Perhaps We Need a Litmus Test for Government Regulations Of Business


Oh yes, this is only one piece of the multi piece litmus test I am proposing we impose on all economic regulations, old and new!

How to Make the Economy Workable Again? Free Enterprise… but how do we get that in short order?

Basically, I am proposing a litmus test as this is frankly the only way I see to pull a major victory and big gain in terms of liberating the economy. Again, this is without resorting to revolution. However, everyone reading this should know this post has been authored in the following three piece context.

  1. Next Presidential election (2020) I will be 26 and therefore constitutionally eligible to run for Federal House of Representatives
  2. I do not wish to run for House of Reps in actual life
  3. But if I did this is how I would promise to create the conditions for prosperity in America, and how I would actually create them too

Okay now that this is out of the way allow me to define free enterprise.

  • Freedom for businesses and workers to organize and operate for profit in a competitive system where there’s only enough government interference to enforce civil and political rights equally for all people.

Now, it is time for me to define my litmus test.

The Regulatory Litmus Test

Whenever a new regulation is proposed, or when an old regulation is acknowledged, the following questions have to all be answered resoundingly Yes for it to not be repealed.

  1. Does the regulation promote the values of hard work, smart work, and all around work ethic building?
  2. Does the regulation enforce the golden rule – treat others like you want to be treated – equally for all people, regardless of whose ancestors were played favorites with or against in the distant past?
  3. Does the regulation accept the fact that everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person?
  4. Does the regulation refuse to ever enable any form of slavery for any reason?
  5. Does the regulation protect everyone, workers and business-folk and unemployed, from torture and other forms of physical or authority abuse?
  6. Does the regulation allow every human being to be legally classed as a human being, whether male or female, whether white or black, and regardless of other demographical factors?
  7. Does the regulation directly forbid double standards and disallow favoritism to men & majorities and to women & minorities, all in the name of equality before The Law?
  8. Does the regulation respect the right for people to seek court compensation for one’s individual dignity being violated?
  9. Does the regulation forbid any level of arbitrary detention, discipline or confinement?
  10. Does the regulation mandate that any discipline of any worker or merchant have whether its needed or not be decided on by an independent jury?
  11. Does the regulation demand that any employer or employee about to be disciplined for something be presumed innocent until proven guilty of having done what they’re to be disciplined for?
  12. Does the regulation require that any level of employers or employees interfering in each others’ free time come after getting the consent of that whose free time might be interfered into?
  13. Does the regulation uphold the freedom of movement for all labor, all markets, all business, all off-duty employees and all unemployed?
  14. Does the regulation encourage businesses to hide could-be victims from the criminals they are trying to hide from falling victim to?
  15. Does the regulation uphold mutual respect between all individuals in the workplace no matter the individual’s nationality?
  16. Does the regulation respect marriage as a privately owned romance between a small couple or small posse of consenting adults?
  17. Does the regulation uphold the right of the individual to own property?
  18. Does the regulation reiterate the fact that every individual has the right to freedom of religion, including the right to espouse a secular morality, both in workplace and in free time?
  19. Does the regulation declare that the freedom of expression may only be limited to include politeness and class as parts of building a work ethic, and even then only for individuals who are either working job or performing a job interview?
  20. Does the regulation decide that everyone has the freedom to associate with any job and/or with any labor union, voluntarily?

Basically, under this litmus test, if even one of these questions is answered ‘No’, then the regulation is either rejected or repealed depending on if it’s a new one or an old one, respectively.

~KSP Perkins


Nine Fiscally Libertarian No tax Ways To Finance a Neolibertarian Regime


If No Taxes, then how would the US military get funded? Read below!

Fiscally Libertarian Alternatives, nine of them exist in funding the Government of a neolibertarian society.

So, in the article on About.Com titled “Ten Different Types of Libertarianism“, my kind of libertarian, the neolibertarians like me, are described as fiscal libertarians who favor a strong military and believe that the military should overthrow terroristic and genocidal regimes. But before this it describes fiscal libertarians as people who believe in free trade, low or no taxes, and little or no economic regulation.

By definition of free enterprise I do have to treat a law against fraud, a law against theft and a law against force as the three laws and only regulation worth having. However when it comes to taxes I used to be of the Flat Tax With Negative Income Tax logic but now I am seeing ten different fiscally libertarian alternatives to taxation.

1} Voluntary Donations and Endowments

If people want to donate to government programs for the poor, which in America is about a quarter of the population voluntarily giving a combined total of $360 billion to charity every year, then they can.

Which is why, from now on, I say that if we the people of privately self owning have to raise charity money through such means as bake sales, lemonade stands, street side car washing, yard sales etc. then so should government officials! Put it to you this way, if a bunch of people came in and robbed a grocery store demanding a fifth of all store profits and then hauled the money away to donate to homeless people you would not call that charity you would call that theft, or you’d call that force. But when the Internal Revenue Service is doing the robbing it is somehow magically not robbery? Amusing…

2} User Fees for Government Programs

Whether one speaks of public education or public healthcare, or of really any government program that is not all about defending individual freedom, or toll booths used for charging drivers however much for every time they cross borders between any two of the 50 states.

User fees are basically prices that the government charges for people to use public services like public schools, national parks, national monuments & public health insurance. Given the need for adopting Singapore style healthcare policy, and the fact that doing so would cut healthcare spending 60% or more while making us one of the top ten healthiest peoples ever, I say it is only fair for us to require government to charge user fees instead of taxing. 66% of their healthcare funding is user fees as opposed to taxation, and still they provide healthcare for all their people on a budget of merely 3% of GDP.

3} Fines Collected to Penalize Fraud, Theft and/or Force

Fraud, Theft and Force are really the only categories that really do contain ‘bad behaviors’, as far as true libertarians are concerned. And by theft and force, we tend to refer broadly to property crime and violent crime respectively. Which is why when someone is convicted of a crime on an innocent until proven guilty basis, with an accusation not qualifying as proof, government should rely on fines of the criminal alone to make revenue off addressing it.

4} Royalty Contracts with the Open Market

Instead of a system like corporate tax, I honestly think a superior way for government to get revenue would be to make reading and signing a royalty contract the one procedure that takes a few hours that it should take to set up business in this country. But what is a royalty payment? A small percentage or other share of one’s income paid to a contractor as part of a contract. In this case, a royalty paid to government as the other end of a deal that begins with government letting a human being set up a business.

5} Public Service Concessions

Concessions in the context of this post are basically acts of government marking property and selling it to human beings either as a one-time payment, or as a monthly bill. So like if government found a five square mile piece of desert and sold it to someone, that someone would be buying into a concession.

6} Public Service Rentals

Rentals differ from concessions in that rentals are inherently monthly or weekly billing matters and the person is paying government to let someone borrow something for as long as that something is needed. Public Education textbooks are a fantastic example of this category that already exists.

7} Selling and Reselling Assets

Assets are resources like oil, coal, hydropower, wood, steel, brass, beef, sausage, lettuce, cauliflower and others sold as a commodity. Raw materials including cannabis that in this topic would be sold by a neolibertarian regime to random humans to pay for a strong military that stamps out terroristic and genocidal regimes and slave trades around the world.

8} State Owned Enterprises

Now just what does this mean!? Well, it means a business that government opens and operates just as an independent individual would in the private sector. Meaning that government would be engaging in free enterprise and the same rules of human dignity and rule of law that apply in the private sector would apply here. A neolibertarian regime would set up a State Owned Enterprise to compete with private businesses in the same industry playing by the same rules, and the regime would spend its profit on hunting Tyrants like the worthless animals tyrants are.

9} War Reparations Paid To Defender

So let us say a tyranny somewhere in the world, with a 6 million population, has decided it wants to murder every one of its 360,000 deists, and a neolibertarian society picked up on that. The neolibertarian society sends its military to totally destroy every Legit Military Target the tyranny controls and to include any and all government associated actors and institutions as LMTs, then it fines the defeated tyranny many billions of dollars.

The ‘fine’ being paid by the tyranny is called War Reparations, and are not taxes because it is demanding a tyrannical regime with no respect for human integrity to fork over cash as the final nail in the coffin of punishment for a highly barbaric individual freedom abuse by the defeated tyranny. And this would also be within the avenging neolibertarian society’s right of self defense which includes the right to go around exerting defense of innocent life in general.

In closing

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To Each According To Activity And Not According To Need


Milton Friedman, one of the best classically liberal economists ever!

The case to make against raising or having minimum wage.

So, seventeen days ago right in my state of Connecticut the governor Dan Malloy has imposed a $10.10 minimum wage. And according to the grocery store I do outdoor shopping cart retrieval for, I am going to see my wage go to twenty five cents more than that some time near my Twenty Third birthday on May 6th. Sounds good to me as I usually work at said market only twenty four hours per week, right?

No, and please allow me to make a solidly scientific case for why I do not see it as a good thing, and if you cannot tell by the title I am going to base it on statistical science mixed with work ethic standards.

Raising the Wage Floor forces merchants to lay off workers and raise unemployment

The Congressional Budget Office has found that rising entry level wages causes not a rise in working incentive but rather a drop in how able merchants are to employ laborers. CBO detects that raising the $7/hr minimum wage to $9/hr would cost the economy 100,000 workers while the $10/hr option would cost the economy 500,000 workers.

But there are private sources with little to no approval of government as is who say speak truth to economics in a similar context. Cato Institute for example opens us to data that reveals that even European Union members without a wage floor are better off than those with a clear wage floor set.

Raising the Wage Floor will force small businesses to close

Gallup, a polling site known for assessing reality in regard to polling numbers and not from any point of view other than the idea that polling numbers are the most important things ever, found something relevant to this post.

Out of every ten small business owners they have sampled, six of them claim they would need to close their businesses if minimum wage was raised by 28%.

In a rebuttal of the Bernie Sanders plan to raise all minimum wage to $15/hr, Business Insider noted that Sanders’s plan would allow currently employed entry-wage workers to afford independent living but at the cost of cutting back on voluntarily charitable ‘worker perks‘.

Who or What are most Low Wage Earning Workers Anyway?

It has been found on Pew Research Center that half of all low paying jobs’ workers are between ages 14 and 25 and half of this half is in a 14 to 20 range within that. And I should know I am turning 23 on May 6th of this year and make about $10/hr gross pay.

It’s also been found that Low wage workers are a mostly white market, 77%, and a very slight majority are male. Whereas the majority of US private sector female workers are more often chasing the 39 jobs that women earn better wages by being naturally superior at, mainly as a result of college students being mostly women.

How Should Low Wage Workers be paid?

All workers in a true free society, low wage or high wage or midsize wage; do or should inherently get paid proportionally to how much of the output is directly theirs. For example, when I hit my thirties I plan to be a reptile and amphibian biologist (herpetologist), and wish to get paid according to what % of the teaching I put out the human public. And in the mean time while I am doing my very simple grocery job I want to be paid based on what percentage of the customer service I put out to the economy.

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Frequently Ignored Facts About The US Tea Party Movement

Patient X tried the electric shock treatment when he was bitten by his pet rattlesnake.

The Rattlesnake was the symbol of the Tea Party while it still had rallies, but why?

I was never interested in being in the Tea Party, but I am always interested in Facts Over Feelings.

Having frequently listened to the podcast “The Freedom Report”, specifically “Who Killed The Tea Party?”, I have decided to make this page about all the facts about the TP.

The reason I am doing this is to debunk every single myth every leftist buys into or promotes about the Tea Party. This I’ll do without expressing any interest in being a Tea Partier myself.

Religious Affiliation

Many on the left will tell you there was and is no such thing as a Tea Partier who is not a straight white male Christian evangelical. However, it’s been found back in 2010 that:

  • 15% of the Tea Party were Secular Humanists like me
  • 4% of the Tea Party followed Non-Christian religions like Judaism
  • Just 36% of the Tea Party matched the white Evangelical, Christian-conservative narrative.

By the way this education being mostly directed at the left does not imply support for the political right, readers. Just because I am mostly calling out the left does not make me a rightist, as one must understand that both the left and the right were the original ‘lol-cow’.

Political Viewpoints

The Tea Party was unified quite well on economics and on constitutional liberties as found in the entire Bill of Rights. But half the Tea Party was libertarian and even its origins were libertarian. Numerically, libertarians made up roughly 44% of that movement while conservatives made up exactly 50%.

Agenda-wise, the Tea Party movement never had a single uniform agenda, apart from a few objectives that at least stood out to me:

  1. Restore the primacy of the Bill of Rights
  2. Apply the laws of Supply and Demand to the entire economy
  3. Restore the primacy of the Articles of the Constitution
  4. Sever all ties between corporation and state
  5. Force a balanced budget plan onto Congress

Evidence suggests that Tea Party movement groups had a sort of heavily decentralized character, there were tons of groups. Another fact of life regarding Tea Party groups was they agreed to disagree on social issues while focusing almost exclusively on economic and constitutional issues.

I must also say there did exist Tea Partiers who favored right to abortion (34%) and Tea Partiers who favored legalizing Gay Marriage (26%).

Foreign Policy

Ah yes, this foreign policy nerd of the libertarian and atheist communities is now going to speak of Tea Party foreign policy.

Everything that can be gathered about Tea Party movement foreign policy is talked about by the Walter Russel Mead article “The Tea Party and American Foreign Policy“.

When the Tea Party grew to the giant size it did in 2011, its foreign policy endorsed American Exceptionalism. This is the idea that America inherently differs from all other nations by having been founded on civil liberty, egalitarianism, individualism, republic, democracy and laissez-faire. Tea Partiers combined this fact-based ideal with opposition to world policing and nation building.

Tea Partiers only supported going to war to directly defend American citizens and our individual rights. But whenever a foreign tyranny did attack these, Tea Partiers preferred ‘total warfare’ for the unconditional surrender of the aggressor on the aggressor’s soil instead of the Just War Theorist approach to conducting warfare.

There were two mindsets within this, the ‘Paulian’ mindset and the ‘Palinite’ mindset. Paulians passionately sought to engage the world almost entirely with free trade and friendly diplomacy. Palinites, while on board with the Paulians in preferring trade and diplomacy over war, were very passionate about preventive self defense posture.


I never thought I would promote truthful assessment of the Tea Party of all political factions. Thanks for reading this piece,


Properly American Style And Purpose of the Federal, State & City Governments


Yeah, I don’t think any of the Founders had any interest in spying on everyday America.

Government has both a purpose and a style to fulfill

Yes, I am still a libertarian, that simply means I favor a free-market, small-government, secular-humanist republic. And a republic is government by elected individuals who abide by the rule of law. And I am going to show you exactly how the style of American government in general is supposed to be a constitutional secular humanist republic. But I will also cite evidence of the purpose of America’s constitutional secular humanist republic, which is to provide defense and to hold all of humanity to the same moral standard.

Style of Government

Libertarians must examine, in deciding what American foreign policy and domestic policy should be, what the style of American government is to be.

According to James Madison, and citing the Constitution as evidence, American government in general is set to be a republic, as are the state and city governments. Article Four Section Four is what says this claim about this country.

Concerning my claim about secular humanism, there are two elements of evidence to support that claim. The first is Article Six of the Constitution which forbids making organized religion a qualification for public office.

The second element is something Thomas Jefferson said, with influence from Thomas Paine. As a deist, Jefferson despised clerics and said that “America is on no account a Christian nation.”

Role of Government

The purpose and role of government in America is, according to the constitutional Preamble, to provide for the common defense of people.

Just as well, the Declaration of Independence establishes legal equality for humanity, and entitled it to free trade and to freedom from slavery. See this very simple source here.

Misuse of Government

Let us list what US government is not supposed to be.

  1. It’s not to be a Judeo-Christian theocracy
  2. It’s not to be the corporatist nonsense it currently is
  3. It’s not to be the Alt-right absurdity Donald Trump might make into
  4. It’s not to be the democratic socialism like Bernie Sanders wants it to be
  5. It’s not to be any kind of power-hungry empire thing like Clinton, Obama and both Bushes make it to be
  6. It’s not to be the sort of porcupine-defense republic Ron Paul and the LP want it to be

It is supposed to be a constitutional, secular humanist republic that militarily provides for common defense and diplomatically stands for all humans to have free markets and civil liberties.

Which leads us right into what government is not to do.

  1. It’s not to force democracy on all foreign countries everywhere
  2. It’s not to dump free food on countries who are having famines
  3. It’s not to bribe foreign governments to behave a certain way
  4. It’s not to build schools and holy temples such as churches or mosques on foreign soil
  5. It’s not to force Judaism, Christianity or other organized religion onto atheists and deists like with Creationism and with Abstinence-Only Poisons

It is supposed to provide for common defense while advocating for all humans to have free markets and have civil liberties.


I think I have clarified to the world what the style and role of US government is supposed to be, lawfully. Thanks for the read, readers;


What Is The Point of A Republic?


This portrait of Thomas Jefferson, who knew the necessity of a republic, is also the front cover of the novel I’m currently reading: Emperor of Liberty.

Republics Often Don’t Get Credit Where Credit Is Due

Republicanism in its original form has nothing to do with the modern US Republican Party. As a matter a fact, a republic is a government that’s made of elected representatives including an elected president or elected chancellor.

The idea of a republic was first thought up in vast opposition to monarchy across Europe by the West’s first libertarian activists in the 17th Century.

Proper libertarians first gained their rise to prominence by monstrously purging the UK of despotic Monarchy via the Glorious Revolution in 1688. Why do I summarize that event this way? Because the fact of humanity is about Permissive society, Republic, Minarchism, Free market, all these things I am a hardcore libertarian for holding dear. They’ve only become the norm where the laissez-faire republic types launched ruthless Civil Revolts.

What Is The Purpose of a Republic?

Looking over to the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, and the Constitution by James Madison, it is pretty clear what the purpose of a republic is. The purpose of a republic is to provide for the Common Defense of its people, and also to assert that all humans are equally entitled to economic freedom and to personal liberty.

So to be frank, the purpose of a republic is not to steal money from the active and donate it to the lazy. It’s not to shower poor countries with food and fluid as they are having famines. It’s not to forcibly change monarchies into republics unless a monarchy aggressively provokes a republic into defensive war. And it’s absolutely not to keep Regressive Left types feeling good through safe spaces and tigger warnings. And no, I do not care that they’re actually called trigger warnings.

Bottom line, the morally correct kind of government is a republic, and the duties of a republic are to provide for the common defense for its people. And to assert that all humans are equally entitled to economic freedom and to civil liberties.

Self Defense And Defense Of Others?

I have elaborated on Constitutional Egoist foreign policy some time ago, so the purpose of a republic can be summarized with the phrase ‘self defense and defense of others’. The whole reason any republic exists is to defend humans from despotic aggression.


Republics are the best kind of government, and anarchy is no alternative. Libertarians often get wrongly confused with Anarchists, but the reality is ‘libertarian regime’ is a realistic phrase, and it’s inherently synonymous with ‘republic’.

But anyhow, thanks readers for reading,