clear our Founders were about the need for freedom of expression.

Total Freedom of Expression is Mandatory to Civilized Culture and to Modern Science

People I learn about on other social media are treating freedom of expression like it is optional with regards to modernizing science and to staying a civilized people.

The painful fact of life is, though, that absolute right to unrestricted freedom of expression is the only way to keep scientific and civilizational progress going.

For me this fact of life is not painful, but many on my YouTube subscriptions list have raised awareness in me of individuals and movements who are disgusted by free expression and think banning or limiting it has no negative outcomes.

Human History Vs This Narrative

Nothing in human history has anything in common with this anti-free expression narrative. Basically all of human history is full of examples of less free expression meaning less science as well as less human decency.

Allow me to paraphrase and link to examples of this. Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the individual that China still to this day is named for, murdered scholars all over his empire and was able to do so rampantly because there was little to no free expression.

Over in Medieval Spain, lacking freedom of expression caused the crazily murderous poison we know as the Spanish Inquisition. The intent was to keep absolute power for the Spanish kingdom, and the policies of absolutely no freedom of expression lead to mass torture on national scale for 356 years.

What Free Expression Does For Humanity

By liberating science and by liberating secular freethinking, freedom of expression has rapidly increased human life span from averaging 30 years to averaging 70.

And here in the United States, free expression has been the prerequisite for such social progressions as the humanization of black Americans, and the summer 2015 gay marriage ruling, and countless other examples historically in between. One other such example is the completion of US gender equality in the 1920’s.

So in short, freedom of expression is mandatory for the progress and empathy and civility of humans, and this means that anyone who supports banning or regulating free expression in any field of life at all is, according to human history, automatically a barbarian.


I shall wrap up this piece by defining the official meaning of freedom of expression: The lawful liberty to express ideas freely. Thanks;


Finest Examples I Can Name Of Americans’ Ninth Amendment Rights



Bro, can you even Constitution?

Ninth Amendment Rights Are Often Ignored

Let me begin by saying that the entire US Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, was authored mainly and overwhelmingly by James Madison. Hence he gets called the father of the American Constitution.

I may be turning only 23 on May 6th of next year (2017) but that does not stop me from being way too nerdy to not know the moral necessity of the Ninth Amendment.

Text of Ninth Amendment


Exactly how this thing is supposed to be viewed!

Meaning of the Ninth Amendment

The Ninth Amendment is supposed to be the means by which people retain both economic freedoms and unlisted personal liberties. Unlisted meaning personal liberties that do not appear anywhere in the constitution.

Historically James Madison and other Federalists had huge debate with Anti-federalists about whether to have a Ninth Amendment or to have countless other Amendments after the eights.

Coherent List of Ninth Amendment Rights

  1. Right to Profit
  2. Right to Work
  3. Right to Buy & Sell
  4. Freedom of Movement
  5. Bodily Integrity
  6. Right to Life
  7. Freedom of Choice
    • Freedom of Food
    • Freedom of Clothing
  8. Freedom of the Seas
  9. Right to Keep Marriage Private*
  10. Right to Free Enterprise
  11. Right to do Charity
  12. Right to Vote*
  13. Right to Lobby*
  14. Right to Donate to Science

And that’s my list of examples of Ninth Amendment rights. And I did indeed put stars next to the ones that could technically be additionally, or alternatively, First Amendment Rights. But the majority of these are ones that one ought to invoke the Ninth Amendment in direct defense of.

Yes I did indeed throw in economic freedom elements into the Ninth Amendment and underline them. That’s me signaling I would like to see all economic regulations, the entire regulatory burden, with a single document that’s just a few pages long listing these rights and the duties of work ethic and equality of opportunity. Very simple, light-as-a-feather regulatory burden


This is really all I got. Just wanted to get something intellectually crafty out there on the inter webs about the Ninth Amendment. Thank you readers,