Why the Libertarian Party needs to be the party of the Digital Economy more than of anything else


Bitcoin and its competitors, the epitomes of currency in the Digital Economy.

If the LP Emphasized being the Party of the Digital Economy, it would have destroyed the 2-party system during the 2016 election.

Here, I have a lecture to give about why my party (I am registered to vote in my town of Cheshire CT in the Libertarian Party) needs to make Digital Economy its top priority. The reason I am registered to vote as a Libertarian is because I don’t respect the two party system. As far as I am concerned, it is inherently a virulent and cancerous false dichotomy. But also, I share nearly all if not exactly all public policy principles with the Libertarian Party domestically.

Geopolitically the result of this is I can have a far easier time making the LP smart on foreign policy, which I see it is not and to me that’s the LP acting slightly less than its best. And I say slightly because it’s only two public policy fields to smarten the LP on: foreign and defense. Meaning it is legendarily rare for me to make a case to my own party about why it should promote one of its domestic policies within a certain reality.

Hence this might be one of very few cases I make about why the LP should promote free enterprise from within the Digital Economy. So here we go, my readers!

Pushing School Choice from within the Digital Economy

Let’s not engage in identity politics of any brand when I encourage the LP to take Marco Rubio’s methods of pushing school choice. Marco’s idea of making college a much more worthy investment than it is at present is to make colleges transparent to aspiring college students about the values of college degree paths.

You’ll also notice in this external link that the funding of students would be changed into a matter of private investors funding students’ college tenures. In return, the students would owe a small share of the salary of the first job they get back to the investors. That way, investors can seek only the highest-quality classes with the lowest prices possible for that quality for the students they invest in.

Also, there is this case that I ask my party the LP to make for emphasizing online college taking. Online courses are better for every aspect of college other than making friendships, and if you are someone who like to make many friends you may need to take a mix of online and in person classes. We as a party ought to allow states and towns to decide which of these school choice options to make for public schools.

  • Scholarship Credits
  • Voucher System
  • Charter Schools
  • Magnet Schools
  • Home Schooling
  • Education Budget Accounts

And allow state and local electorates to choose two or more if they so choose.

Liberating Currency in the from within the Digital Economy

You know how I opened this post with a bitcoin pic? Well, I believe that ending the fed and replacing it with free banking means doing so from within the concept of Digital Currency. As far as models of free banking go, we as a party need to look to the Scottish model free baking when they had a few different government banks to go with private banks all having a right to make their own currency. Basically Scotland when they were doing this had the most prosperous and most civilized banking ever devised by people.

Okay, but how do we keep that within the Digital Economy? Well, I propose we promote a version of Scottish free banking where every private bank can make their own virtual currencies and their own crypto currencies. In essence, this is because most people these days get direct deposit into debit cards, credit cards and/or ATM cards like I started with. I should know, I get direct deposit every week into my People’s Bank ATM card only to push at least half of it every week into my NetSpend debit card.

Anything else I can discuss?

Yes, I can, let’s promote freedom of choice in healthcare from within the Digital Economy somehow. Specifically we need to say things like these.

  • “Ending the War on Drugs will allow pregnant women to buy birth control online or at the medicine aisle of grocery stores.”
  • “Ending the War on Drugs will allow Americans to get back tax dollars many if not most would rather spend on health insurance!”

And I think I am going to stop there for now, I will give more examples in other posts. Thanks for reading this one, in the mean time!

~KSP Perkins

Not All Libertarians Are Pacifist-Until-Attacked Thinkers. A Geopolitical Post.


The essence of the liberty movement’s foreign policy is free trade

Buying into the Ron Paul vs Neocons false dichotomy in foreign policy helps no-one but the vile and corrupt Normie Parties.

Essentially I have done this a few times before but I gotta come clean about something before we begin. This online diary is basically for me to keep getting better at articulating my thoughts as I post them in enormously different ‘how I say it’ plans.

Now that this has been verified, let us begin.

Like a dictionary definition libertarian, I think up my own individual view of the world around me and indeed of the world around America. So let me start with what I believe. Then I am going to put you through a Six-Flags-model water ride of polling facts about how regular rank & file Libertarian Partisans think on Geopolitics!

My Point of View on a Foreign Policy level

Basically, I believe that the very first pillar of the Free Will’s foreign policy Doctrine is free trade. No, that does not mean trade deals or anything to do with the alt-right’s fake definition of globalism, real definition of that word here.

Instead, free trade means undermining foreign economies’ regulatory burdens as stealthily as can be without military involvement. It means using harshly delivered diplomacy to forbid foreign governments from regulating their people’s trade overseas beyond a tariff burden and the golden rule. Free trade means demanding that our own government keep the same tariff rate on all trades with all foreign markets, with no other mandates besides the golden rule attached.

Next there is the diplomacy field. As far as I am concerned, the diplomacy field of Free Will Doctrine’s foreign policy is to play very heavy favorites with other free societies. From only negotiating and compromising with nations who are freer societies, to being a vicious trash-talker against despotic filth pits.

Also, I believe that a capitalist regime is the best-behaved, most peaceful regime possible to live under. And that the sort of moral freedom and governmental integrity that capitalism makes normal is best preserved by an unfathomably powerful military. And I also believe that the best way to keep the healthily disruptive freedom that capitalism speeds up scientific progress with going eternally is to be militarily vigilant worldwide. Not militarily active at all places at all times, but rather militarily vigilant.

  • active = acting on all foreign issues at all times
  • vigilant = only acting on foreign issues that pose serious threats to the liberty of one’s friends or one’s people

Lastly, how should a free society’s military fight? Well, to me it is a matter of not using warfare to spread the values of liberty. Instead, the military facet of Free Will’s foreign policy deals with, according to me, the time when a certain despotic filth pit threatens the free society. When there’s indisputable evidence the planned-market regime is planning to attack or has already attacked the free-market regime, then the latter needs to reply callously to the former. The capitalist regime must drive its military to do Take No Prisoners to the statist regime’s troops and to do Scorched Earth to the statist regime’s infrastructure. Whatever the pro-capitalism liberal regime needs to do to soullessly smash the planned-economy fascist regime. And once the planned-economy fascist regime is destroyed, then the pro-capitalism liberal regime can think about imposing liberty onto those the anti liberalism planned economy used to rule before it threatened violence onto the free market regime.

How Regular Rank and File libertarians look at foreign policy

As always, I look into the Pew Research Surveys from 2011 and 2014 to talk about typical libertarian foreign policy. Basically, while most libertarians are opposed to global paternalism and nation building, those are not the only normal sentiments in this Independent-majority movement in foreign policy.

For starters, half the liberty movement believes the best way to ensure world peace is through US military strength. Half also believe that overwhelming military annihilation of state sponsors of terrorism is often the only way to defeat terrorism. It’s only a third who believe both opposites. Next, it is only 5% of the liberty movement that resonate with Anti-American rhetoric like from AntiWar.malware [as I call it], fully 38% feel how I feel about America as a country. The facts-backed feeling that America is flawed but the best country there is. The majority sentiment [56%] is that America is one of the best countries on Earth along with other Western-world nations.

Curiously, the liberty movement and the regular rank & file Libertarian Partisans are both split somewhat evenly between multilateralists and unilateralists. However, the thing that mostly unites unilateralist libertarians and our multilateralist counterparts (I’m a unilateralist myself) is a hostility which I fully espouse to the United Nations as an institute. Also, most libertarians want honest friendship with China, but that sentiment I am not sure if it still exists as our relations with China are hard for even me to fully grasp. And you are reading from a foreign policy super-nerd here! Libertarians as a movement appear to be evenly split on trade deals, half the movement like trade deals, the slightly bigger half want to push free trade onto foreign economies instead of making trade deals.

Unlike the AntiWar.malware rhetoric would suggest, most libertarians including me believe that Islam puts more religious fanatics up to more war crimes than any other organized religion. And comparing that faith’s history to other faiths, I’d say that’s a historically accurate sentiment. However, we predictably don’t allow that to get us into any anti-Bill-of-Rights ramble of fear-mongering. Instead pretty much all of us keep on defending freedom of religion and right to privacy including for American muslims.


Thanks for reading this big one, other people of internet!

~KSP Perkins

If I Run for House of Reps in 2020


One can expect me to be the kind of Ron Swanson of the House of Reps. Except for I’ll be 26.

Firstly, let me get the facts about the House of Reps out of the way.

Basically the House of Representatives, or as I call it House of Reps, is the majority of the Congress (100 Senators, and 435 what I deem ‘Housemen’). What the House of Reps does for America, or is supposed to do, is explained here. In other words, if I do run, all of my ‘rules for rulers’ will be in Article One Section Two of the Constitution. Powers which I could share with like 534 other people, president excluded, are in Article One Section Eight. And I could be one of five people representing Connecticut, in my case I’d be vocalizing the 5th congressional district since my town of Cheshire is part of CT-5.

But this is all assuming I do choose to run for Houseman for CT-5. Which I am extremely unlikely to do because I just don’t like the idea of me running for office.

The strategy I would run on.

Basically, all you need to know for now is I would be hybridizing the 2016 POTUS campaign strategies of Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.

The principles I would run on.

Basically, I’d run on a platform of free markets, civil rights, and Empire of Liberty in foreign policy. Here is what the first ten of my pledges would be. Pledges numbered, benefits bulleted.

  1. To sign the FairTax into law after rewriting its monthly refund aspect to be $8,400 per year for all Americans regardless of age and of income, still billing the feds for it monthly.
    • This will give the feds a Net revenue of $2.8 trillion annually (average American spends $56k annually x 325 million Americans = $5.4 trillion Gross annual, – $2.6 trillion on tax returns = $2.8 trillion)
    • It will also end the income and payroll taxes, endings that are highly desired by every American economist from almost every political ideology!
  2. To amend the constitution to not allow any regulation of business beyond the phrase “Treat your customers and underlings as you yourself wish to be treated.” Also to not allow any regulation of labor beyond the phrase “Treat your customers and your superiors as you wish to be treated.” Lastly to not allow any regulation of consumption beyond “Treat those you buy from as you wish to be treated.”
    • This would repeal regulations which do nothing to benefit either one of civil rights or the digital economy; in the simplest, most anti-loophole and anti-corporatism way possible.
    • This amendment would save small businesses with 1 to 20 workers each roughly $11,000 per worker in annual compliance cost.
  3. To amend the constitution to only allow environmental regulation by classifying pollution and littering as very severe property crimes, and even then only to be addressed by state and local polices.
    • This would reduce the EPA to its founding role: to use environmental sciences to make non-ideological cases for items like renewable energy, reusable grocery bags, & other items like those.
  4. To invoke the first amendment right to freedom of expression to change every public school in America into a charter school, meaning one that is free from any regulations that are not matters of strictly enforced accountability for academic merit, and whose teaching material is set multilaterally by scientists, historians, and parents.
    • This would allow parents some scrutiny over teachers as to invoke the would-be stringent accountability, the other share of scrutiny over teachers going to people who are scholars on the subjects.
    • Also this would make public schools incentivized to try to excel in truly being the best schools in America!
  5. To reclassify the drug epidemic as a medical ill and not a criminal offense in one year, then make the next year about legalizing birth control where medicines are sold, and the third year about legalizing cannabis oil where medicines are sold, and the fourth year about making it a civil right to make cannabis juices for vaping.
    • This would put countless non-violent, golden-rule-abiding innocents out of jail!
    • It would also stamp out drug cartels as mentioned in the NPR article I linked the phrase ‘highly desired’ to above.
  6. To invoke the 1st and 14th amendment rights to freedom of association and equal treatment under law (respectively) to kick the government out of marriage and instead have each marriage be a privately owned nonprofit contract between genuinely romancing adults.
    • This would benefit marriages of every consenting adult nature possible, and would make forced marriages and child marriages the only marriages left to make and enforce laws against!
    • It would also allow police to pay more attention to clamping down on forced and child marriages as they would no longer be distracted by any genuinely romancing adult marriages!
  7. To amend the constitution to only allow Congress to negotiate and compromise with other free societies, and even then only proportional to how free they are according to averages of numeric scores found here and here.
    • This would send a reminder to the world around America of what America’s founding roots are that would raise American integrity overseas to off the chart highs!
    • Also, this’d make every tyranny on Earth either try to regime change themselves or provoke us into rage against them, this way tyrannies are exposed as what they are in front of the entire species!
  8. To reshape the United Nations to only be inclusive to Western cultured Free Societies. And to have abolition in mind for the UN if they fail to comply with this reshaping plan.
    • This would remind the world that America stands for human freedom and human dignity
    • It would also allow for greater American Independence and also to allow independence for other western-cultured free societies besides America, too!
  9. To draft and pass a bill to allow banks to print and compute their own currencies for as long as they play by the golden rule reiterations outlined in pledge 2, above.
    • This would give Americans freedom of choice in currency and allow them to trade dollars for bitcoins and/or competitors to bitcoin.
    • This freedom of choice would also make Americans want to take personal responsibility for learning currency exchange rates, so that they dodge the potential for confusion (which I admit is very real) independently.
  10. To enact something I’d call the ‘Half It Plan’, which would cut two quarters from every federal dollar of foreign aid, of veteran’s pension, and of all non-defense budgets too. Cutting two quarters a year, every year for four years, and then amending the constitution to mandate a balanced budget on year five.
    • This would reverse the breakdown of families caused by Lyndon B. Johnson by his ‘war on poverty’, thus restoring the access of poor kids to their fathers from birth.
    • Also this’d create conditions for a surplus to grow to a level where it would only take 11 years, no more & no less, to pay off our entire national debt.
    • Lastly this’d create liberation of the people from fiscal dependence on government without debarring from them from finding work or from starting businesses of their own.


Sorry for making this so long everyone! But thanks for the read, everyone!

~KSP Perkins

Who Would I Vote For (As of 2017)?


I do not buy into false dichotomies. Or anything that comes off as one.

As of Late January to Early February 2017, and including now, this is the official ‘who I would vote for’ portfolio of Kyle Stoddard ‘Perkino’ Perkins.

Okay, so I have done this at least once a year every year since 2014, when I started this blog. Back then, I was someone who was electorally a Center-right (meaning barely Republican enough to qualify as GOP material) and religiously a Secular-morality Deist.

These days, I am a secular morality atheist with a purist commitment electorally to make to forging the Libertarian Party of America into the dominant party of American elections. Including and primarily by means of making it the dominant party in Cheshire, my town in Connecticut. However, I must also do this by forging it into a party that promotes Fiscal conservatism from within the Digital Economy, endorses Cultural liberalism from within the Constitution, and adopts a foreign policy of the following principles.

  1. Superpower US Military
  2. American Exceptionalism
  3. Unilateral Free Trade
  4. Anticipatory Self Defense
  5. Capitalist Peace Theory

Anyway, time for me to go into the fine details.

In America from 2017 until I am dead because elderly (which I predict will be in the 2060’s), I’ll vote for.

  1. Libertarian Party

Why? Re-read the introductory content for the first reasons why. But allow me to be more clear on the leadership role to add more reasons why.

I am the founder and director of the Cheshire Libertarian Town Committee. And if anything is true about my electoral needs, I am going to need to stop splitting tickets. I am going to need to hurry up and run Cheshire citizens for public offices. After educating them about a properly effective libertarianism at dominating Cheshire CT town level politics.

But the reason I chose the Libertarian Party over either of the main two is because it is very obvious that the two main parties are one in the same. The only difference is that they disagree over whether to make America another Soviet Russia (what SJW Democrats want) or another Nazi Germany (what ‘Trumpkin’ Republicans want).

In Ireland from 2017 to present, I would vote for.

  1. Fine Gael

Why? Because, from what historic factoids I can learn about them, these guys domestically combined a longtime commitment to fiscally libertarian policies with, so far, an 85 year evolution on culture for them to be slowly but surely more into Civil libertarianism.

From what I know about Fine Gael thanks to Mark Humphrys, one of my top political influencers, they are Pro-Defense, Pro-America and Pro-Israel all in one foreign policy package.

And this part is only here because I am ethnically about half or more Irish.

In Britain, based on recent events, who’d I vote for.

  1. Tory Party (aka Conservative Unionist Party)

Why? Even though I am an adamant supporter of federalism, it is clear to me that of all British parties the Tories come closest to my beliefs on a core values and principles level.

Not much else to say about Britain at the moment.

In France, based on recent events, who I’d vote for.

  1. Les Republicans (no, not the GOP. Just their own party in the French electorate)

Why? Because from what policy ideas I can attribute to them, they come off to me as the leading party in standing for the principles listed numerically below.

  1. Free Enterprise
  2. Personal Freedom
  3. Equal Opportunity (no, not equal outcome!)
  4. Rule of Law
  5. Free Expression
  6. Freedom of Association
  7. Freedom of the Media
  8. Religious Liberty

And on foreign policy, from what I can gather from their defeated 2017 presidential candidate, is about destroying the Islamic Totalitarian threat to humanity at its source. Specifically by destroying State Sponsors of Jihadi Terrorism. However, their candidate lost the election by selling out, from what I have heard about him, hence I do not mention his name. Please ask someone else for his name.


Basically, I am a center-right, culturally liberal guy with strong support for free markets, small government, and humanist culture. With a foreign policy mindset of unilateral free trade, anticipatory self defense, and capitalist regime change; here is my rationale for the third principle. And that decides how I would vote. And how I plan to make the Libertarian Party electable. Thanks everyone!

~KSP Perkins

The Policy Agenda of the Libertarian Defense Atheist Page 2 Personal Liberty


The Only James Madison pic I will ever use on this blog.

Personal Liberty


Given a choice between the two options of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice, which side I am on depends on whether it is after the fifth month of a pregnancy. If yes, then I am Pro-Life but if no then I am Pro-Choice. I support a woman’s right to choose whether or not to end a pregnancy before the unborn has a viability, and in human pregnancy viability begins in the final days of Month Five. I oppose the idea of allowing an unborn with viability to be forcibly torn out of the womb, meaning I think abortion should only be a crime during months six through nine, and even then the police should only go after the clinic.

LGBTQ Rights & Marriage

I support a full on policy of marriage privatization. I want lesbians, gay people, bisexual people, all transgendered and all queer to be totally free to marry who they romantically get along with. I also want them all free to adopt the first kid from an adoption center that looks at them favorably, even free to identify with all the fictional genders (third genders) they desire, as long as they are not forcing biologists to present those as real genders.

War on Drugs

Only two things about the concept of recreational drugs sicken me and one is the lethality of many of them. The other thing that sickens me is our disastrously failing War on Drugs, which was created by Richard Nixon entirely to feign ‘justification’ for murdering hipsters and for butchering black human beings. Not to mention the drug war costs tax payers like my good self an annual $16 billion, which for me means an entire paycheck gets eaten up by the disaster called the federal war on drugs. We need to end the war on drugs and if the drug epidemic conservatives talk about is real, then address it as a medical problem, absolutely not a criminal problem.

Self-Defense and Defense of Others

I fully support the right of men and women to defend themselves and defend innocent people in general against physical force, including with weapons if they feel that this’s necessary. I do not think that government should be forcing it to take anyone weeks to get a gun or to get any other weapon or to learn unarmed combat. Basically, I believe in a policy that decides that if someone was convicted of an act of fraud, theft or force then and only then should they have trouble getting guns. Truth is that it’s the government’s guns who need to be severely regulated as those are the guns hundreds of thousands of innocents lose their lives to.

Laws Against Force, Fraud & Theft

As is common sense, the only behaviors that qualify as crimes are behaviors in the categories of fraud, theft and force. And by theft I mean every property crime known to American law enforcement, while force here means every violent crime known to American law enforcement. I propose a 31st Amendment regarding these issues.

Given that violent crimes, property crimes and fraudulent crimes are the only crimes that count as crimes, Congress is hereby barred from making laws against any crimes not in these categories, and is also required to harshly punish crimes of these kinds, and police are hereby forbidden from caring why a violent, property, or fraudulent crime was done.

Freedom of Choice in Lifestyle

Okay, honestly I have nothing against people who eat foods I wouldn’t eat, drink beverages I wouldn’t drink, wear clothes I wouldn’t wear, play video games I wouldn’t play etc. Which is why I do not think government should be able to regulate any industries that cater to various lifestyles. For example, I would never wear revealing clothing, even if I was female, but I can totally tolerate women making their own individual clothing choices. And I expect government to tolerate alternative lifestyles as well, while not forcing them onto people who wish to not engage in any of these.

Next Time…

I talk about Strategic Defense and what exactly the term I used in page 1 of this platform means! Thanks and please sign onto donating $1.75/month to my journalism,

The Policy Agenda of the Libertarian Defense Atheist Page 1 Economic Liberty


My banner here and on the social media platform Minds

Economic Freedom

Separation of Economy and State

There should be a constitutional right to economic freedom modeled on the first amendment, and I recognize it needs to be a constitutional amendment imposed overnight and that such recognition is unconditional realism. This 28th Amendment should read like this.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of currency, or prohibiting the free banking thereof, or abridging the free enterprise, or of the markets; or the right of the people to freely trade overseas, and to petition the Government to address acts of fraud, theft or force initiated by any private corporations.

Liberty Focused Energy Policy

I wish to see an end to all subsidies for green energy and especially for fossil fuel, and I also support an end to EPA monopoly on producing environmental policies. Let paleontologists like the one I’ll be in my 30’s, ecologists and other environmental scientists be the people who warp energy consumers into favoritism toward green alternatives by one means and one means only: Authoring and selling books and other media in favor of Clean Energy.

Freedom Based Climate Policy

Just like I say on energy policy, government should not be involved in the market for climate change clean-up efforts and Pro-green activism. That is a market that only environmental scientists to engage in, and even so only by doing what scientists do best; independently researching but also authoring and selling books, documentaries and other media about what’s wrong with the atmosphere superheating as it is.

Labor Markets and Job Creation

I desire a 29th Amendment that reads exactly like this:

A work ethic based wage standard, being necessary to reward workers proportionally to how productive they are, shall not be set by any other authority than a department manager; just as well the freedom of contract and right to work shall not be limited by any authority, corporate or governmental.

In other words, I desire constitutionally ingrained economic freedom including in the context of bilateral agreements between department manager and working member of the department.

Charity Instead of Welfare

I would like to see total privatization of the industry called Non profit Charity. Because you are not being charitable if you put a gun to a harder worker’s head and command them to share a portion of their larger earns with a lazier worker. Charity is a product of empathy!

Decentralized Social Security

I desire the right to total control of my own retirement funding. And I wish to be able to fund it in my very own debit card account. That’s just one reason of many I bought a Visa NetSpend card sometime ago.

Freedom of Education

I want parents to be able to send their offspring to whichever schools they want without having to move. My parents had to move with me to Cheshire because both Cheshire and New Haven city governments were, and still are, allowed to take all students from within their respective local societies no matter how poorly they perform, and Cheshire was far less terrible in terms of treatment of people like me who have Asperger’s. Instead public schools should be privatized and forced to be efficient by the laws of supply and demand! This way there is no maltreatment of my own and it becomes about actual education.


I want to see full and total repeal of Obama Care, Medicaid and Medicare and replacement of them with a 30th amendment that mandates freedom of medical choice.

Congress shall make no law respecting a mandate to buy private healthcare, or prohibiting the voluntary purchase of private healthcare; or limiting the freedom of choice regarding insurance, or regarding medicine or hospital, including to pay the Government user fees, instead of taxes, for a public option.


Blame and eliminate the welfare state for the problems people are having these days with the idea of freedom of movement. We need not blame the immigrants for coming here dishonestly because if you were fleeing a Sharia based hell pit then why not cross the fence? No one ever fled to escape from classical liberalism, okay people? However I do know the need to secure all borders, which is why I call for criminal and medical checks, for finishing the fence and for having immigrants take US English and US Civics classes for 4 years before becoming citizens.

Public Finance in a Neolibertarian Regime

What’s a neolibertarian regime? I will explain that in part here and far more in page 3 and maybe also page 2, but in the mean time I will explain it is a post 9/11 offshoot of fiscal libertarianism. And I cannot think of more fiscally libertarian ways to build up public finance than to have government charge user fees, royalties, rental contracts, and concession contracts; for lotteries, public services, and tourism to national monuments; added with sale of raw materials to governments of other OECD members.

Next Time…

I am going to talk about Personal Liberty and then my final page in this trilogy will be Strategic Defense. I will even explain in Page 3 what ‘neolibertarian regime’ means! In the mean time I need people signing onto giving $1.75 monthly donation, so I can continue to make this blog better and also buy a currently on sale domain name to plant the seeds of neolibertarian journalism.

Anti-Trump Majority of Republicans: Flee to the American Capitalist Party


This is the third party most worthy of the label of libertarian, and of republican.

The case for the Anti-Trump 60% of Republican Partiers abandoning the Republican Party to become Capitalist Partiers.

Hello everyone, and happy 2017. As someone who is both very Anti-Trump and very sick to death of the ‘NotMyPresident’ hysteria, I must reiterate that the majority of Republican voters in America, specifically three in five, voted against Trump in the 2016 Republican primary. The link to that is in the headline as one may be able to tell, and also I wanted to mark my own words in this post as sign that I will be promoting the Capitalist Party throughout 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and future years to.

As I predicted earlier, the Anti-Trump majority of Republicans, and especially Pro-Defense, America-loving Empire of Liberty libertarians of the party will be fleeing the GOP to escape from Donald Trump’s pattern of being as much of an executively overreaching tyrant as he can. So I figured I would come to my platform whose average visitors per month appears to me to be tripling every year, and offer these Republicans the right party for them to escape to.

The Libertarian Party is undeserving of the label of libertarian, as that party thinks that libertarian means ‘fanatical worshipper of Ron Paul who demonizes everyone who disagrees with him on anything at all as a neocon or other type of statist‘. And yes I am citing their behavior as is routine for them as evidence to what they think libertarian means. But I have bad news for the LP: libertarian actually means ‘a human being who upholds the ideals of individual freedom both in opinion and in action‘.

Who’s there to flee to that is better than the Libertarian Party?

The best party for Anti-Trump 60% of Republicans to flee to is the Capitalist Party of the United States, because their platform and policies are matters of standing on principle and matters of the specific principles that the GOP used to be stand on.

And former LP candidate Austin Petersen is absolutely right when he says this.

  • People do not join third parties for opportunism, but rather for the policies that third party stands on, its the Democrat and Republican parties join for opportunism!

Which is why I am joining the US Capitalist Party and also encouraging not just the Anti-Trump majority of Republicans but also the Small-L majority, 97%, of libertarians of the United States as well. Granted I am only predicting a 40% to 50% turnout rate int terms of who actually goes along with this advise of mine.

I even have on my Facebook profile’s ‘political views’ box that I want people to go right to this policies page to learn exactly where I stand on every major political issue.

Thank you all for reading this post! And if you like the idea of this party, then the only way to get a Connecticut state level party rising is to please sign onto donating $1.75 per month to my online journal with this button!