If I run for Federal Houseman in 2020


This would be my campaign website back-drop!

Here is the list of pages (not posts) for what I’d run on and how. Numbered so you know how many plans I got.

  1. The Dime Agenda
  2. Modifying & Passing the FairTax
  3. Economic Non-interventionism
  4. Open Immigration with Tougher Vetting
  5. Liberating global trade
  6. Bolstering the Bill of Rights
  7. Quitting the War on Drugs
  8. Scotland’s Free banking Policy
  9. Hong Kong’s Health care Policy
  10. Getting Rulers Out of your Love Life
  11. Birth Control Allowance
  12. Patrons funding Retirements
  13. Holding Rulers Accountable
  14. Nothing Else But Victory
  15. America’s Taste In Friends
  16. Incentivizing Comprehensive Sex Ed
  17. Changing all public schools to Charter schools
  18. Exempting Renewable Energy from taxes
  19. Contraceptive Allowance
  20. Average Wages as Starting Wages
  21. Permitting Cannabis Oil in vaping markets
  22. Imposing a Principled foreign policy on ourselves

[WIP ~ I still need to link these to sub-pages]