Preventive Clarity on Where I am On Freedom of Religion and other, related concepts.


Reading this is the beginning of understanding where I am

This is just to make something totally clear about me.

Basically, I am so into favoring freedom of religion and equality under law that I even use these two concepts to justify opposing any regulation on the intake of Islam, Christianity, Judaism or any other religion. However, I do also believe that defending freedom of religion and equality under law refers just as well to not allowing any organized religion in particular to force itself onto ideological outsiders.

Why is this post about ‘preventive’ clarity?

Because I am well aware there are plenty of alleged “journalists” out there who will eagerly slander, libel and defame normal people for expressing any opinion that is not from the Communist Manifesto. And believe me, none of the opinions I espouse here come from anywhere near that infernal and insolent ‘manifesto’. And I want this post to be here to debunk them in case they try any of that trash on me.

Resuming Clarity!

Okay, so freedom of religion is of utmost importance to me. Frankly, the meaning of freedom of religion is.

  • Right to choose what organized religion or secular morality to follow and to obey without external influence.

So that means that there is nothing about equally commanding all organized religions and secular moralities that’s damaging to heavily opposing any regulation of any organized religions or secular moralities. To me there is no freedom of religion in a society that targets any specific organized faith for increased scrutiny, whether it’s Christianity, Islam or whatever else. Also, as an adherent to atheistic humanism myself, I am basically inclined to say that there is no freedom of religion in a society that bans people from taking in secular moralities.

What about Freedom of Movement?

In essence I am not someone who has any support for regulating the freedom of movement, which is the right to travel to and from and reside in any land one chooses. However, that does not mean we cannot put into place a simple vetting system that makes an easy path to the right to formally apply for citizenship. In my own individual case, that means a vetting system of four steps.

  1. Disease Check
  2. Security Check
  3. English Class
  4. Civics Class

Other than this, no fifth limits to the free movement of tourists, immigrants, merchants and so forth. And for me, this does mean resoundingly no to border walls. Well, that’s all I got for now in the way of preventive clarities, people!


KSP Perkins


So, About Planned Parenthood…


The Houston Texas Planned Parenthood building. Lemme speak this issue…

What I make of Planned Parenthood.

After reading Wikipedia about Planned Parenthood, I learned something I did not know before going in. Because before going in I was unsure about the validity of the claims by the screeching people on both Left and Right. Also I knew going in I am very sturdily a Center-Wing, Independently thinking individual liberty guy. So I thought to myself, you know, what exactly is Planned Parenthood and what do they do and how do they get funded?

Let’s Talk Services Provided

Basically, as far as I understand it, Planned Parenthood provides ten other kinds of services besides abortion. For me, this means ten different services anyone ought to find it morally acceptable for them to provide. These are…

  1. Contraceptives
  2. Morning After Pills
  3. Clinical Exams
  4. Cervical Screenings
  5. Pregnancy Testing
  6. Pregnancy Counseling
  7. STI Treatment
  8. Comprehensive Sex Ed
  9. Vasectomies
  10. LGBT Services

In short, the above I am totally fine with being provided, in fact I gotta say I respect them over the fact that only 3% of their services are abortions. But from what I understand about the physiology of pregnancy, animal life starts at fertilization and for people like you and me it’s no different. Which is why I’d like to see that 3% eventually go down to 0%, and instead I would like to see Planned Parenthood focus purely on the ten services they provide I named out above. Matter a fact, the more emphasis especially on comprehensive sex ed, the better in my eyes.

Now we can talk about their funding

Thankfully, Planned Parenthood gets two-thirds of its funding from valid funding sources for itself. Private Market nonprofits like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Ford Foundation are colossal donors. Government use of tax dollars to fund it only makes up a third of Planned Parenthood Funding.

Basically what I say about Planned Parenthood is they should not be getting tax dollar funding, and if government funding of them was revoked they would still have about 68% of their $1.3 billion average annual budget. That’s still a good $866 million! Which, again, I say morally Planned Parenthood can use for any of the ten services numbered above. But if they really wanted to fundraise more, especially for comprehensive sex ed, then I say they can and should do so relying solely on those making voluntary individual donations.

Why I think Life starts at fertilization

Basically, I started to doubt the idea I’d been raised on, that life starts at birth, because of a certain part of a prehistory documentary thing I still like watching nowadays. Frankly it was in the flick “Walking With Monsters” about Paleozoic life, and it got to the scene with the Dimetrodon mother laying her eggs. When the film talked about how she had to guard her eggs and control their internal temperature even long before they hatch, I was like “What?”

Next, I reflected on the scene like 5 or 10 minutes before when it talked about we humans inheriting out temp control and our teeth from these Dimetrodon things. And I was like “Does this mean we humans inherited our procreative patterns from them like we did our teeth and temp control? Also, does that mean us NOT laying eggs is the ONLY difference?”. And sure enough, I look into the pregnancy biologies of frogs, toads, dogs, and of course humans; and thus it made sense to me for me to believe that human life does in fact begin at fertilization. Purely Atheistic arrival to this conclusion.

Thanks for reading, folks!

~KSP Perkins

Let’s Reform all Public Schools into Charter Schools! With Merit-based pay.

(FILE PHOTO) School-Voucher Program Supporters

Yep. This post calling for charter schools and merit-based pay is about Freedom of Choice in Academics and in schools.

Whenever I say I am Pro-Choice…

…I am almost never talking about how I think abortion should be allowed in only the first half of pregnancy. Instead, I am almost always talking about freedom of choice in self-defense tools, in clothing, in food, in housing, and as you can clearly tell by the subject matter here… in academic schools.

Basically, I believe our public schools are failing because they are not charter schools. In other words, they are not subject to any kind of student performance accountability. This also means most public schools currently have to play by a library’s worth of regulations. And as for the merit pay aspect, I emphasize that because normally charter schools don’t receive merit pay and instead get tax funding. So what I mean by merit pay is that parents can pay teachers according to teaching merit, instead of tax dollars being the funding source. Now, let’s talk more of the accountability matter.

Accountability replaces Regulation if a Public School goes full Charter school

Basically, from what I understand, charter schools are independent public schools who are exempt from the regulations that govern normal public schools. This exemption gives charter schools flexibility with decisions in hiring, teaching, and also contracts. However, this flexibility does not come without a price that is paid by public schools themselves, not by any of their student bodies, not even by students’ parents. Frankly that price is charter schools are under very strongly strict moral responsibility regarding spending habits and academic performances. And if you need to know what moral responsibility is.

  • Moral responsibility is the moral deserving of praise and reward for every good deed and also of chastising and punishment for every evil deed, based on the ‘treat others like you want to be treated’ cosmic norm (aka the golden rule).

I think this is all I have to say about school reform and charter schools. Thank you my readers!

~KSP Perkins

Insurance Mandates vs Freedom of Movement & Freedom of Choice


Le happy Muh Roads meme. Oh wait, this post is not about roads! It is about my opposition to this driver insurance mandate crap.

It all started when I heard about some family of mine having insurance troubles.

First I went on a totally pointless walk to try and fail to return my bike tubes for having the wrong kind of valve tube. See, my bike’s back tire busted when I was on the bridge that connects Cheshire (my town) to Wallingford (a town I like biking to on mid summer’s eve every month of hot season). I was trying to go to Wallingford to buy programs to get my Battle for Middle-earth modifying matter onto my Macbook Pro. Instead I ended up needing to replace the bike tubes.

Once I got home from that, one of my family relatives came home… and she tells me her insurance expired. Also, there’s, I guess, a law mandating arrest, conviction and jailing for anyone who lacks insurance. Here, I am going to focus my reader base that just keeps getting more global on how hazardous insurance mandates are. On the health of the civil right to freedom of movement, but also on the economic liberty called freedom of choice.

How Insurance Mandates are inherently bad for the freedom of movement

Here is the more relevant segment of this post. Thus, I will make this segment much longer than the next. Basically, this law I heard from my family relative says if you do not have car insurance then you can be arrested and jailed for using the car you legally own. Now don’t get me wrong, I do think drivers need to earn and retain driving licenses by learning and following rules of the road at all times. But I also believe that to force everyone to buy car insurance is going disgustingly overboard. And thus is getting into the “You have no freedom of movement anymore” zone. Which is an inherently immoral zone to get into, especially if you are a cop or politician or other government officer.

As such these principles of mine have lead me to ask this relative of mine “Are you violating someone else or their belongings by lacking car insurance?” And she said stuff to me that lead me into saying “Please think about what the question was cuz I only need a yes or a no.” Her reply was that car owners do need to have car insurance. Now, I believe her on this absolutely! But I refuse to ever believe that arresting and incarcerating people on what comes off to me as a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ basis, is the utmost worst way to go about it.

Now, I do not plan on owning a car until I have finished two years of studying Software Engineering at Gateway Community College. And to make time for a larger store of work-hours per week I desire to take the software engineering courses online. I’ll save the making new friends aspect of life for when I apply what skills I learned to earn my associate degree to an actual software engineering job. Kinda like what I do now except with a much easier time turning more relatable folks into honest friends.

But when I do get to car ownership, I guarantee you my reaction to having car insurance for the first time is not going to be anything favorable to this mandatory insurance law. I am going to create a petition to get all insurance mandates abolished overnight, even though that is something that legally, only Congress can do.

How insurance mandates are always bad for the freedom of choice

Even though I think everyone needs to buy insurance, I also think people need to be personally responsible in ways like saving up for insurance. There are other ways one can afford insurance, too, I realize. I must also highlight that even economists can agree from all manner of ideological viewpoints to oppose income taxes. See, income taxes are constantly one god-tier reason many poor, working class and even middle class are willing but unable to buy insurance for car, health, or whatever else.

Plus, no one private company should have any kind of monopoly on the sale of insurance. Natural economics means allowing insurance prices to reflect supply and demand, i.e. if insurers get fewer customers than they have supply for, prices get low. Although, there is the question of how insurers would be punished for ripping off their customers! Frankly, insurance customers would make negative reviews and solicit boycotts, because there would not be government bailout of fraudulent insurers in a fully civilized economy.

Well, that’s all I got. Thanks and bye, readers!

~KSP Perkins

Why I Wish I Bought Bitcoins Right When I turned 18. Also, what I’ll do to earn mass wealth instead.


Physical Bitcoins. Do they even exist outside of Bitcoin headquarters?

Bitcoin value seems to be on the very heavy rise!

In essence, I never fully understood bitcoins until very recently. And I wish I had understood them right from when they began in 2008 or 2009. Because then I would be able to buy lots of them when their value was very low, and when their value jumped to the $2300 per bitcoin value it sits at today, I’d be able to set myself for life by selling them all! Here is my explanation for why that is.

Back when I turned 18…

The year was 2012 on Day 6 of the month May. And the value of Bitcoins was inching its way from $2 per bitcoin to $13 per bitcoin. Given that I got plenty of American dollars as birthday presents back then, I suspect with what I got I could have bought perhaps 50 bitcoins over the course of the year of 2012.

Then Bitcoins became worth on average $168 each in 2013, and rose through 2014 to now!

So as I graduated High School, I got enough congratulations money to be able to buy 5 or 6 more bitcoins, based on just this average.

Next in 2014 bitcoins were worth about $670 each on average. This is when I got my grocer job in October of that year. Making about $90 a week net pay meant that on annual pay meant I could afford 6 or 7 bitcoins in 2014.

Then 2015 came along, and indeed the value dropped to $377 per bitcoin on year’s average! What a treat this would have been for me to act on, too! For I was making about $160 weekly net pay. Times 52 weeks for a year that means I could have bought 22 more bitcoins in 2015!

Naturally, 2016 for me was the year that came off obsessed on making my luck vary, slightly more often in positive ways, all year! Because my adamant backing of REAL 45th American President Austin Petersen (I wish he was!) all year had tons of payoff until the general election day when an inept bleach blond haired clementine defeated Austin. Also, for a truly relevant example to this topic, I was making enough that I could have spent on 17 more bitcoins.

What would I have now if I then sold my bitcoins right now after years of buying them up?

Frankly, these numbers of bitcoins would add up to, in total, 100 bitcoins. I could have then sold them for, given current bitcoin value, a total sum of $230,000! However, I would not instantly blow it all onto a high life. Instead I would likely budget it for a simple life (apartment, road bike, internet, my drawing stuff, my Bfme2 modding stuff, college) on an annual basis for a decade-long term.

How I will attain mass wealth early on instead.

Basically I am considering opening up a Patreon account for each of my different entertainment projects: my Battle for Middle-earth 2 (Bfme2) mod, my unique medieval-like fantasy mythology, and my multi-topic show on Vidme. And yes, I promise I will do a kind of ‘sequel’ to this post where I tell about what the Vidme show is about and also what it’s hosting site is about. Thanks!

~KSP Perkins

I don’t care how you dress for spring & summer in your free time, here is why


No, this is not my wardrobe. I just picked this off Google Images.

Something I wanted to get off my chest for, like, ever.

If there is any belligerence I am totally and utterly done with, it is people getting belligerent to each other for how one dresses for his or her free time in the springs and summers. I guess I better get the disclaimers on this topic out of the way right here.

Basically, if it is a workplace with a dress code that workplace has a property right, therefore a human right, to impose a dress code onto the on-duty, on-schedule workers during their work-time. Also, if the season is winter or even autumn, then I would advise a friend of mine or a family relative of mine to cover up massively because I worry about them getting frostbite. Always, if I disagree with how someone else dresses in the moment, it will be for a legitimate medical reason about skin health or other bodily health. But this country of mine is not Iran and I am not Hassan Rouhani. That’s just one small way out of many ways to know I do not care how you dress for springs & summers in your free time. Now, let’s dig into why.

My rationale for not caring what you wear to your free time activities come spring & summer

Basically, the only person who I should care about the fashion sense of is me. When someone complains to me about some nearby woman is dressed revealingly in late spring, I am always dismissive of that complainer. Specifically, I may dismiss the complainer very politely and with the purest of classy talk verbally & vocally. But deep down in my brain stem I am thinking “Yeah, whatever, Al Bagdadi, stuff your hatred of women for dressing in ways you never would if you were female into a box and ship it to ISIS land”.

Yeah, deep down inside I am very eager to fight rude & trashy with just more rude & trashy. But I recognize that such behavior has nothing to do with smarts or wisdom, so I don’t. Instead I just say something politely passive. I honestly find it nauseating that people want to engage in this arbitrary, tyrannical outrage toward how other women and/or other men dress. Entirely because we have legit problems around the world and even well within America. We have 80k regulations crippling small business far worse than they cripple giant corporations. We have right here in Connecticut my entire state as a whole going bankrupt from ultra high taxes on par with far greater spending. The key there being the much larger spendings. We have the Iran Deal having empowered Iran to have a better shot at its explicitly stated goal of killing all 325 million Americans.

Yet plenty of people would much rather whine and farm complaints and chain-cry and bitch… about people dressing for the heat in ways they disagree with! It’s obscenity to me. Reminder to me of why I call one of my social issues principles ‘mutual respect between all lifestyles’. Thanks!

~KSP Perkins

How To Ramp Up Freedom Of Movement And Border Security Alike, Without Resorting To Any Of Trump’s Ideas.


Syrian immigrants, probably going to some European country

There are culturally but mostly economic arguments to make for assimilating illegal immigrants into American culture instead of deporting them.

Granting to you and indeed to anyone who knows me by real name, Kyle Perkins, or by my internet name Libertarian Defense Atheist; that Mr. Border Wall is going to have his inauguration very soon, I figure today is duly a good time to make a case for a more Liberty-based immigrant policy.

However, from what I understand, there is exactly as much need for raising freedom of movement as there is for raising border security. Because in absolute & total honesty; I tend to be a Pro-immigration-leaning Middle Grounder on immigration, whether it is legal or otherwise.

1] Path To Legalizing those Here Illegally

As a secular morality atheist, I can and do agree in full with the Judaism espousing academics and intellectuals over at Global Jewish Advocacy on the issue of a Path to Legalization.

They argue just as I always will no matter the social media site or journalism site I am arguing on, that these 11 million immigrants who are here illegally need to be put through a simple multi-step journey to being legalized for three reasons.

  1. More citizens 18 and older means more citizens to incentivize to voluntarily join the heroic and ultra high honor US military.
  2. More citizens 14 and older means more citizens to offer jobs that advertising for directly appeals to their individual talents.
  3. More citizens of any age means more citizens to teach not just the English language but also American constitutional culture of cultural liberalism.

2] Five Justifications Not For Amnesty But For Earned Right To Apply For Citizenship

The fellow classical liberalism libertarians I have over at Reason Magazine have published, three years ago, a list of five reasons for amnesty that I am going to go ahead and interpret as something else. Meaning a list of five reasons for an open immigration policy that’s got nothing to do with amnesty. Here are the five reasons, each one in few sentence format.

  1. Immigrants of both kinds, legal and illegal, seem to love taking up the lowest wage jobs in our nation precisely because no person born in the US wants those jobs. These include house cleaning, crop farming, busing tables, and producing extra low priced medicine to.
  2. Immigrants of both kinds, legal and illegal, routinely pay into our wildly complex taxation system and directly to the Internal Revenue Service at times. This is despite the fact that we need to replace the IRS and all currently in effect taxes with something very simple Milton Friedman got a Nobel Science Prize in the science called Economics for proposing. Flat Tax with Negative Income Tax, a wildly simple tax code that would also destroy all loopholes and all forms of what Milton rightly called the Welfare Trap.
  3. As I have said in the URL for this post, illegal immigration is a victimless crime. A decent 85% majority, I’d guess, of the illegal immigrants organically prize every means to steer clear of violent crime and property crime alike. Of course this is regardless of whether the immigrants looks for organized religious or secular morality means to abide by both the law and empathy alike.
  4. Ever hear of freedom of movement and or the right to travel? Well, constitutionally it is actually a Ninth Amendment right and therefore one of those James Madison hinted at when he wrote the American Constitution.
  5. Eleven million people that roughly 85% of, give or take, are good people on their own initiative. That sounds like a bucks ton of people to really do anything about, which is exactly why we need to put all of these on a highly specific and heavily colorful path to earned citizenship, simply as opposed to amnesty.

3] How To downsize Immigration Policy complexity to a simple hybrid of open immigration and surged border security.

Full disclaimer about whose proposals I am paraphrasing, I have little to no liking of Senator Graham outside of these arguments he makes for simplifying immigration policy. I have linked to his proposal on border security but something called ProCon.Org has quoted him on a Pro-immigrant speech of his as their 8th argument for not open borders but rather open immigration. There’s a major nuance between open immigration vs open borders as far as I can tell. And please keep in mind I see mix of good and bad to all of these.

  1. Hire 20,000 more border patrol agents in addition to the 18,000 who were already added in 2012.
  2. Building a fence, NOT a wall, with a doorway in every half mile or quarter mile of fencing.
  3. Add a distinctly Digital Age E-verify system with regards to individual ID cards.
  4. Similar entry-exit system to what they used to do on Ellis Island in the 1890’s and how my Irish immigrant ancestors were processed (tough medical record check & tough criminal record check)

As for the Graham quote I found on the Pro-immigrant list of arguments at, I can summarize the initiatives to ramp up freedom of movement, meaning what versions of them I’d rather we do as a nation, like this.

  1. Call to action for the 11 million illegal immigrants to go around their respective states signing up for English language classes.
  2. Call to action for them to go to classes to learn both free market economics and American civics as well as the human-decency-fact that violent crimes and property crimes are the only crimes that count as crimes.
  3. A honored and delivered on pledge to make all of the above take five years or shorter to all happen. I cannot stand Graham on his belief about making all of the above take a decade or longer.

We need to blow up our entire immigration policy and start over from scratch with these 7 planks.


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To Twitter: Ban Censorship Instead of Banning Users (A Warn Against Internet Censorship in 800 words or less)


Some finances “expert” claims that censorship is economically beneficial. Taken from the video I am responding to with this WordPress doc.

Howard Linzon Is A Financial Expert Wannabe If He Is Advising Censorship of Accounts!

Who is Howard Linzon and what YouTube video is this an enlarged copy of the official thumbnail for? Well, I am going to dig into that right just now. Howard Linzon is a financial “expert” who co-founded and currently runs an awkwardly named (in my opinion) company called Stocktwits.

And the guy has decided to give feel good politically correct advise instead of actual economic advise, and then claims without evidence that Twitter stocks will rise 20% if his advise is followed. And Linzon’s advise is to terminate Donald Trump’s official Twitter account!? What!?

Where or How did I learn this?

I watched a video from a guy I find often funny and also agree with on science, religion, and the specific political fields of culture and social issues called The Amazing Atheist. I invite you to watch this video but I must warn you some of the word choices are reminiscent of a Mature-rated video game. Watch it here but only if you don’t mind going higher content maturity than Teen, and of course personally I don’t mind it but on social media sites I prefer to limit my own cursing to PG-13 level, voluntarily.

Everything TAA Claims On This Topic Is Proven Fact

Social Blade is a very excellent tool for figuring out how true what anyone says about other people’s social media accounts. And they notice that The Donald has a fan base that rounds to 20 million and an average retweets per tweet that rounds to 19 thousand.

So when TAA claims that Trump can tweet about what he had for breakfast and still come off as amusing, then TAA is absolutely right!

Facts I will go right ahead and Add

The economic punishment for Twitter for blocking accounts instead of monetizing them with the royalties earning consent of their respective owners (definition 8 of royalties in the link provided)… will extend far beyond stock market crash for Twitter.

Every account censored by Twitter will be another step towards 4000 people suffering job loss. And that’s severely bad given the expense of living in today’s 87,000 different poisoned economy because these 4000 will lose $102,000 of annual salary on average.

Threatening to commit violent crimes and threatening to commit property crimes are, or should be, the only illegal activities on Twitter, and even then Twitter should only enforce that by asking the police to search the Tweets and Non-tweet records of the offender. Then its the police’s turn to get a warrant from a judge to investigate the very specific Twitter user who broke one of those two and only necessary rules.

And this is, or needs to be, also the universal law for economy in general and for culture in general because in a civilized free society, human rights are regulated only by cosmic norms that explicitly target one or more violent crimes and/or one or more property crimes.

Not to mention, the police are required to respond to social media threats to commit violent crimes or property crimes exactly as laid out above by the Fourth Amendment.

Closing Disclaimer

No, I do not have any liking of Donald Trump and I have happily backed three different alternatives against the Donald during the 2016 electoral run: first Marco Rubio, then my favorite presidential candidate in US History Austin Petersen, and then I fell back on Evan McMullin when the LP decided to stick to being the party of electoral idiocy and of foreign policy idiocy. But then I ended up shamefully and reluctantly voting for that stoner that the LP “delegates” chose over the masterful Austin Petersen.

Also I have no liking of the Alternate Right and I am politically neither right nor left, I am very much a neolibertarian; which means ‘a classical liberal who supports a strong military and a self-defense and defense of others foreign policy’.

And also I am not afraid to dispute Austin on whether to allow different cultures or to assimilate immigrants into US culture, and I am not afraid to dispute him on broader foreign policy either, especially given him and I are apparently both Anti-Pacifist and Pro-Defense.

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Nintendo Switch: All Of The Benefits I Am Predicting!


Zelda Themed Nintendo Switch? I do hope they have a Metroid themed one as that’s my favorite Nintendo line, myself. Even though I prefer Medieval-like fantasy over sci-fi.

The Workers of Nintendo Prove Once Again That Fiscal Conservatism and Cultural Liberalism Breathe Each Other.

I was browsing the official website of Time Magazine looking for something to blog about and I stumbled upon news of the Nintendo Switch. Apparently it is supposed to be the first gaming console to ever be able to toggle between a TV linked console style and a ‘wireless unless its battery needs charging’ tablet style.

Apparently it is supposed to go global on March 3rd of 2017 for the price of $300 and is supposed to have a storage space on its tablet-like part of thirty two gigabytes. And it’s also supposed to be a device with three different styles of gaming it can do, I say out of self correction, one of which included remotes called Joy Cons.

How Will This Nintendo Switch Invention Mutually Benefit Japan And All Of Its OECD Friends, including the US?

As of its membership of OECD, Japan has 34 different economically and diplomatically established friendships and Japan’s friendship with the United States America is just one of these.

Video Game Publisher Data finds that Nintendo is and has been the fourth biggest contributor to the Digital Economy with $4.25 billion of annual revenue and manages to pull this off with only 5100 workers. This is part of total assets that equate to $11 billion and a market value of $85 billion.

More broadly, to start a new independent retailer of Nintendo and other gaming products in Japan, like any new business in Japan, would take eight procedures and twelve days and $2750 to set up. To set one up in the United States of America would take six procedures and four days and $715 to set up.

And so how does this relate to the economic benefits mentioned in the title? Well, if we look at census data about American trade overseas, we see export data for profits made by We The People and import data for profits made by foreign merchants.

Just last year, Japan has been able to create 43 million jobs ($120 billion in imports from Japan divided by the $2750 cost of starting a new business in Japan ) while we have been able to create 79 million jobs ($57 billion in exports divided by the $715 cost of starting a new retailer in America).

Come March the Third of Twenty Seventeen I suspect we will see similar figures, assuming half the American population buys Nintendo Switches. Say 160 million Americans each buy a Nintendo Switch, and let us remember how they are predicted to be priced at $300 per capita. This would be $48 billion in American imports from Japan and therefore 17 million new modern Japanese jobs.

Meanwhile, if roughly half of Japan’s population, meaning half of 127 million people which is roughly 63 million, each buy a Microsoft invention that might be made in middle of May of 2017 with the intent of economically competing with the Nintendo Switch. If Microsoft was looking to charge $250 per capita for this competing equivalent video gaming device, that would make for $16 billion in American exports to Japan. Thus, America in this scenario can create 22 million new jobs for America. Guess who’d be getting more jobs for less money per individual gaming device if Microsoft were to create a Xbox family or Windows Operating System equivalent gaming item?

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A Libertarian Case For Loving, And Wanting To Improve, America


I absolutely adore my country, that’s why I want to make the free society it is drastically freer. That’s also why I want to do this WordPress diary entry today.

America is a monstrously beautiful country, but I think it could be a lot more beautiful than it is.

The United States of America has severe flaws that need to be addressed pragmatically, I agree. But every libertarian should keep that in mind while still cherishing America as the most lively, most liberating, and most optimistic society on Earth.

Which means it gets me medically ill hearing anyone acting like the United States is such a terrible society. Whether it’s mainstream libertarians like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson or it’s left-wing people of any political philosophy.

[1] America Was Bred By Libertarians

Yes, indeed. The Founding Fathers were libertarians in the context of people who want a free society to exist as a constitutional republic.

One of them, Thomas Jefferson, wrote the US Declaration of Independence to assert that the entire human species has individual freedoms of life, liberty, property and happiness. Another, James Madison, wrote the US Constitution and the US Bill of Rights to be a blueprint for future free societies like 19th century Britain and 1920’s Ireland and 1950’s Israel to model themselves on.

Thomas Paine, another US Founder, wrote the 1776 book “Common Sense”, and in one of the pages spoke of free societies being inherently drastically more interested in peace than tyrannies.

[2] America Sits Very High In Basically Everything Libertarians Desire a Free Society That Sits Very High In.

Now I am going to show you indexes. Every single one of them grades nearly every nation on the planet – including America in all of them – on something that libertarians generally hold dear. Every one of them holds that the US is either near or at the top in almost everything libertarians want for society.

And most of these link to PDF files, so if you’re reading this on a phone or tablet you’ll be downloading stuff by clicking most of the links.

America has the 16th freest economy on Earth, meaning 141 economies are worse than ours, Cato Institute finds. The US trade policies also make for our economy to have the 15th freest trade on Earth according to World Economic Forum.

What about Thomas Jefferson’s vision of democracy and how consistent nations currently are with that vision? Oh, yes! America is 16th on Earth out of the Democracy Ranking of 113.

Property rights are beloved by libertarians, am I right? If so, libertarians should love that the US is 15th out of 129 in the world for Property Rights.

What about cleanliness of government, as opposed to corruption? The fact that America ranks 16 means we have one of the top 20 least corrupt governments on Earth.

Freedom of Speech and the Press? United States scores a 21 out of 100, meaning one of the freest free speech and free press setups on the planet.

Turning back to economy, we are 7th in the world out of 189 studied in how easy it is to do business. America is also the world’s largest economy by a long way.

Americans are also the smartest people according to the Nobel Prizes index. Top of the world in reliable scientific sources (unlike Wikipedia) as well. America is also the country that internets better than anyone else on Earth by a very long way. America also has the world’s largest number of individual billionaires, including charity givers like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

And seeing as most libertarians welcome immigrants with open arms, I’ll stop my case here: America hosts the largest number of global immigrants. Also check the World Index of Moral Freedom to see where the US ranks in freedoms of religion, bioethics, sexuality, and family/gender.


I willfully began my case with the arenas wherein there’s room for improvement, to demonstrate the pragmatism of my case. But then I closed with what America is closest on Earth to perfect at. Thanks for the read,