So, Uruk-hai are the military of Mordor too, eh?

Photo on 5-22-17 at 6.22 PM

Drawings I did by my hand of Mordor Uruk-hai! Typical Mordor troops as of 2475 of the Third Age.

Something I have discovered that many fellow LOTR fans may have yet to discover!

Yeah…… about these creatures. I am going to kick this off with a lecture on what these Uruk-hai things are anyway. Just so people can read this post and all have the same idea what I am talking about, as opposed to having no idea.

For starters! The Uruk-hai are a genetically militaristic strain of athlete-sized and athlete-bodied Orcs in the Middle-earth mythology by JRR Tolkien. Frankly they were first created by Lord of the Rings title character and main villain Sauron 544 years before the events of the LOTR book/movie trilogy. He did this through gene splicing the blood of highly athletic orcs with blood from highly athletic human men. Or in the movie trilogy’s viewpoint he did this crossing orcs with goblin men. The reason Sauron did this was to make the best soldier orcs he could to tear up the Free Peoples, meaning Middle-earth’s forces of Good.

However, the reason I am posting about this today is because these Uruk-hai creatures are most often painted as only the soldier-orcs of Isengard. And Isengard is a fort owned by a White-clothed wizard named Saruman, whom Sauron corrupted in 3018 of the Third Age. And thus Saruman made his own Uruk-hai military using Sauron’s recipe.

What do Mordor Uruk-hai look like?

Looking at their genomes, Mordor Uruk-hai have a physical appearance that is identical in shapes but different in colors compared with their Isengard kin. Mordor Uruk-hai are 7 feet tall, which is only one foot taller than their Isengard kin. Both strains of Uruk-hai have long, coarse hair, and large yellow eyes with lime green irises and very tiny pupils. Both strains have thick, strong legs built for upright posture. Their backbones are also rigged for upright posture, and have wide, flat noses. Their teeth are more like canine or feline teeth than human teeth. Isengard Uruk-hai have maroon skin with black hair, while their Mordor kin have teal skin with blond hair.

How do Mordor Uruk-hai typically behave?

To sum it up, these beings have absolutely no life beyond battle and destroying the enemies of the Dark Lord Sauron. Therefore their behavior is so militant that they will even eat enemy troops as live meat. Basically their eagerness to get to where they have been told to fight is like this: they’d march until dead.

Speaking of fights, the Uruk-hai have a fighting style where they will apply brute force and pure callousness to whatever grand strategy they are commanded to commit to. Easily, these beings are severely eager to kill anything they can tell right off the bat is enemy property or enemy population.

What weapons and armor do Mordor Uruk-hai use?

Frankly, Mordor Uruk-hai use composite short bows with three curves each, and their arrows are feathered with crow feathers. These arrows can fly 100 yards and these creatures have archery skills that produce a roughly 40 arrows per minute rate of fire. Mordor Uruk-hai also bring 3 foot iron scimitars wherein the first 6 inches upward of are deeply serrated. And the tip-top is both weighted and is split by a V-shape into two tips! Many of these beings choose instead to carry spiked maces, ones with cylinder heads that are spiked in an organized, disciplined way. Also these beings carry 17-foot shafted glaives, spears whose blades are more like scimitar heads than knife heads.

Mordor Uruk-hai armors by City-State

Armor-wise, Mordor Uruk-hai can vary as one can clearly tell from my drawing above! Basically these guys wear different armor depending on which castle they are the garrison of. So this gets its own section.

In Mordor’s capital, Barad-dur, Uruk-hai are armored with dark silver helmets that look a bit like ski masks. But also they wear ankle length ring mail shirts that split from waist to ankle, shirts with knuckle reaching sleeves. As for torso defenses, Barad-dur Uruk-hai wear full plate iron cuirass with the Eye of Sauron logo embossed forward from inside. The only other plate armor these Uruk-hai wear is greaves and sabatons, armor for respectively shin and foot. This they wear with thick red leather gloves, long sleeved baggy black shirts down to knee, and high-cut, long legged baggy red pants.

Cirith Ungol, the ‘spider pass’, has its Uruk-hai lightly armored. They wear iron skull caps and iron vambraces (forearm defense) and greaves. Other than this, they wear black leather sleeveless shirts to the knees with elbow-length sleeved ring mail backing.

Minas Morgul the ‘city of dark magic’ is where the Uruk-hai are armored with cast iron plates which have their edges sharpened. This includes a helmet with Y-shaped face-hole, torso guard, shoulder guards, forearm guards, hand guards, knee length pelvis guards, and shin guards with knee and foot guards built into them. This these Uruk-hai wear on blood colored silks that coat them from neck to foot, from shoulder to fingernail. They are armored like this at Mordor’s Black Gate too.

Lastly, and then I will close up, the Dol Guldur Uruk-hai. Those who are the troops of the city-state Sauron has in the southern third of the forest Mirkwood, which lay many miles north of Mordor. These have nearly identical heavy plate armor to their Isengard kin, the only difference being there are no crests.

Well, thanks for reading this rant!

~KSP Perkins


What kind of Frog or Frogs do I want?


African Common Toad. This blog post is about why I choose this kind of toad.

Why Have I chosen African Common Toad?

Basically, you readers very likely do not know this about me, but when I was quite little I owned an African Common Toad. I named it Gordon for I have absolutely no idea why. And I grew up with it for about four or five years. Half the lifespan of a properly cared for pet amphibian, according to a care sheet I read via Googling.

Okay, now that you guys know this about me, I am going to go into a big ole breakdown of what I am going to build for my toad or toads, how many toads I desire, and other facts.

Housing Plan for the Toads

Okay, so I will get the number out of the way right now. I am getting four toads which I am giving Black Speech names to. These are the names I am granting them.

  1. Mauguth (mow-gooth)
  2. Xarku (zar-koo)
  3. Buzog (boo-zog)
  4. Baraz (bar-raaz)

Anyway… here is my housing plan. These guys will get to share a giant fish tank (something like 3 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot) and it will have a black mulch basing 6 inches thick. To plant onto this mulch, I will build each toad its own house out of wood and paint it and even gloss it.


Mauguth’s house will look like this but hand molded and up to 6 inches cubed.


Xarku’s house will look like this but hand molded and up to 6 inches cubed.


Buzog’s house will look like a physically live, 6 inches cubed version of this Easterling fortress from the RJ mod for Battle for Middle earth 2.


Baraz’s house will look like a 6 inches cubed hand crafted version of this Haradrim fortress from the Ridder Clan mod for Bfme2.

After these are built, which corner of the fish tank which house goes in will depend on the placement of the fish tank. Like if I put it on my desk in my room and have the sides facing north and south like I predict I will, then it’ll be like this.

  • Mauguth’s house in the southwest corner
  • Xarku’s house in the northwest corner
  • Buzog’s house in the northeast corner
  • Baraz’s house in the southeast corner

Once this is done, I will plop in a water dish that will look like a blood bowl from Oblivion… but still be filled with plain and simple filtered water. The only other difference is I will not have the upward/inward curving horns in the water bowl I sculpt for my four toads, either. Perhaps I might make this thing 8 inches in diameter.

Lastly I will collect a pile of sticks, twigs, and leaves from outdoors to provide some scenery to the toads. The only things I will be buying from any pet store are heating materials and lighting materials. Nothing else. So now everyone knows how I will house my toads. More on this future later. Thanks readers!

~KSP Perkins

Me Sending You Via This Blog Post To See Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two


This verbal back & forth actually happens in the movie. Over a new character reading Chris Pratt’s characters mind aloud. Which reminds me, spoilers. Duh.

Why you should go see Guardians of the Galaxy Two

Basically, last night from 8;00 to 10;30 I was watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the Southington local movie theater, to celebrate my 23rd birthday. And frankly I thought it was a marvelous movie. And no, that’s not a pun about the fact that Marvel is the graphic novel company that licensed the creation of this movie and its predecessor which I also love. Instead, this is simply me making the case in 400 words or less for you going and seeing the film for yourself.

What kind of movie is it?

If I had to identify its genre in a sentence, I would say this.

  • From what I have seen of it, Guardians of the Galaxy Two is the second in a series of science fiction comic book licensed action adventure movies with enough sci fi combat and quirky humor to earn every movie in it the PG-13 rating.

Who Plays Who in the movie?

  • Chris Pratt = ‘Star Lord’
  • Zoe Saldana = ‘Gamora’
  • Dave Bautista = ‘Drax’, the guy in the image above
  • Vin Diesel’s voice = ‘Baby Groot’
  • Bradley Cooper’s voice = ‘Rocket’
  • Pom Klementieff = ‘Mantis’, a new character who is the one who revealed Star Lord’s Darkest Secret aloud in front of Drax and Gamora. No, I am not spoiling what exactly the dark secret is.
  • Kurt Russel = ‘Ego’, a new character who first appears rescuing the returning characters from a fleet called ‘The Sovereigns’, but who [spoiler alert] turns out to be the main villain and an apocalyptic entity. No, I am not spoiling any examples of this.

Anything wrong with the movie?

For me, if there is any problem I have, it is something I suspect can only be fixed in a Guards of the Galaxy Three. The new character ‘Stakar Ogrod’, played by Sylvester Stallone. I don’t know anything about him except for his indirect connection to the big stars! Can we see an actual character developed him in a Film Three so that I can stop calling this a negative of the film, please!?

Overall Verdict

Basically, here are the positives now that the negative is out of the way.

  • Well acted
  • Likable characters
  • Memorable villain
  • Effective humor
  • Brilliant plot twist between Acts 2 and 3

If I am to score it out of 100 and round to the nearest integer, I give this movie an 83. And for me, 60 to 100 means good movie, while 0 to 40 means bad movie, and 41 to 59 means mixed movie. Same standard I have for reviewing novels, comics, video games, even TV shows and internet shows to. Thanks for reading!

~KSP Perkins

My 2017 Birthday Post of Multi Topic Rambling


I wish I could say I made myself #BakeTheCake this was sliced from! Although, I might just bake my own cake for me voluntarily tonight or whatever.

Happy Birthday to me

Yup, I turned 23 as I woke up today! Or… that’s not how turning a full year older works, is it? My birthday, truth be told, is more like a holiday to me than a passionate interest. However, the passionate interest I make my top priority on holidays is Partying. Yes, that is one of many passionate interests of mine; along with travel, Middle-earth, individual freedom, free enterprise, free expression, prehistoric animals, frog ownership, dog ownership, stouts, whiskey, meat, blue-eyed brunettes, and as depicted and mentioned above parties.

What am I even talking about

Um… I guess I can start with talking about a bunch of paleontology facts with minimal relevance to public policy. Specifically facts that are more related to birthdays than to policies.

Okay, where to begin? Ah, yes! Concerning Pre-birth!

Knowing we inherited our body temperature control and our teeth from these mammal-like reptiles of the Permian (NOT dinosaurs) called Dimetrodon, let’s look at Dimetrodon life cycle. In very particular the very first stage.

Okay, so from what I know thanks to the 2005 prehistoric animals documentary Walking With Monsters, Dimetrodon had a very multi step form of parental care, with regards to its eggs. Basically, Dimetrodon females would lay their eggs and during seven months of guarding eggs, she has to control the fertilized young in the eggs. Well, not the young themselves, but their body temperature. She piles on more sand if the fetuses (dare I say) are too cold, and she’ll remove a handful if they are overheated. Otherwise they will die before the seven months till hatching have all passed.

Could it be that human life starts in fertilization, which finishes up 14 days after unprotected intercourse? To me the answer is yes, and here is my rationale. If we inherited so much through hundreds of millions of years of evolution from these mammal like reptiles, how is this trait of life for oneself starting at fertilization not one of them?

Anything else to ramble about for my birthday?

Yes. In essence, I am trying to talk about a bunch of random birthday related topics. So, now let’s move on to talking booze. There are two kinds of alcoholic drinks I am into as I am 23 as of the day of this post, Stouts and Brandies.

Stouts I love the pure black color of and how they can come in at least three different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, or coffee. Most of my stout intake is via Guinness, which to me tastes like a coffee flavor stout.

Brandies I only recently got into and even then only because of that scene in the Hobbit movie ‘Desolation of Smaug‘ with the Lake Town mayor being a drunk and asking his advisor dude ‘Alfrid’ for a brandy!😅

Okay enough incoherent rambling from me!

So everyone, happy day to you, happy birthday to me, and everyone enjoy the day of May 6th, 2017.

~KSP Perkins

What the Appeal of Boba Fett is and What it Takes to Understand the Appeal


May the 4th be with you! This is my official Star Wars day post this year!

Will my first post on May 4th of every year be about this particular Star Wars character?

Yes, it absolutely will! Why? Because Star Wars day! And also as he is my favorite Star Wars character and of course here I am on my blog to explain exactly why.

Basically, for those who don’t know, Fett is a bounty hunter first encountered ona  live action basis, in Empire Strikes Back. In this movie, he is the guy (SPOILER ALERT) without whom Han Solo would not have been stolen from princess Leia and the Rebel alliances. And that general who tells Solo that he’s a good fighter and he (the general) would hate to lose him (Solo)? This general lost him to Fett toward the end of this flick! But obviously not in the sense of death, no no and no.

Getting biographical details knocked out first

Okay, so from what I can gather, Boba Fett began life as a clone copy and paste of his father, Jango. Now, from what else I can gather, this means Boba Fett and Jango Fett have all the same combat skills, and all the same personality traits too. What personality traits, one may ask? Allow me to list them.

  1. (Strategically) brilliant
  2. (Tactically) calculated
  3. Ruthless (on the mission)
  4. Honorable (by similar warrior-morality to Samurai morality)
  5. Mysterious (to everyone outside of their warrior order)

Wait, what warrior order is that you ask? That leads us to the next phase of our character analysis.

Boba Fett’s faction of affiliation

Generally speaking, Boba Fett does not affiliate with either of the Rebels or the Empire. Or, if you desire currently mainstream Force Awakens context like I often do, he does not affiliate with any of the New Republic, First Order or Republic-backed Resistance.

Instead he affiliates solely with the all-privateer planetary community of militarized humans called the Mandalorians. And very aptly their planet is called Planet Mandalore, and their planetary chancellor is called Supreme Mandalore, followed by his or her name. Basically, as a privateer, Fett does not affiliate with anyone else unless him and his fellow Mandalorians are being paid prices in the millions of New Republic credits and/or First Order credits for a very specific mission. And even then only for that mission.

Didn’t Boba Fett get eaten by the Sarlaac?

For those who do not know, the Sarlaac is a monster that lives in a tunnel in the sands on Tattooine in the movie Return of the Jedi. Okay, now onto the question headlined above.

For you that depends on if you are aware of his gadgets and abilities, which I will talk about right now. He carries this light enough sniper rifle & assault rifle hybrid for him to wield in 1 hand; called a Blastech E-3 Laser Carbine. But he wears other weapons too. And what do I mean by wears weapons? Here’s the list, and as usual I am only making it numbered to give a total number of something in answer to the topical question.

  • Left Vambrace (sometimes red, sometimes yellowed orange or other color)
    1. Flame Projector
    2. Wrist Rocket dispenser
    3. Built in laser pistol
    4. Metal ‘teeth’ for climbing buildings
    5. dagger-like blade
  • Right Vambrace (always red, no matter the left’s color)
    1. Poison Dart spitter like Jango has
    2. Hundred-meter-cable dispenser
    3. Metal ‘teeth’ for climbing buildings
    4. dagger-like blade
    5. Tiny Built in lap-top computer
  • Both Poleyns
    1. Long-range syringe sedative darts
    2. Long-range syringe poison darts
  • Jet Pack
    1. Missile Launcher
  • Other hand held weapons
    1. Two Westar 34 laser pistols
    2. Remote Detonated explosion boxes

Logistically, and in terms of personality traits, and knowing Jango Fett relentlessness equally applies to Boba Fett, the answer to the above question is no. No clone of Jango could possibly have the above weapons, even with the carbine lopped apart and the jet pack bashed out of use, and not do everything necessary for escape.

Learning the Appeal (and then I’ll close)

Basically, the appeal of Boba Fett is the mystery there is to him going by just the movies alone. This mystery opens oneself to curiosity about the character as a whole, and in this case it made me curious as to what Fett did and does off screen.

Other than this, all the appeal of Boba Fett is identical to the appeal of Jango Fett. One of the movie crewmen himself described Boba & Jango as “Equally Mysterious”. Thanks everyone for reading this stuff!

~KSP Perkins

Concerning Mountain Dew Baja Blast


Was this me a long time ago? Because whoever it was forgets that there is more to a variant of Mountain Dew than just a distinct color……?

Since my Barbecue has been pulled back to May 3 from May 6 for purely weather reasons…

…I am going to go ahead and talk about Baja Blast and say stuff about it. Yes, I am having a BBQ for my 23rd birthday which is on May 6th, and May 3rd is the day. However, I am not sharing the address or other fine details with anyone I have not invited.

So in the mean time allow me to sit back and lecture you about Baja Blast, please.

How I describe the color

Um… I guess I would describe the color as kind of an azure ocean color like in Late Jurassic Europe. Yeah, back then did any of my British and other European readers know? Your continent was just a scattered set of extra tiny islands from 150 million BC all the way till 65 million BC! See here.

Anyway, so basically the azure color of a prehistoric ocean. As noted in the image above, someone tried to replicate that but missed the fact that there is a flavor to it. Speaking of which…

How I describe the flavor

Basically, the flavor as far as I can tell, is a kind of ‘Tropical Lime” flavor. However, I have not done until the day of this post the research into what species of tropical lime.

Okay so the only tropical lime I could find in my research has two names. Kaffir Lime and Makrut Lime.

And if you are going to take this post offensively just because of some idiocy related to the first of these terms that I was not aware of until doing my research today, then GO AWAY. This post is purely about analyzing myself and what I make of one of my favorite kinds of sodas. I do not and will not address complaints about my acknowledgement of a certain term’s mere existence. I only recently learned that there are some arrogant fools out there who think it’s healthy to call some human individuals a specie of tropical lime. I am sickened by such behavior as I find it and bigotry and general to be distasteful stupidity. People who call each other the official name of a food as an insult are not intellectually serious people. In fact, I think such people are intellectually suicidal people.

Okay, sorry for getting off topic, and especially sorry for sounding angry. But that was to make sure people who care only about their feelings retreat from this blog instantly. Also to make sure they never return. But anyway, that’s the best way I can sum up Baja Blast.

Quick Sum Up

A Late Jurassic ocean colored soda that tastes like a specimen of lime that may or my not be a South Asian specimen.

Thanks everyone;

~KSP Perkins

After a While Not Writing Here in Forever


I have returned!

What’s been keeping me off this blog?

Basically, I have been working on projects like Pro-Defense News and Cheshire Libertarian Town Committee. And outside of politics I have been working on my unique Medieval-like Fantasy mythology, which I have decided to make the main storyline of a fictionalization of American Foreign Policy history. But also I have been working on my Battle for Middle-earth mod which I have decided to name for my own middle name, “The Stoddard Mod“, my actual middle name bolded. Not to mention, I had to go to my dentist today.

What can I do with my blog to make it active again?

Like I do with Pro-Defense News, and with any major milestones that come up for CLTC, I will be posting them to my Minds feed, and boosting them too.

That way I can make sure I am being active in all of my authoring arenas online.

Will I blog about Non-political things here?

Yes, I will be! Which is why this is in the new category “Non-political Topics”. My internet name ‘libertarian defense atheist’ is really just to signify what my political views and religious views can be most accurately labeled as. Non-political topics that I will post about are…

  • Lord of the Rings mythology
  • Battle for Middle-earth 2 modding
  • Dinosaurs & other prehistoric animals
  • Frog & Toad ownership
  • My own cycling travels
  • My own food & culinary knowledge (including recipes)
  • Brandy & Stouts
  • Why I choose Secular Morality

Among others. So let me be frank: I will still talk about the ideas of neolibertarianism, it just so happens I want to expand this to be about all of my knowledge.


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