Social Justice Warriors are the new Young Earth Creationists!


“Jesus rode an Allosaurus to Texas” when I was a high school teen is like “All women inherently make less than all men inherently make” today!

After a long time of Social Justice Marxists reminding me of Young Earth Creationists……..

YES! I have arrived at the best conclusion I have ever arrived at ever! Frankly, I am going to be blunt with the entire planet. Although, I must make clarifications before we begin. I have no desire to judge fellow humans on anything but an individual, human-by-human basis. Okay, so here is the conclusion: Social Justice Marxism is the new Young Earth Creationism! Meanwhile, John Locke libertarianism of the 1689 AD British Isles is now the Charles Darwin evolutionism of the 19th Century AD Western Hemisphere! Allow me to draw various easily proven parallels!

The Big Parallels!

Okay, so first we have to break down the most obvious ones and go into less and less notorious behavioral common grounds from there. Firstly, I did some Google image searching about a Young Earth Creationist named “Kent Hovind”.

However, I gotta let you know who the hell that is first! So basically Kent Hovind is this idiot preacher weirdo who I was always happy to laugh at the preachy absurdity of. But what did he do to get my mocking laughter at him during my early high school teen years of life? He basically made absurd claims like Jackson Chameleons would become Triceratopses in a little under a decade if Evolutionary Biology is truth.

Additionally, this clown would also write books demanding long-dead biological scientists to be ruthlessly censored. I have proof:

censorship activism by Hovind

do NOT download this crazy trash! This pic is only here for the Fair Use purpose called Review!

How are these parallels?

Hm…. lovely question! Because the presently happening equivalents to this are omnipresent with the Social Justice Marxists rejecting biology altogether! The executives of Google for example decided to fire this gentleman named James Damore for authoring this document. But he had a very diverse team – both racially and sexually – of coworkers supervising him to ensure he did not jam in anything mirroring Kent Hovind model stupidity, as far as I can gather factually.

But these executives still decided not just to fire him, but also to try to manipulate the National Labor Relations Board to just let them as executives get away with what comes off to me as extortion.

However, if you wanna make me a case for why it is not, then I will happily pay attention to what you have to say to me if you hit the $1.75/month subscription button at the end! That way I will have justification to actually read and address comments in the comment box from everyone, not just intellectual mentors of mine that I want input from.

Enough of that! Now that I have drawn some parallels and explained what the Social Justice Marxists remind me of from my past life of legally a minor, I can take pride in this conclusion I have drawn in a little under 600 words.

Social Justice Marxists are the new Young Earth Creationists!

Thanks for the read!

~KSP Perkins

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So, About Planned Parenthood…


The Houston Texas Planned Parenthood building. Lemme speak this issue…

What I make of Planned Parenthood.

After reading Wikipedia about Planned Parenthood, I learned something I did not know before going in. Because before going in I was unsure about the validity of the claims by the screeching people on both Left and Right. Also I knew going in I am very sturdily a Center-Wing, Independently thinking individual liberty guy. So I thought to myself, you know, what exactly is Planned Parenthood and what do they do and how do they get funded?

Let’s Talk Services Provided

Basically, as far as I understand it, Planned Parenthood provides ten other kinds of services besides abortion. For me, this means ten different services anyone ought to find it morally acceptable for them to provide. These are…

  1. Contraceptives
  2. Morning After Pills
  3. Clinical Exams
  4. Cervical Screenings
  5. Pregnancy Testing
  6. Pregnancy Counseling
  7. STI Treatment
  8. Comprehensive Sex Ed
  9. Vasectomies
  10. LGBT Services

In short, the above I am totally fine with being provided, in fact I gotta say I respect them over the fact that only 3% of their services are abortions. But from what I understand about the physiology of pregnancy, animal life starts at fertilization and for people like you and me it’s no different. Which is why I’d like to see that 3% eventually go down to 0%, and instead I would like to see Planned Parenthood focus purely on the ten services they provide I named out above. Matter a fact, the more emphasis especially on comprehensive sex ed, the better in my eyes.

Now we can talk about their funding

Thankfully, Planned Parenthood gets two-thirds of its funding from valid funding sources for itself. Private Market nonprofits like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Ford Foundation are colossal donors. Government use of tax dollars to fund it only makes up a third of Planned Parenthood Funding.

Basically what I say about Planned Parenthood is they should not be getting tax dollar funding, and if government funding of them was revoked they would still have about 68% of their $1.3 billion average annual budget. That’s still a good $866 million! Which, again, I say morally Planned Parenthood can use for any of the ten services numbered above. But if they really wanted to fundraise more, especially for comprehensive sex ed, then I say they can and should do so relying solely on those making voluntary individual donations.

Why I think Life starts at fertilization

Basically, I started to doubt the idea I’d been raised on, that life starts at birth, because of a certain part of a prehistory documentary thing I still like watching nowadays. Frankly it was in the flick “Walking With Monsters” about Paleozoic life, and it got to the scene with the Dimetrodon mother laying her eggs. When the film talked about how she had to guard her eggs and control their internal temperature even long before they hatch, I was like “What?”

Next, I reflected on the scene like 5 or 10 minutes before when it talked about we humans inheriting out temp control and our teeth from these Dimetrodon things. And I was like “Does this mean we humans inherited our procreative patterns from them like we did our teeth and temp control? Also, does that mean us NOT laying eggs is the ONLY difference?”. And sure enough, I look into the pregnancy biologies of frogs, toads, dogs, and of course humans; and thus it made sense to me for me to believe that human life does in fact begin at fertilization. Purely Atheistic arrival to this conclusion.

Thanks for reading, folks!

~KSP Perkins

Interrogating neolibertarianism as a neolibertarian myself


As I want nothing to do with the idiocy summed up here, I am going to interrogate my own political ideology.

First off, what is neolibertarianism?

Basically, it is perhaps the most poorly understood sector in the entire doctrine of free will. In other words, it is the least understood line of thinking within the ‘free enterprise & civil rights first’ line of thinking. I am trying to avoid referencing any other labels besides neolibertarian in this post for the same reason I am doing this post in the first place. To question my own beliefs, and to reveal to everyone at the end of this post that even my own political ideology ~ neolibertarianism ~ does not agree with me on everything!

What is it though!?

Okay, okay. A neolibertarian like me is basically a libertarian who advocates the assertive promotion of capitalism and individual liberty in world affairs by both diplomatic means and military means alike. This basically makes us similar to but different from the neoconservatives due to the difference between democratic peace theory vs capitalist peace theory. Plus our contrast to neocons is due to the difference between democracy and liberty, and also the difference between defending interests and defending individual rights.

Okay, now I can get into the meaning of this post

Select Smart. This post I would like to deem tribute to them as they are the folks to credit for my awareness of this label. I learned this label in 2010 and had no idea that it was the exact word for who I am politically as of 2008 when I saw the history of dictatorship barbarism across human history. Learning this history made me doubt the idea that human nature is in any way totally good! But yes, I had no idea this label existed until 2010 when Select Smart filled me in on it.

However, are there other differences between myself vs what I can learn from select smart about my ideology? Yes! There just so happen to be!

Firstly, I have found that my support for replacing our current national tax system with just a national sales tax is not the norm in my ideology. Instead the tax policy norm of neolibertarianism is a flat tax wherein all citizens are taxed equally.

Secondly, I apparently conflict with my own ideology on unilateralism. Basically, I believe that every free society should only be duty-bound to its own citizens. For example I think America has a duty to defend me, no matter who’s soil I’m on, but Britain and Israel only have rights to defend me this globally but not duties. And also because I find it immoral to promote respect for the laws or the sovereignties of nations who flagrantly use terrorism, genocide, torture and slavery as means of exerting dominance over any human being.

Thirdly, there is the minimum wage thing. Personally, as a working class person in terms of gross income, I look at proposals for Living Wage like this. If we are going to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, then that I deem will require these six economic policies to be enacted first.

End of Post

Thanks for reading, but I suspect I will find more to disagree with everything and everyone but me on, my own ideology included!

~KSP Perkins

How to Fix Failing Schools? It’s a Multi Step Process, But Here Is How!


All this cosmic beauty. And kids are not learning about it. This’s only one problem schools in general tend to have these days.

Why I am Posting this

Basically, I am someone who believes bigger education spending does not inherently mean higher quality education. I also refuse to believe that education spending cuts do any harm to educational institutions. Instead I think the reality is that all government can do to education without damaging the national average IQ is make K-12 mandatory for all children. Yes, there is a stark difference between this mandate versus directing curriculums and budgets.

Socialists Censor the Nuance between Government and Culture

I will get this right out of the way right off the bat. Just because I want government role in education limited to just mandating K-12 for all does NOT pit me against the very idea of education! You see, socialists and statists and various other sorts of Far Left Anti-liberalism activists censor all they can about the nuance between government and society. They will make the argument that “Oh, you don’t want kids to be smart” or “You would rather kids go to church than school” or “You think only rich people should be allowed an education”. Notice how none of these mainstream arguments by the Far Left have anything to do with facts and instead are venomously fixated on emotion.

The other day I saw this video on someone’s Facebook wall about Trump’s education budget plan. Now, the arguments they make in this video I suspect are mostly lies. It was a video by a mostly lying activist club called The Other 98%. So, of course I doubted all of their emotional, put-words-in-our-dissenter’s-mouth arguments they make about why Trump’s secretary of whatever is cutting budgets and emphasizing private schools.

And that is exactly the favorite way of socialists to censor their opposition. Putting words in their dissenters’ mouths.

On to the actual topic at hand!

Frankly, there is broad consensus on the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that bigger education budget does not inherently mean better performance. Using my great country America as the example, America has done better in the PISA when its government spendings on education were at their lowest. For example, in 2000 when government spending on ed was $54 billion, Science score was 15th highest in the world. Then in 2003 when government spending on ed jumped to $83 billion, the Science score for our country plummeted to 22nd in the world. Next, raising education spending to $89 billion in 2006 lowered our Science score in PISA to 29th on Earth. In 2009, Education Spending by Government lowered to $45 billion, therefore education quality (the science score) jumped to 23rd. Lastly in 2012 when government spending on education hiked to $106 billion the PISA score for the USA in Science lowered to 28th on Earth.

So basically the more involvement government has in education besides mandating K-12 for all, the worse students perform. Now what’s so great about mandating K-12? If that’s the only power in education government has, then it cannot set the curriculum for teachers, instead parents set it. Plus, given this, parents will voluntarily pay the teachers and the smarter students get, the higher teachers are paid. This is known as freedom of education, a system where for the K-12 part parents can choose to have their students educated in accordance with their secular or religious moralities. What about college?

So far as I can tell, college age is when it can be and should be entirely up to the student to choose what specific classes they want to pay for. And as someone looking to go to a community college, I can assure you I want to be able to choose which courses to go to. I would love to be able to pay for classes in Geology, Geography, Biology and Environment. As you can tell by this external link, I wish to take those classes and become a paleontologist.

Why it matters to be able to pay according to quality of teaching

Basically, if government is able to steal money from a worker’s paycheck and dump it onto teachers then teachers will have no incentive to care how their students perform. Therefore students will have no incentive to care about their grades!

Meanwhile, if education funding is a matter of parents buying for their students the courses the students themselves want, then teachers are under the best scrutiny for students to see their teachers under: parental scrutiny.

That means if the teachers do not teach well then the student’s performance will reflect that, and the parent will demand and get refund and pick a different teacher for her kid to learn the same course material from.

Does there need to be an Education industry equal to Yelp, Meta Critic, IMDB etc?

Why, I do think this idea will be a requirement for full freedom of education! Frankly this is because the right to make honest reviews of products and services is not a niche feature. Meaning it is not a non-universal feature, instead the ability to make reviews is (or should be) around for every consumer for every industry.

And if you think no-one will punish bad service under total freedom of education, then that’s how I know the concept of customer feedback is unconditionally foreign to you! Because if I go to buy a school book from Amazon, for example, and the most up-voted review is a one or two star review that says things like these;

  • It’s heavily biased to far left or far right politics
  • It’s brazenly blurring religion and science
  • It’s filled cover to cover with basic scientific errors

Then I do not buy that school book! Simple as that. Thanks!

~KSP Perkins

Botox Treats Various Ills, Free Market Policies Will Let Botox Cure Them.


Green eyed brunette ♥︎ Getting Treated with Botox

Botox is evidently treating 800 different sicknesses!

I re-opened my copy of Time Magazine I came home with yesterday for the weekend for the middle afternoon. And I looked everywhere for the cover story about Botox and I finally found that exact story!

I read the whole thing and I am ever so eager to analyze it for purposes of clarifying what this means for humanity’s medical problems. Or rather the specific eight hundred medical problems that Botox pertains to.

The Big Details

So there has been a paradigm shift with not curing, but rather treating; back bone aches, migraines, depression, heart disease, drooling, and 795 other diseases and aches.

Even though I am an atheist, I am calling it a blessing that the Food and Drug Administration has approved of Botox for nine sicknesses and allowed doctors to find it marvelous for treating 791 others!

And apparently with the Donald being destined to become our 45th president…

  • (OH, I am so talking about how the 45th president to-be should have been Austin Petersen on January 20th of 2017 which is a Saturday!)

Donald Trump is aspiring to drastically decrease the Food and Drug Administration’s “oversight” of the doctors who actually know what the hell they are doing when it comes to assessing medical realities, medical items and medical services just as well.

What Does This Twenty Two Years Aged Atheist with a WordPress Channel Make of All This?

Me? Yeah, I see this breaking news as lovely and optimism warranting news. This Botox progression I do think I can count among the good stuff that happened in 2016. And of course anyone who knows my opinions knows I can explain my take on this news like this.

My hope is that by the end of Donald Trump’s first term, the invalidity we call the Food and Drug Administration will have barely enough power to qualify as a government agency with tiny overreach. This way in November of 2020 when I go to vote for Mike Lee or Austin Petersen or Larry Elder or Elan Journo or whoever runs for president that I look up to politically, that 46th president will go right ahead and finish the FDA off. And then he or she will ask Congress for a law prohibiting government or other monopoly on Botox but allowing for marketers both privately and from government to sell Botox treatments for prices that comply with the laws of supply and demand. And hoping they give him or her, whoever it is, such a law; he or she will sign it into official US code. The laws of supply and demand are, in my eyes, the best and only morally correct laws for Botox to abide by, and who knows, maybe government sale of Botox will become a Non-tax revenue, so we can progress to making taxation theft again!

Well, thanks for reading this, my reading public!


And one more thing please buy a subscription! It is 285 times cheaper per month on every month than one Botox treatment happens to be, meaning to buy a subscription is $1.75 per month.

How to Propose Libertarian Policies without Ignoring Reality.


Yeah, none of these guys created America by being ideologues and philosophical gatekeepers. Sorry fellow libertarians that’s just the truth.

Libertarians have infinite trouble getting libertarian ideals normalized, here’s how to fix that.

Ultimately, libertarianism currently subjects itself to an identity crisis domestically, and relies extensively on emotion, dogma, and ideological gatekeeping to spread the ideals.

Furthermore, we as a movement have no clear affirmation as to whether we are descendants of classical liberalism or descendants of radical anarchism or descendants of Christian conservatism or descendants of far left Progressivism.

Worst of all, at least to me, the libertarian movement in America espouses and openly tries to scare anyone who wears the ‘libertarian’ label into espousing a severely suicidal foreign policy. One that lethally denies or trivializes real threats to U.S. Constitutional interests in justice, tranquility, well-being and liberty for all of the American People. One that also demands censorship of information about the logistical mandate that U.S. military presence overseas will never stop being to keep free trade and free migration the global norm.

So here I am about to propose the ways to fix these problems.

Scientific Method, History Lessons, Easy-going Humor and Healthy Empathizing

Here I have listed four behaviors we as libertarians need to engage in; two being tools, and the other two being actual behaviors. The ultra-reliance on rhetoric, radicalism, emotional arguments, ideological gatekeeping and being ideologues needs to STOP.

First let us examine Scientific Method. Every time we propose a policy we need to do this:

  1. Question the policy idea
  2. Gather facts and resources to observe
  3. Form an explanatory Hypothesis
  4. Test this by performing an experiment and collecting data about the hypothesis
  5. Analyze the data recorded from the experiment
  6. Draw a conclusion for the hypothesis
  7. Propose the policy idea

Next we examine History Lessons. We as a movement need to tell the history exactly as it’s been recorded while still putting it in Young Adult context. The days of teaching conspiracy theories as history facts and putting them in Elderly adult context are done!

Okay now I can explain what I mean by easy-going humor. Or rather, easy-going sense of humor. Libertarians as a movement need an Easy-going sense of humor as that is something most Americans want in leaders. This is along with toughness, empathy, intelligence, wisdom, rationality, etc.

Lastly we come to Healthy Empathizing, this means we need a middle ground form of empathizing with other humans. For example if someone has suffered and survived a violent crime we as a movement need to empathize with the victim while being eager to exert harshness against his/her attacker. We need to be pursuing justice for that individual and we need to think of his/her attacker as a barbarian. No compromise there, it’s what most Americans want in a movement seeking to normalize its own political ideals.

Libertarians are the Political Descendants of Classical Liberalism.

Pretty official, I think, this is something very important to point out. Libertarian is simply the modern synonym for Classical Liberal. We as a movement need to carry on all the traditions of classical liberalism, not just the ones who fit some anarchist or pacifist narrative. These traditions are:

  1. Civil Liberties
  2. Political Freedom
  3. Western Democracy
  4. Rule of Law
  5. Constitutionalism
  6. Economic Rights
  7. Natural Law
  8. Scientific Progress

Notice how all of these are all about domestic policy, so what about foreign and defense policy?

Common Defense and Free Trade

Libertarians need to give up on a certain behavior in order to come off to most Americans as relatable. That behavior is demanding everyone to accept that somehow merging paranoid conspiracy theories against any level of American involvement overseas with naive pacifism that believes barbarians will civilize themselves if we invite them to be friends and customers to us. Such behavior needs to stop, and will never allow us libertarians to normalize ourselves. We need to look at all of the facts about:

  1. Most Americans wanting the US military to be both the world’s toughest military by a long-long way and a military that only defends its own people.
  2. Most Americans opposing cuts to US military funding and seeing Jihadist militias as top threats.
  3. Most Americans approving the US military campaign against Jihadist militias.
  4. Most Americans siding with Israel against the Arab League regarding the Arab-Israeli Conflict.
  5. Most Americans viewing multilateral organizations like NATO and OECD favorably.

And then we need to look at all the historic facts, exactly as they have been recorded, as to eventually figure out why most Americans hold these opinions. We also need to be very careful not to rely on sources that are emotionally biased and that lack objectivity. And this does not mean we stick to anti-Defense addictions in order to serve personal feelings. NO, we need to examine all the facts and objectively arrive at conclusions that will have us coming off to the American People as the best-informed political activist wave in America.


Thanks for reading,


How do we Advance the Master Cause of Liberty?


We might need to invoke the Ninth Amendment to advance certain “rights to” and “freedoms of”.

We the Libertarians need to get our brains together and prove that libertarianism is indeed Digital Age Science for millennials.

Hello, fellow Libertarian Party activists! Know anything about me? Well, either way, we may need to engage in the most pragmatic tactics that exist in order to advance our ideas. Furthermore, there are some libertarian instincts that the libertarian movement of America needs to renounce in order to get on the same page with normal people on certain issues.

However, this does not mean we cannot set a list of principles in stone; in fact, quite the opposite! We need to set in iron a list of principles that balance making sense for libertarianism with making sense for scientific and historic realities.

Carving The Principles Into Iron

So… what exactly should we as libertarians be promoting in the way of principles? Well, we ought to be basing our principles on specific human rights, including and especially the treatment of Economic Rights as human rights.

Here I have thought up a simple list, in no particular order:

  1. Torture is inherently wrong, especially as a prison condition
  2. Forced disappearance is always wrong, even if done to the evilest barbarian in one’s nation
  3. Freedom of Thought is necessary for people to be able to insure their own intellectual honesties
  4. Freedom of the Press is the prerequisite for honest and simple journalism
  5. Freedom of Religion is mandatory for mutual respect between all religious and secular demographics
  6. Science absolutely breathes the Freedom of Expression and if any limits are set to free expression, than science stops functioning healthily
  7. Freedoms of Assembly and Association are necessary to allow for grassroots level lobbying, petitioning, and/or protesting
  8. Privacy and Security are both equally vital to keeping civilization civilized
  9. Legal Equality is the best kind of equality, but also the only equality humanity really needs
  10. Due Process, mainly because of its innocent-until-proven-guilty nature, should always be a requirement to any crime case
  11. Right to Life and Freedom of Choice are both equally as important as one-another, as all humanity has a trilogy of rights: Life, Liberty, Happiness.
  12. A fair trial is defined as one wherein the trial is publicly known about and processed by a midsize to large squad called a Jury. Fair trials also include both plaintiff and defendant having rights to lawyers and rights to both be heard out on their cases for their sides. That’s why we need fair trials.
  13. Bodily Integrity is something of uttermost individual importance, which is why it must be upheld in all issues and for all individual human beings.
  14. Every human has a right to own property and make the rules for his or her own property, but only if those rules allow visitors and workers freedom from fraud, from force and from theft
  15. All humans have an individual right to make, the right to trade, and the right to buy as well as the right to sell, as long as they behave honestly and peacefully about it
  16. Freedom of movement is the right of all humans, only people who have used force, fraud or theft against the innocent lack this right
  17. Freedom of contract; the right of individuals to make contracts with only enough government restrictions to forbid force, fraud and theft; is inherently a good thing for human beings in general
  18. Political Freedoms like the right to vote, the right to petition, the right to lobby; should not have any limits set to them unless the limits are indisputably about confronting force, fraud or theft
  19. Government needs to be a deeply decentralized, Constitution-guided, Western-cultured Republic that has at least three branches of government, with Executive and Legislative being respectively the lowest and highest authorities of the three or more
  20. Government does not and shall not legislate any opinion in particular on modern social issues, but rather government programs are just for protecting people and liberty from fraud, from aggressor force and from theft; even if defender force is required in some cases.

A Scientific Realism Problem

Scientific Realism is a thought process that in the Digital Age more than ever could be of severe productivity to libertarians. One domestic example of this is healthcare policy. I might be the first libertarian to have learned this, but there are Fiscally Libertarian models of Universal Healthcare, models that put Australians and Israelis among the top ten healthiest peoples on Earth. Canada and Britain, the Left’s favorite samples of UHC, fail to make the top 50 in the list of Earth’s healthiest human populations. Think of it this way, my political brethren… but this is only one sample.


The whole point of this post is that the liberty movement as a whole needs to engage in the strategy of clearly defining the above twenty principles and also the tactic of looking around and asking “What are the best policies of balancing scientific realism with classical liberalism?” That’s all and thanks,


We’re Losing Industrial Age Jobs, But We’re Gaining Digital Age Jobs!


A look into space ought to tell you we need a digital economy instead of an industrial economy.

A New Posse of Digital Age jobs is replacing another Industrial Age job every waking moment. And that’s the best thing ever, economically.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both stuck in the industrial age and are absolute addicts to the Keynesian Fallacy, economically. Or at least that’s how their rhetoric makes them come off to me.

I am going to explain how we need a digital age economy, including for example how millennials need to get jobs at companies founded in this century (2001 or later) if they want living wages.

Why These Digital Age Jobs’ Usurpation of the Industrial Age Is The Best Thing Ever

Grant you, many in the elder generations want to cling on to industrial age jobs and don’t want digital age jobs to exist. As a millennial myself, my advise to my generation for those of them who want living wages is for them to replace their employers with employers whose companies started in 2001 or more recently. What does that even mean? Let me give examples.

[1] To My Fellow Millennials Who Want a Living Wage…

If you have great driving skills, which I individually do not, then instead of being a traditional taxi driver for $11 per hour before taxes, be an Uber driver as you will therefore make $20 per hour after taxes.

If you have great interactive skills, which I individually do have, then instead of being a Marriott (founded 1927) customer servant which gets you $12 per hour, be an AirBnB (founded 2008) customer servant as may get you $19 per hour.

If you are looking to start a business, then start an Amazon account and you’ll get to selling at least $60 per hour of merchandise. This is instead of typically selling roughly $25 per hour of items and services by founding a physical store.

[2] In Contrast To Previous Centuries…

18th & 19th: When James Madison invented the Bill of Rights and American Laissez-faire economics with Thomas Jefferson inventing his “Empire of Liberty” foreign policy theme, it took twelve weeks to cross the Atlantic.

20th: When the two World Wars were being built up to and being fought out, it took normally four days to cross the Atlantic because airplanes.

21st: I can show you such British and other European markets as Games Workshop and FireStar and explain them with a few minutes of WordPress use. And you can shop them using Amazon money and/or PayPal money. And wait a week or shorter for your order to be delivered.


Welcome to the Digital Age, Earth’s economies. And thanks for reading,


The Legit Libertarian Approach To Artificial Climate Change


Easier for people to see in this pic, I guess. That does not make government mandates the answer to this very obvious problem.

Libertarian Solution to Climate Change Requires Not Getting Government Into It

Contrary to what Gary Johnson thinks about the way to solve climate change, taxing carbon emissions has nothing to do with libertarian principles. Libertarian Principles, which I am going to list here in many of my pages, are in this list below.

  1. Individualism
    • Personal Freedom
    • Equality of Opportunity
  2. Rule of Law
  3. Economic Freedom
    • Free Markets
    • Free Trade
    • Low Taxes
    • Minimal Commerce Regulation
  4. Freedom of Thought
    • Freedom of Religion
    • Freedom of Speech
    • Freedom of the Media
    • Freedom of Association
  5. Political Freedom
  6. Governance by Republic

If you do not uphold these virtues puritanically, you are not a libertarian.

More Taxing Means Less Jobs

This claim I base on elementary math. Let me use my own personal life, specifically my job at a grocery store, as an example.

I make entry-level wage, $10 an hour to be exact. I always, meaning every week, owe the federal level 15% of my labor and my state of Connecticut another 5%. What taxes, in this case, do to me is they devalue my labor, and in the case of carbon footprint? Hmm…

My Carbon Foot Print

This vaguely informative carbon footprint calculator tells me I emit 12 tons of CO2 every year, just as the individual I am and for how I live my life. So if I was to be taxed, let’s say… $100 for every ton I emit, I’d owe former NM Governor Johnson $1200 every year if he were president.

This would devalue me less, sure, but the point remains I would still be monetarily devalued.

What’s To Be Done Then?

I say we keep government out of it, firstly. But also we as consumers must voluntarily switch to Green Energies, and this is a possibility. Polling data implies 55% of Americans would willfully choose green energy over fossil fuels if the economy were decided by the rules of supply and demand.

That’s to say; on simple logic, the demand for green energy is these days larger than the demand for fossil fuel. Scientists are discovering new facts and correcting themselves regarding artificial climate change. Therefore most companies are motivated by these discoveries to make more supply of green energy.

What I am saying in short is, getting the government out of the energy issue is what polling data tells, at least me, is the start of voluntary individual switch overs to green energy.


Thanks for the read, readers;