My Plan for Federal Spending

Potential Campaign Logo

This would be my campaign logo if I were to run. No, I don’t know if I am running yet!

The Dime Agenda

Okay, so basically if I am to run for House in 2020 then the spending plan I run on will be an incremental spending cut. In essence what it would do is it would cut a dime from every federal dollar spent outside of military. So like if the rest of the Congress around me thinks a non-military program is too important then they can cut two dimes from what they call a less important non-military program. And if done for a dozen years then $3.419 trillion of our spending would be cut by 72%, making for a 61% spending cut overall, in a dozen years.

Auditing the Military, not downsizing it

Even though I have plans to audit the Pentagon, and audit the US military, I think it is best for every free society, whoever it is, to have a very powerful military. However, if I run then I will seek to audit the Pentagon four times a year; meaning once every winter, once per spring, once per summer and once per autumn. As far as spending goes I would have the Pentagon shift its resources away from expensive weapons and pricy vehicles and towards affordable weapons of matching quality and low-price vehicles of matching quality.

Take the fiscal difference between A-10 Thunderbolts and F-35 Lightnings for example. A-10s only cost $19 million per plane to build. While F-35s are $113 million per plane on average, so to shift Air Force resources away from F-35s and towards A-10s would help the US Air Force. By allowing them to recruit and grant planes to 78,000 troops at a time instead of just 13,000 at a time as is presently the case with F-35s. And that’s based on the F-35 program cost of $1.5 trillion divided by 19 million and divided by 113 million.

If I do run for office in 2020…

…then I thank you for reading this plan right here & now!

~KSP Perkins