Dear GOP Missourians: It’s Either Auggy Bear or Epic Vote Fail


Austin Wade Petersen is the person I am nicknaming ‘Auggy Bear’, based on one of the nicknames he’s clarified are his in his “Why do Politicians Lie” video.

A Center-Wing Independent voter’s Advise to Missouri Republicans; Fresh from Cheshire, Connecticut.

If you read this story by the highly factual Moderate left journal “St. Louis Today”, you learn from the get go that Republican Party staffers both nationally and in Missouri paint this dude named Joshua Hawley as the unavoidable nominee for the Senior Missouri Senator job. And I specify ‘senior’ because as far as I know every state has two senators, one senior and one junior. On top of this I did some Googling and most of the searching I did in search of the Politico poll that Austin talked about with Missouri voters being very opposed to Joshua. And everything I found instead was stuff about mainstream media painting Hawley as the unavoidable nominee of the Missouri GOP. However, I imagine the 99% of you visiting this via already know this, the MSM is lying about the Austin vs Joshua debacle. For the other 1% of visitors to this blog, MSM does not believe in factually reporting the news while admitting to specific political loyalties, the MSM would rather forge a narrative and then call themselves the definition of politically neutral.

Sorry, MSM and Google Search Results! That’s not how the primary will go!

The actual political climate among Missourians as St. Louis Today highlights is one wherein voters are purely Anti-Hawley, and Anti-McConnell. The only difference between what I am saying and what they said is I am defining what they mean by ‘Anti-Establishment’. And I can gather this despite the fact that I was born in Derby CT and bred to be a Cheshire CT native for life. Plus, I have done an early childhood travel to Oregon once and several Middle School and High School era travels to Longboat Key, a lovely Floridian small town built on a chain of isles. Aside from this I have never been to Missouri, though I did almost go there to celebrate Independence Day with Austin and the rest of his fanbase around me using Uber. But I had no clue how to use it affordably for a Grocery Clerk like me who’s mostly able to give him just $10 every 2 or 3 weeks. Which FYI I will keep giving him until August 7th of 2018 when the voting gets going.

Breaking Down everything right with Austin Petersen

Let me break this down to the people of Missouri despite the fact that I am not a Missourian, please? You guys have, in a 19 hour drive west of me, have a genuine…

  • Honest and Simple
  • Non-religious
  • Openly Secular Humanist
  • Individualist and Federalist
  • Market Liberalism activist
  • Intellectual guru on different libertarianisms

Running to become your senior senator! While this post of mine may remind me of something I should have said to the Libertarian Party in April of last year, I must ask you this. If you guys are purely anti-McConnell, then I advise voting 100% for the Auggy Bear on that August Day I found via Google to be your primary voting day. Thanks,

~Kyle Perkins


Why the Alt Right is Just As Evil as the SJW Left


Loving my country more than any other does not make me a nationalist. I despise any and all nationalisms. And the Alt Right is cancer because of its nationalism.

Here is my individual case AGAINST the Alternative Right

First off, who is the Alt Right? Basically, they are an identity politics bulls–t movement who thrives on fighting Leftism-induced hate… with just other hate. Basically, while the Social Justice Warrior left thrives on bigotry toward everyone who is straight, white, male and/or Christian, the Alt Right thrives on bigotry toward everyone who is not all four of these things. Trust me, this is the second most objective and neutral analysis you will find on the entire internet, only Austin Petersen’s analysis of the Alt Right is better than mine. But that’s just me, I will let you decide which of us two is doing a better job analyzing.

Exhibit A} The Alt Right is copy and paste SJWs when it comes to Fear Mongering

While the Social Justice left fear mongers as an excuse to walk back freedom of expression and freedom of religion, the Alt Right fear mongers as an excuse to walk back freedom of movement and laissez-faire economics. Like, let’s compare my reaction to the refugee crisis Europe is having with Syrian refugees to the Alt Right reaction. My reaction to the Syrian Refugee crisis in Europe at first was to suspect the crisis was sponsored by Saudi Arabia and its fellow fully Sharia based theocracies. But then when I realized I could not prove that, I changed my view on the issue to something like this.

  • The refugees were not vetted properly.

But what has not changed is my principle regarding immigration.

  • We need totally Open immigration with a vetting system that consists only of an English class and a Civics class.

But what about the Alt Right? Yeah, they fear mongered over it to support building walls along national borders, to oppose the individual right to freedom of movement, to support the vile trash that causes a callous disregard for individualism. Of course that trash is nationalism.

Exhibit B} All the Alt Right cares about is money and cults of personality

While there are no Democrats more engaged in confirmation bias and in putting party before principle than the Social Justice left, there’s also no Republicans more engaged in these behaviors than the Alternative Right. Frankly, I am much more of an Independent voter than anything else and even I can tell that the evidence for this is staggering.

For if you look at the controversy about Tomi Lahern’s flip flopping on abortion, that’s really the easiest way to pin this allegation of mine against the Alt Right as truth. She for example was only a few months before this flip flop claiming abortion clinics are murderers. Now, she’s going on lefty TV channels to declare Pro-life Righties hypocrites. Like, I don’t consider myself Lefty or Righty but rather ‘Center-Wing’ and even I can spot this as ultra hypocrisy!

Not only this, but also if you look at the kinds of shirts Roger Stone and Alex Jones and all that pile of anthrax we call InfoWars like to market, that alone is evidence that this Alt Right is a cancer on the political Right. Because, the Alt Right is not about being intellectually curious or intellectually honest.

Exhibit C} Populists vs Real People

They are basically just a species of malware called populists, dumbasses who get ahead by faking a ‘wisdom of the crowds’. Plus there are no Alt Righters who can even spell or speak like real people. Sample one is Tomi Lahern claiming she’s Pro-choice because she’s “A Constitutional{ist}”. There’s an ‘ist’ at the end of that label, you f–king moron by the name of Tomi Lahern. And also Alex Jones once went on a rant about ‘Glorious Skydom and the CIA Program’, meaning he is more of a comedy show than an actual person, to me. But once I clam down from my laughter at this empty headed animal, I’m like, “Skydom… that’s not a word”. These Alt Right people are clearly those who actively pursued D’s and F’s in senior year of high school. Meanwhile; Irish, atheist Center-Wing libertarian Independent voter me was all about Honor Roll all year my senior year!

You are not a conservative Republican, and certainly not a libertarian Independent like me; just for hating on progressive Democrats, or picking fights with the terrorist group Antifa, or for fear-mongering against the total freedom of movement! No, no and no! You need an intellectual underpinning in order to qualify into either one of the first two of the 2-word phrases, you need to boycott this cult of personality trash!

Closing Thoughts

These Alt Righters brag about having not read books, which I find disturbing. This is because I read all the printed nonfiction novels I can that are relevant to a free society’s need for a strong military and an alert foreign policy. But also, I actually go out of my way to fact check every claim relevant to science, religion or politics I see or hear using Wikipedia, just as I have done since my early teens when I was debunking creationism and debunking Abstinence Only propaganda. Thanks for reading;

~KSP Perkins

The Best Libertarian Demography Report On the Entire Internet!


What you pollin’!?

Thank you Reuters and Pew for the numbers I use for this report!

So refreshing to see that I am not alone in what I believe or in who I am! Basically, I am putting up polling data from Reuters Polling and from Pew Research Center for this. And my goal with this poll is to highlight how many people are in the liberty movement and also what the percentages mean when applied to the multi-digit numbers of people.

How many people in the liberty movement at present?

Basically using this widget and this report and this page, it is clear there are currently 81 million libertarians in America, including 42 million registered voters.

What are the beliefs in the liberty movement?

On this page, it’s heavily agreed among libertarians that there are very few services government can competently provide [66 million people inc {including} 34 million voters]. Plus, it’s heavily agreed that the 83% of American commoners who engage in charity are who is to do social safety net & not government [69 million folks inc 36 million voters].

I believe every businessman and every laborer should keep all the fruit of her work, making me one of 67 million folks inc 35 million voters.

We believe that LGBT people should be treated exactly as straight people are treated, or rather 58 million of us do, inc 30 million of those of us who vote.

I also say the best way for the EPA to help the environment is to return to its founding role of basing its rules on science facts and not on marxist theology. 64 million libertarians inc 33 million voters agree with me.

Also, 66 million of us inc 34 million voters, are right there with me in erring on the side of privacy whenever privacy and security conflict with each other.

Any controversies in liberty movement?

Yes, but almost all of them are foreign policy ones. First of these is how I am one of 39 million libertarians inc 20 million voters who believe, as JFK did, in Peace Through Strength, while 27 million inc 14 million voters who prefer Strength Through Peace. These are the same numbers for how many of us believe militarily demolishing the countries who are known to sponsor terrorism is the best way to defeat terrorism.

As for American activity in world affairs, my opinion is the less popular one. I’m one of 35 million inc 18 million voters who believe America is best off being active in global matters. 44 million of my fellow libertarians inc 23 million voters. And then when it comes to Blaming America First, I’m one of 38 million inc 20 million voters who accept it’s immoral to blame America ever. Disturbingly, 37 million inc 19 million of my own are America-haters who blame America for everything bad about the world around it.

Unilateralism vs Multilateralism is roughly as big a controversy in libertarian circles, 39 million inc 20 million voters prefer multilateralism. As for me I am one of the 36 million inc 19 million voters who prefer going unilateral.

Bizarrely to me, 45 million of my own inc 23 million voters value stability over freedom when it comes to the Greater Middle East. I thought we were a movement of individual freedom activists? I’m one of 28 million inc 14 million voters who value freedom over stability.

I may be in the minority on unilateralism but apparently I’m also one of 42 million libertarians inc 22 voters, the majority of libertarian, who oppose United Nations, thankfully!

Who libertarians are in America

47 million American men inc 21 million voters are libertarians, along with 47 million American women, 21 million of whom are voters. Two thirds male looks like it’s no longer true!

Of America’s 60 million millennials, 20 million inc 8 million voters are libertarians. Only 9% of old people are the same way.

50 million whites, 5 million Asians, 7 million blacks, 1 million Natives, and 13 million Hispanics make up the liberty movement.

As I am a New Englander, I think I am being fair by mentioning this. Out of us 15 million, there are 3 million libertarians, including me. As someone considering moving to a Floridian town called Sarasota, I see there’s 24 million libertarians in the Southeast region.

Electorally, libertarians are very largely Independent voters, for 39 million of us libertarians are Independents while 10 million and 6 million are Republicans and Democrats, respectively. Only half a million identify with the Libertarian Party, and 1.5 million go for other third parties besides the LP.

169 million libertarians are poor and, like me, working class while 32 million are Middle class and only 1 million rich people are libertarians. 42 million of us work full time jobs and I am one of the 7 million who are either part-time or, like in my case, casual-hours.

Now, on the only relevant part of the social or personal stuff to me! Religious differences! Why? Because I am the biggest defender of total religious liberty in all of atheism. Anyway, 24 million atheists, deists, and other Non-religious like me; inc 11 million voters; are basically libertarians; inc myself!

End of report

Thanks people for reading this!

~KSP Perkins

Who S.E. Cupp is and how she comes off to me as a fellow neolibertarian


I love every aspect of her intellect, the rambling below tells why.

I notice S.E. Cupp is legendary in the head

Who is she, though? Well, SE Cupp is basically a pundit who like me is also Non-religious, having a secular morality. Not only this her and I are both agnostic atheist, but whereas the proof she is one is she calls herself ‘open minded to theism’, the proof I am one is I don’t want to confirm any answers on the God question, but I think the presence of a God in reality is severely unlikely.

Okay, so that’s the religion stuff but of course you are here for the political compare and contrast.

Here is who she is… the first half of this.

Frankly, she is an atheistic center-right pundit, she calls herself a ‘Log Cabin Republican’, as to remind us she is one of those level-headed Republicans. So if we look at the LCR’s platform we can learn she is someone who believes, as they do, that more inclusivity means more progress for the advancement of individual liberty. Also, she is a California native who also has citizenship in Massachusetts, specifically Boston.

Now, what’s a ‘neolibertarian’ and what makes her easy to peg as perhaps being one?

Okay, so basically, as far as I can gather, neolibertarians are basically minarchists who make sense on geopolitics by rejecting antiwar activism and by endorsing both a strong military and a Jeffersonian, “Empire of Liberty” foreign policy. Cupp herself qualifies as one, to me, because of the following.

  1. Plugging her views as I know them from LCR and the Voter App, into this quiz, she comes up 80% Pro-Civil Liberty and 100% Pro-Fiscal Liberty, putting her in the libertarian zone of Nolan Chart. I myself come up 90% Pro-Civil Liberty and 90% Pro-Fiscal Liberty.
  2. She wrote this piece for a news magazine where she made the case for a strong military and a liberty-spreading foreign policy. As for me, I agree with her up until she mentions the “obligation” to spread democracy. I would dispute her openly on spreading democracy vs spreading minarchism and/or spreading capitalism on these grounds:
    • Democracy is just whatever kind of tyrant the foreign people want as long as the tyrant allows for multiparty elections
    • Capitalism is the economic doctrine of, and proven key to, self-ownership, and on par with it comes minarchism, the governing system where power is only in the hands of authority for authority to uphold individual liberty for all.

And the difference between spreading democracy versus spreading capitalism is not some tiny nitpick, by the way. It is the leading contrast between neolibertarians like Cupp and I vs actual neoconservatives.

Any other celebrity neolibertarians?

Yes, there are! Their names are [with what they are known for in brackets]:

  1. Larry Elder [talk radio pundit that focuses mainly, but not solely, on race relations and the need for fathers in family homes]
  2. Neal Boortz [talk radio pundit that focuses mainly, but not solely, on scrapping our entire current tax system and resetting from scratch with a 23% sales & imports tax that people making $12,000 or less annually don’t pay]
  3. David Draiman [Disturbed and Device groove metal singer who has political science degrees and is on record with views that align with fiscal conservatism and cultural liberalism, with domestic minarchism and an endorsement of Pro Israel bonafides on foreign policy]
  4. Gene Simmons [KISS classic rock guitarist who is on record for his ‘Liberty republican’ approach to voting based on principles]
  5. Tammy Bruce [another female, Pro-LGBT-rights, center-right secularist, one who I know far less about than I know about S.E. Cupp]
  6. Mark Humphrys [a Dublin, Ireland blogger whose official site gets something like a million visits every 8 years, as of like the year I was born which was 1994]
  7. Bruce Willis [an actor who allies to the GOP on economy and foreign policy but never on social issues or even on religion in politics]
  8. Arnold Schwarzenegger [another actor who ran for California governor, has similar views to Willis, and was well respected until the end of his governance]

Okay, I think I will stop here. And also, S.E. Cupp looks a lot like a goddess, but that’s not important. Thanks for the read, my readers!

~KSP Perkins

Pro-Defense News is Dead… And I am Moving My Journalism Venture to Wix


The Libertarian Republic‘s Josh Guckert, who taught me the general journalism skills I will build my news-hub and my fandom-sites on!

Pro-Defense News crashed when I tried to change it a bit

Basically what I tried to do is change the URL and name to “Liberty Mind Channel”, so that I could expand the website into something greater. Specifically something like Real Clear News for Pro-Defense, Pro-America libertarians as vocalized by Keith Farrell at TLR and by Libertarian Defense Caucus. But then the URL change caused the site to crash. And now I can no longer access the WordPress site I built by my hand.

What was my vision having this idea?

I want to build a network that works like Real Clear and reports the news using links found at or through Real Clear. But instead of crafting the narrative like CNN, NBC, PBS, FNC, ABC, CBS, and other mainstream media all do, my journalists and I will be analyzing what happened and then offering individual perspective. The categories are going to be named right after their Real Clear Counterparts, linking to source material as follows. What they cover and from what angle is bulleted.

  1. Liberty Mind Politics
    • Electoral news coverage from a mix of ‘vote Libertarian’ and ‘vote Independently’ perspectives
  2. Liberty Mind Policy
    • Legislative news coverage from a series of constitutionalist and minarchist perspectives
  3. Liberty Mind Markets
  4. Liberty Mind World
    • Foreign Policy news coverage from a series of differing perspectives that all share these traits: cherishing America, supporting Israel, favoring a very alert foreign policy
  5. Liberty Mind Defense
    • Military news coverage from a diverse cast of perspectives that all share support for a very strong military
  6. Liberty Mind Nature
    • Energy, Livestock and other Natural Resource news coverage from a mix of very differing perspectives that can all agree on not wanting their perspective signed into law
  7. Liberty Mind Health
    • Medical news coverage from a series of perspectives that all share support for free market healthcare and opposition to the war on drugs, but differ as to how the former should be instilled and how the latter should be abolished
  8. Liberty Mind Science
    • Science news coverage from a diverse cast of perspectives that can all accept the importance of science and its need for total freedom of expression in order to flourish
  9. Liberty Mind Religion
    • Religious news coverage from a religiously diverse cast of every organized religion and every secular viewpoint, religiously different perspectives that can all agree on supporting unconditional freedom of religion
  10. Liberty Mind Future
    • Technology news coverage from a set of perspectives that all happen to promote free enterprise from within the Digital Economy
  11. Liberty Mind Academics
    • Education news coverage from a set of perspectives that differ on specifics but all share support for freedom of education and for school choice
  12. Liberty Mind Hobbies
    • News about Sport fandoms and about various nerd fandoms where there are no specific principles promoted except for freedom of choice and agreement to disagree.
    • And yes, I do realize I am going to have to provide people sources to go to for the nerd fandoms. Which I am adept at because I am much more of a geek than a jock, honestly.
  13. Liberty Mind History
    • History-related news coverage from many perspectives that may differ on specifics but can all agree that we should not be tearing down our history and that we should actively defend historic records
  14. Liberty Mind Books
    • Literature coverage and novel, comic book, and even movie reviews where each author has his or her own distinct perspective
  15. Liberty Mind Invest
    • Crime and Police news coverage from differing perspectives which can all agree on Due Process, Jury Trial, and the Presumption of Innocence.

In closing…

Again, as noted in the image, I want to thank Josh Guckert the former Editor in Chief of the Libertarian Republic news channel for my journalistic skills that I am now using to make this network and to make official sites for many of my fandoms too! Thanks all my readers!

~KSP Perkins

The Statism of Opposing Regime Change in Iran: Liberty minded case against letting Iran stay as it is at present; part 1


“This deal will HEAL our relations! Just have faith here!”

No, I will not have faith in the deal!

Ugh…. here we go again. So I was sitting in the break room of my workplace around reading some Reason Magazine via the Reason Magazine app on my phone, during my break from 2;15 to 2;30. Frankly I stumbled upon this piece and I read the full thing, and wrote a hand written rough draft to debunk it. But then on my way home after clocking out at 4;00… I decided I am better off debunking it digitally.

Debunking my own default political news source on a big issue.

Basically I’ll open like this.

Disclaimer one. The following rebuttal is not about accusing the author of wrong-think or any tyrannical charge, frankly. Instead, it is about trying to explain to this author I’m gonna debunk, that he does not seem understand the world around America. And that I suspect it’s because of antiwar activist rhetoric.

Disclaimer two. I have been into the doctrine of free will since roughly the age of questioning what I really believe, which I assume is fourteen. I’m in favor of free trade, marriage privatizationcharter schools and free banking. I oppose the entire status quo of Taxation in the United States, and favor snappily replacing all of it with a national sales tax of 15% for anyone whose hourly wage is more than $20. My stance on healthcare, food, clothing, housing, and other facets of standard of living? Four words; Unlimited, Freedom, Of, Choice.

Okay, time for rebuttal!

It was not Iran that spawned the scariest enemy now on the horizon—the Islamic State group. It was the U.S. occupation of Iraq after we invaded in 2003 to, yes, topple the government. President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were among those who thought America could never be safe as long as Saddam Hussein was in power.

As it happened, America was safer with him than it has been without him. The invasion bogged us down in a bewildering civil war that left 36,000 Americans dead or wounded, destabilized the region, and expanded the influence of … Iran

How does Steve fit so much wrong into one paragraph?

  1. The only thing stopping Iran and ISIS from uniting for their mutual goal of killing all Americans down to the last unborn… is Iran and ISIS hate each-other as a ‘wrong-think’ strain of religious fanatic statism.
  2. American invasion and occupation of Iraq 2003 to 2011 had nothing to do with spawning ISIS which was spawned purely by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, and Lebanon sponsoring Jihadi terrorism everywhere they can.
  3. Cheney as of 1994 was against the idea of toppling Saddam because according to him “If the US goes to Baghdad then it’ll be all alone as none of our honest friends in the region or even in the OECD are willing to topple him. Even though he is making the mideast a very volatile part of the world, taking him down will just make that worse by making bits of Iraq fly off. Turkey will want a little part of it as will Iran and the Kurds will want to make an independent Kurdistan. It’d be a quagmire!
  4. Toppling Saddam made almost no difference in American safety. Instead Saddam first became enemy of us when he sponsored the murders of our then ambassadors to Kuwait, to Israel and to Turkey therefore provoking our 1991 act of smacking him right back. Then we toppled him in 2003 for a trash reason, which was explicitly stated as imposing democracy without any hint of the Liberty component anywhere in the mix. And in doing so we ended a genocidal state who sponsored terrorism until its demise.
  5. What actually destabilized the region is the 2011 total withdrawal of all 156k surviving US troops [it was 192k who went in during 2003, minus 36k which I can believe equals 156k survivors]. Our 44th POTUS did this after being requested by his entire Geopolitics team to leave behind 15k or 16k US troops to guard free trade and freedom of movement between Iraq and America. Kinda like we did for American trade and travel to and from Germany, Japan and Italy since the late 1940’s! It takes 55 years on average for a newly liberated foreign society to become a free society independently from any need for American oversight! And the US military pulling all 156k of its surviving Iraq War goers out of Iraq only eight years, 15% of the way, into that is the real culprit of this insanity we see ISIS breathing.

Faced with a perennially hostile government, our best bet is to use pressure and diplomacy to moderate its behavior—as Obama did with the Iranian nuclear deal. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best of our bad options

Relying on any means short of war to overthrow the government has little chance of working. Military force might be more effective, but it would mean full-scale war in Iran. Even if we were to win, the outcome would most likely yield more chaos, conflict and terrorism

  1. Actually, the Iran deal is the worst option on the table. Even liberty activism hero Rand Paul knew this! In the Republican Primary of 2016 he said that “I oppose the Iran deal and will seek to undo it, but I don’t instantly discount pressure and diplomacy. The true reason why the Iran Deal is the worst of our all-bad options is because it was not done through a viewpoint of strength. Raegan did do pressure and diplomacy to Soviet Russia but did it from Peace Through Strength. We have to see consistent evidence of compliance by Iran with the laws of war. I even asked John Kerry in-person if he believes Iran can be trusted to obey the laws of war? And he said ‘no’ and I said ‘then why did you go along with the Iran Deal as is!?’ As for me I would’ve never done an Iran Deal without consistent evidence of Iran complying with the laws of war.” Grant you I am paraphrasing, but point is that even Rand Paul would know you are pushing suicidal foreign policy, Steve, by endorsing the Iran Deal.
  2. Ruthlessly obliterating a state sponsor of terrorism does not create more terrorism, that’s just common sense. Terrorism is not avenging the destruction of one’s family, that’s not what terrorism is. Acts of terrorism means going around murdering innocent civilians in the name of the ideology of the regime who sponsors the actors! This is way dumber than saying that abolishing corporations who sponsor YouTube ad revenue will create even more YouTube ad revenue! Plainly makes no sense! Not to mention, going for total destruction of any and all legit military targets in a Take No Prisoners way is historically how defeating foreign tyrannies’ aggressions has been done. Here is what legit military targets are just for your information.Legit Military Target

One more thing before I close up post: Iran has been proven to use its nuclear power stations and maybe also hydroelectric dams for weapons of mass destruction and then lie about what it’s using these two elements for.

Well, thanks for patiently reading all 1190 words of that. And for all you Antiwar candidates, reporters, and other activists thanks for your negative-numbered IQ comments if you give me any… I can guess I’ll enjoy laughing at them! Will I get any, though?

~KSP Perkins

I Want Nothing to do with Pitch Perfect 3


Is PP3 F—ing Kidding Me With This Blah Blah Blah!?

I promise my reasons are not about me being political

Instead, it is the movie trailer itself that is overtly occupied with politics. Hollywood is not even trying to hide its bias against liberalism, and for anti-liberal Marxism, anymore. And the Pitch Perfect Three trailer is unconditionally evidence to prove this fact of life. I will be describing this trailer in objective & neutral detail to everyone as I am not wanting anyone to have any incentive to go see the movie it’s advertising.

What I saw in the first trailer

So, like 20 seconds in they are painting far-left radical marxist lies about Western Culture as reality. First was the lie that no Westerner believes women can win at anything but culinary arts. Then was the lie that white privilege and thin privilege are somehow realities. And they topped this 20 seconds off with the lie that women are systemically oppressed in aspiring to be surgeons. So I count my blessings that this triple-dishonesty painting of theirs didn’t give me AIDS. Next, we see the one of the protagonists who is not slim wearing a red hat that says ‘Make America Eat Again’. Like my god… I can write good jokes, and real satire, that even teen girls would prefer over this trash! How on Earth do I not have a depressed skull fracture from having seen this vile film trailer, again? And as for the trailer’s side of this story, how is it not overtly occupied with far-left partisan tribalism again?

What I make of the trailer

As someone who more often doesn’t mind dumb looking trailers, this trailer is way too stupid for me to have any respect for human life if it even makes One Dollar off people seeing it. I genuinely hope this movie’s theatrical turn out puts all involved in its creation into irrevocable and unsustainable monetary debt to the world around them!

And if there are any actors and/or actresses in this ‘Pitch Tribalism Three’ as I call it, who are tremendously talented who are in this upcoming garbage… You guys are murdering no-one’s public image but yours by doing this movie. And if you lose your careers to this movie then…

Know I will be seeing to it you cannot restore due to newer, at-least-as-well-acting actors and actresses taking over the acting market in place of you. I will adamantly oppose any sympathy being directed at you for this movie having ended your respective careers.

What People should watch instead (this is the part where and when I cheer you readers and also myself up)

Guys and Gals, why not come to my channel and follow it while I post videos there every Thursday, every Friday and every Saturday? I will be posting there starting this very week and I will do the recordings for it Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There are four shows you can see therefore I will have, when Hollywood is poisoning the Christmas Well at theaters with the infernal trash I talked about above, Four Christmas Specials. These shows are (genre in brackets):

  • Free Society Diary (Politics)
  • Battle for Middle-Derp (Gaming)
  • Militant Evolutionist (Brainfood)
  • Cloth N Cook (Lifestyle)

And the Christmas Specials (CS) will be as follows:

  • Free Society Diary CS = “How the Saudi King Stole Christmas!”
  • Battle for Middle-Derp CS = “Durin’s Bane the Snowman!” (featuring re-textured Balrog!)
  • Militant Evolutionist CS = “Merry Saturnalia, fellow Christmas Lovers!”
  • Cloth N Cook CS = “Forging Santa’s Workshop out of meat alone”

So please, look forward to those! Thanks in all my readers!

~KSP Perkins

If I Run for House of Reps in 2020


One can expect me to be the kind of Ron Swanson of the House of Reps. Except for I’ll be 26.

Firstly, let me get the facts about the House of Reps out of the way.

Basically the House of Representatives, or as I call it House of Reps, is the majority of the Congress (100 Senators, and 435 what I deem ‘Housemen’). What the House of Reps does for America, or is supposed to do, is explained here. In other words, if I do run, all of my ‘rules for rulers’ will be in Article One Section Two of the Constitution. Powers which I could share with like 534 other people, president excluded, are in Article One Section Eight. And I could be one of five people representing Connecticut, in my case I’d be vocalizing the 5th congressional district since my town of Cheshire is part of CT-5.

But this is all assuming I do choose to run for Houseman for CT-5. Which I am extremely unlikely to do because I just don’t like the idea of me running for office.

The strategy I would run on.

Basically, all you need to know for now is I would be hybridizing the 2016 POTUS campaign strategies of Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.

The principles I would run on.

Basically, I’d run on a platform of free markets, civil rights, and Empire of Liberty in foreign policy. Here is what the first ten of my pledges would be. Pledges numbered, benefits bulleted.

  1. To sign the FairTax into law after rewriting its monthly refund aspect to be $8,400 per year for all Americans regardless of age and of income, still billing the feds for it monthly.
    • This will give the feds a Net revenue of $2.8 trillion annually (average American spends $56k annually x 325 million Americans = $5.4 trillion Gross annual, – $2.6 trillion on tax returns = $2.8 trillion)
    • It will also end the income and payroll taxes, endings that are highly desired by every American economist from almost every political ideology!
  2. To amend the constitution to not allow any regulation of business beyond the phrase “Treat your customers and underlings as you yourself wish to be treated.” Also to not allow any regulation of labor beyond the phrase “Treat your customers and your superiors as you wish to be treated.” Lastly to not allow any regulation of consumption beyond “Treat those you buy from as you wish to be treated.”
    • This would repeal regulations which do nothing to benefit either one of civil rights or the digital economy; in the simplest, most anti-loophole and anti-corporatism way possible.
    • This amendment would save small businesses with 1 to 20 workers each roughly $11,000 per worker in annual compliance cost.
  3. To amend the constitution to only allow environmental regulation by classifying pollution and littering as very severe property crimes, and even then only to be addressed by state and local polices.
    • This would reduce the EPA to its founding role: to use environmental sciences to make non-ideological cases for items like renewable energy, reusable grocery bags, & other items like those.
  4. To invoke the first amendment right to freedom of expression to change every public school in America into a charter school, meaning one that is free from any regulations that are not matters of strictly enforced accountability for academic merit, and whose teaching material is set multilaterally by scientists, historians, and parents.
    • This would allow parents some scrutiny over teachers as to invoke the would-be stringent accountability, the other share of scrutiny over teachers going to people who are scholars on the subjects.
    • Also this would make public schools incentivized to try to excel in truly being the best schools in America!
  5. To reclassify the drug epidemic as a medical ill and not a criminal offense in one year, then make the next year about legalizing birth control where medicines are sold, and the third year about legalizing cannabis oil where medicines are sold, and the fourth year about making it a civil right to make cannabis juices for vaping.
    • This would put countless non-violent, golden-rule-abiding innocents out of jail!
    • It would also stamp out drug cartels as mentioned in the NPR article I linked the phrase ‘highly desired’ to above.
  6. To invoke the 1st and 14th amendment rights to freedom of association and equal treatment under law (respectively) to kick the government out of marriage and instead have each marriage be a privately owned nonprofit contract between genuinely romancing adults.
    • This would benefit marriages of every consenting adult nature possible, and would make forced marriages and child marriages the only marriages left to make and enforce laws against!
    • It would also allow police to pay more attention to clamping down on forced and child marriages as they would no longer be distracted by any genuinely romancing adult marriages!
  7. To amend the constitution to only allow Congress to negotiate and compromise with other free societies, and even then only proportional to how free they are according to averages of numeric scores found here and here.
    • This would send a reminder to the world around America of what America’s founding roots are that would raise American integrity overseas to off the chart highs!
    • Also, this’d make every tyranny on Earth either try to regime change themselves or provoke us into rage against them, this way tyrannies are exposed as what they are in front of the entire species!
  8. To reshape the United Nations to only be inclusive to Western cultured Free Societies. And to have abolition in mind for the UN if they fail to comply with this reshaping plan.
    • This would remind the world that America stands for human freedom and human dignity
    • It would also allow for greater American Independence and also to allow independence for other western-cultured free societies besides America, too!
  9. To draft and pass a bill to allow banks to print and compute their own currencies for as long as they play by the golden rule reiterations outlined in pledge 2, above.
    • This would give Americans freedom of choice in currency and allow them to trade dollars for bitcoins and/or competitors to bitcoin.
    • This freedom of choice would also make Americans want to take personal responsibility for learning currency exchange rates, so that they dodge the potential for confusion (which I admit is very real) independently.
  10. To enact something I’d call the ‘Half It Plan’, which would cut two quarters from every federal dollar of foreign aid, of veteran’s pension, and of all non-defense budgets too. Cutting two quarters a year, every year for four years, and then amending the constitution to mandate a balanced budget on year five.
    • This would reverse the breakdown of families caused by Lyndon B. Johnson by his ‘war on poverty’, thus restoring the access of poor kids to their fathers from birth.
    • Also this’d create conditions for a surplus to grow to a level where it would only take 11 years, no more & no less, to pay off our entire national debt.
    • Lastly this’d create liberation of the people from fiscal dependence on government without debarring from them from finding work or from starting businesses of their own.


Sorry for making this so long everyone! But thanks for the read, everyone!

~KSP Perkins

Let’s Reform all Public Schools into Charter Schools! With Merit-based pay.

(FILE PHOTO) School-Voucher Program Supporters

Yep. This post calling for charter schools and merit-based pay is about Freedom of Choice in Academics and in schools.

Whenever I say I am Pro-Choice…

…I am almost never talking about how I think abortion should be allowed in only the first half of pregnancy. Instead, I am almost always talking about freedom of choice in self-defense tools, in clothing, in food, in housing, and as you can clearly tell by the subject matter here… in academic schools.

Basically, I believe our public schools are failing because they are not charter schools. In other words, they are not subject to any kind of student performance accountability. This also means most public schools currently have to play by a library’s worth of regulations. And as for the merit pay aspect, I emphasize that because normally charter schools don’t receive merit pay and instead get tax funding. So what I mean by merit pay is that parents can pay teachers according to teaching merit, instead of tax dollars being the funding source. Now, let’s talk more of the accountability matter.

Accountability replaces Regulation if a Public School goes full Charter school

Basically, from what I understand, charter schools are independent public schools who are exempt from the regulations that govern normal public schools. This exemption gives charter schools flexibility with decisions in hiring, teaching, and also contracts. However, this flexibility does not come without a price that is paid by public schools themselves, not by any of their student bodies, not even by students’ parents. Frankly that price is charter schools are under very strongly strict moral responsibility regarding spending habits and academic performances. And if you need to know what moral responsibility is.

  • Moral responsibility is the moral deserving of praise and reward for every good deed and also of chastising and punishment for every evil deed, based on the ‘treat others like you want to be treated’ cosmic norm (aka the golden rule).

I think this is all I have to say about school reform and charter schools. Thank you my readers!

~KSP Perkins

Interrogating neolibertarianism as a neolibertarian myself


As I want nothing to do with the idiocy summed up here, I am going to interrogate my own political ideology.

First off, what is neolibertarianism?

Basically, it is perhaps the most poorly understood sector in the entire doctrine of free will. In other words, it is the least understood line of thinking within the ‘free enterprise & civil rights first’ line of thinking. I am trying to avoid referencing any other labels besides neolibertarian in this post for the same reason I am doing this post in the first place. To question my own beliefs, and to reveal to everyone at the end of this post that even my own political ideology ~ neolibertarianism ~ does not agree with me on everything!

What is it though!?

Okay, okay. A neolibertarian like me is basically a libertarian who advocates the assertive promotion of capitalism and individual liberty in world affairs by both diplomatic means and military means alike. This basically makes us similar to but different from the neoconservatives due to the difference between democratic peace theory vs capitalist peace theory. Plus our contrast to neocons is due to the difference between democracy and liberty, and also the difference between defending interests and defending individual rights.

Okay, now I can get into the meaning of this post

Select Smart. This post I would like to deem tribute to them as they are the folks to credit for my awareness of this label. I learned this label in 2010 and had no idea that it was the exact word for who I am politically as of 2008 when I saw the history of dictatorship barbarism across human history. Learning this history made me doubt the idea that human nature is in any way totally good! But yes, I had no idea this label existed until 2010 when Select Smart filled me in on it.

However, are there other differences between myself vs what I can learn from select smart about my ideology? Yes! There just so happen to be!

Firstly, I have found that my support for replacing our current national tax system with just a national sales tax is not the norm in my ideology. Instead the tax policy norm of neolibertarianism is a flat tax wherein all citizens are taxed equally.

Secondly, I apparently conflict with my own ideology on unilateralism. Basically, I believe that every free society should only be duty-bound to its own citizens. For example I think America has a duty to defend me, no matter who’s soil I’m on, but Britain and Israel only have rights to defend me this globally but not duties. And also because I find it immoral to promote respect for the laws or the sovereignties of nations who flagrantly use terrorism, genocide, torture and slavery as means of exerting dominance over any human being.

Thirdly, there is the minimum wage thing. Personally, as a working class person in terms of gross income, I look at proposals for Living Wage like this. If we are going to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, then that I deem will require these six economic policies to be enacted first.

End of Post

Thanks for reading, but I suspect I will find more to disagree with everything and everyone but me on, my own ideology included!

~KSP Perkins