So what do I mean by a breakfast kabob?


Bacon and Ham kabobs. I made something similar this morning.

Is Sausage and Bacon really an ‘either or’ couple?

Firstly, what is an either or couple? I assume that phrase refers, in this topic anyway, to foods that don’t belong on the same plate together. However, I make up my own mind what two foods constitute an either or couple. As for me, I made my first ever breakfast kabobs buying sausage grillers from work and wrapping them in bacon.

How was it and can’t I do better?

Yes, it was rather tasty and yes I am absolutely optimistic I can totally do better! Basically, what I need is a recipe and a time when I can record myself cooking and narrating my actions as I do them. In other words, I wish to make it a thing I do in [FINALLY] an episode of “Cook N Cloth” on my channel [First 10% sample on my YouTube channel]. Anyway, time for me to list off the ingredients I wish to use in this cooking stunt.

Ingredients I will use

  • Diced Ham
  • Hot Sausage cubic inches
  • Sweet Sausage cubic inches
  • Bacon slices, each 1 inch squared
  • Scrambled Egg cubic inches
  • Cheddar Cheese cubic inches

What I will use for skewers I do not know yet. Just know though that I am going to make something special for the relevant episode of “Cloth N Cook” to this discussion.

Thanks for reading this piece, other human beings!

~KSP Perkins